So National’s Blue Dragons might be Red Dragons? How National are utterly compromised to China


National’s Blue Dragon might be a Red Dragon.


Newsroom Investigation: National MP trained by Chinese spies

A National Party MP who studied at an elite Chinese spy school before moving to New Zealand has attracted the interest of our Security Intelligence Service.

The list MP Jian Yang did not mention in his work or political CVs a decade he spent in the People’s Liberation Army-Air Force Engineering College or the Luoyang language institute run by China’s equivalent of the United States National Security Agency. 

That agency, the Third Department, conducts spying activities for China.

Newsroom has been told that to have taught at the Air Force Engineering College, Yang would have almost certainly been an officer in Chinese military intelligence and a member of the Communist Party, as other students and staff have been.

Yang studied and then taught there before moving to Australia where he attended the Australian National University in Canberra. He migrated to this country to teach international relations in the politics department at the University of Auckland.  

…So technically according to National Party definitions, Jian Yang would be like ‘Working For Families’ in that he’s ‘communism by stealth’?

Personally I think there are far bigger issues to worry about in terms of National’s incredibly close relationship with powerful and rich Chinese businessmen.

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I simply don’t trust the National Party when it comes to handling our economic interests with China because the National Party itself is now wedded and compromised personally to wealthy Chinese interests.  Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain are Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges.

The National Government are as dependent on their Chinese friends as the entire economy now has become.

You can see why Labour’s policy move to stop all foreigners from buying NZ land will be seen as a direct threat to National’s relationship with China.

News that a high ranking National Party MP could be a Chinese Spy getting right into the heart of the Government doesn’t surprise or shock me at all when you consider how exploited National is when it comes to its relationship with Chinese business.

I met Jian Yang once in his role as the head of politics at Auckland University when I was applying for post graduate study and I was always surprised in my 20 minute interview with him that he knew more about who I was and my political activism than anyone else on campus. He asked me lots of questions that had bugger all to do with the study I wanted and far more focused on who I knew and what they were doing.

The allegation that he might be a Chinese spy doesn’t surprise me at all.

New Zealander’s voting National have to ask some hard questions about where National’s loyalties actually lie, with New Zealand or the with the Chinese businessmen who seem so personally involved in their MPs lives.


  1. “The allegation that he might be a Chinese spy doesn’t surprise me at all.”

    Really? Because I think just about every other person in New Zealand would be quite surprised if this allegation had any substance.

  2. So instead of 5 Eyes we have E eyes.
    I wonder if Jian Yang is responsible for making sure N.Z Chinese vote National, does he have access to a Chinese national register database?

    • @ Greg … You are correct. When it comes to crime and suspect behaviour, I think the Mafia could learn a thing or two from Natz!

      • Yes Mary. And what about one of the biggest beneficiary fraud cases of our recent history. Todd Barclay stealing from the public for how many months now, is it three? Over $ 40,000 on that number, plus travel allowances plus free transport. Even his own constituency state, the least he could do was finish the job.

        I call on English to resign.

  3. Look at community groups, leaders of student groups, business associations, and ethnic societies and its shooting fish in a barrel. Witch hunts suck, so I’d qualify that by saying that for the most part its open-handed (behind closed doors) “two track diplomacy” where undemocratic decisions and business dealings that should be subject to parliamentary scrutiny at the very least are made.

  4. A good look at foreign students who were involved in Occupy and other movements is also like lifting a rock… Curious that so much material from that time has vanished from the internet, especially photographs. Waterfront Dispute 2.0 lol. Comms roles the typical spots to do the most effective disrupting.

    • Although having said the above, I actually believe that Judith Collins is WAY more of a threat to our national security in economic terms than Jian Yang.

      She is selling out water for no profit to NZ for goodness’ sake.

  5. Check out the comments by Chinese colonists online saying that we’d better start learning mandarin because they will own us lock stock soon. There is going to be a civil war. Oh, yes, there is.

  6. Nothing that a common $10.99 garden hose bought at the warehouse wont fix if its a fire breathing one.

    As for National ,… not long now , the sedation will wear off and they will be free from the burdens of governance.

  7. MR ROCKET says:

    … ” Read the comments on kiwiblog on this,says a lot about Nat supporters ” …

    Here’s an interesting one from one poster from Kiwiblog…


    “Luoyang Language Institute of the Peoples Liberation Army Foreign Intelligence arm- the so called 3rd department.
    Its analogous to the US NSA.

