Metiria speaking about fighting poverty live streamed TDB 7pm tonight

By   /   August 31, 2017  /   8 Comments

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Tonight TDB will pick up the Metiria livestream and stream it here live.

Tonight TDB will pick up the Metiria livestream and stream it here live.

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  1. Marc says:

    FFS, seems stupid, there is the first TV One Leaders Debate, and you have a livestream on this?

    It seems Metiria is poorly guided, no matter what she does, needing better advice and timing and so, that would have left her in her job, I am starting to believe the ones criticising her had a point somewhere.

    • Sam Sam says:

      One streamed through IPad the other through muh phone while sorting spreadsheets on laptop. Waiting to see what priorities are given. Pollies signalling to the markets since way back

    • Michal says:

      Get a life, this was the only night we could get the cardboard cathedral and Metiria. Why you would want to watch that moron Hoskings is beyond me. Metiria gave it her best shot for 17 years I for one am really grateful for her honesty and her beliefs.

  2. Kimmerkiwi says:

    I chose not to watch the Leaders Debate; and I’m so grateful that I had something else to watch