    “Ever since the 1950s, the Second and Third Departments of the Joint Staff Headquarters have established a number of institutions of secondary and higher learning for bringing up “special talents.” The PLA Foreign Language Institute at Luoyang comes under the Third Department of the Joint Staff Department and is responsible for training foreign language officers for the monitoring of foreign military intelligence. The Institute was formed from the PLA “793” Foreign Language Institute, which moved from Zhangjiakou after the Cultural Revolution and split into two institutions at Luoyang and Nanjing.” Wikipedia

    Dr Yang has studied at both Luoyang and Nanjing

    10 years of his life spent at these military higher education schools- airbrushed out of his life ” …

  8. And the second bit … from ztev ,…

    Wheels coming off nationals lies –
    “However, the party president’s claim today that Yang was vetted by public relations firm Saunders Unsworth has been challenged by one of the company principals Mark Unsworth. Asked by Newsroom if the firm had undertaken vetting on Yang, Unsworth said:

    “No never – we don’t do work for political parties. We don’t vet politicians”

    Oh dear- Goodfellow was trying to shift blame and has landed right back in his lap.
    Tick tick tick..

  9. Believe me, he is just one of many, his whole behaviour over the years, always working hard to promote Chinese interests, links with Chinese business and government, and his endless work within and for the NZ immigrant Mainland Chinese community, his heart is where he grew up!

    I have myself met a few like him, they will not admit it publicly, but most will in private say, I am CHINESE (meaning Mainland Chinese) first, I am permanent resident or citizen of NZ second.

    We have had hundreds gather and wave their national flag here, when Mainland Chinese dignitaries visited, and protests were strictly regulated, kept away from the same dignitaries.

    New Zealand is already so compromised by Chinese state and business interests, it is embarrassing.

    That is why English and others will not side with the US should the Korea crisis escalate. While that may be wise anyway, the motivation for it is not such a good one. NZ governments are now simply scared of Mainland China, and will do all not to upset that regime.

    Mr Jian Yang has got himself into a perfect position, sitting in caucus of the government so to say, able to listen into what this government plans and does, and this is just ideal for his friends back home, you could not have any trained ‘spy’ or whatever he is in a better place, except perhaps even directly inside Bill English’s Office.

  10. It shows us again, how damned naive some in government in NZ Inc. are, they are idiots running this country, a threat to our security and future well being.

    • A hair’s breadth away

      Woe is me. I am a NZ male. How soon before Billy English will make wear a pigtail – to please his chinese brutal communist masters ?

      Be honest for once you stupid man !

    • Reassure us Billy !

      Which New Zealander has been elected into the ruling Republic of China Parliament ?

      Has that New Zealander been given the right to view all the plans and upcoming actions of the Chinese Government as has the chinese Jian Yang man in our NZ Government ?

      Further, will all New Zealander be able to buy vast china housing and farming estates for themselves – as Chinese have been able to do in New Zealand ?

      Or has Billy been suckered along like a silly looking Pig yet again?

      National has sold Aotearoa for a naive few pieces of corrupt Silver.

      Shame Billy – everlasting shame – Shame .

  11. One correction: Jian Yang was never Head of the Politics Department at Auckland University. He may have been director of graduate or undergraduate studies or even deputy head, but he was too junior to be Head (I say that as a former colleague of his).

    As for the allegatiions about him–there but the grace of the goddess go I!

  12. We play a very short game here. China plays the very long game. Having lived in Asian countries I know how it works. They send their loyalist citizens to democratic countries to become infiltrated as regular residents called ‘sleepers’. When needed they can be called on to seek help to come to their aid if the natives finally realize that their country has been bought out under them. You only have to look at the Sudetenland, in 1938, when Hitlers’s excuse for his invasion of The Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) was to protect the Germans living there. I feel New Zealand is falling into this type of long term underhand Fifth Column takeover. Our politicians need to be more aware of how other countries operate and look at history and learn from it. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • If this is true, it would be far too late to do much now, but perhaps stop adding to the existing stock of immigrants.

      Or what else would you suggest, deport them all, even born here???

      The horse bolted many years ago, and now we have to find ways to deal with the situation we have, without causing unrest or even a civil war of sorts (look where the US has ended up under Trump).

      We can thank the neoliberals with their laissez faire approach, for what has happened, they have also conditioned people so much, few dare speak out in dissent, they will be made to shut up as soon as the first words of criticism of immigration will be uttered.

      Look what happened in the election campaign, immigration is not even a topic anymore, unbelievable, but fact.

  13. It seems that National doesn’t know much about dragons.
    Blue dragons breath cold and ice.
    It is the RED dragons that breathe fire and they will breathe plenty of fire on Saturday.

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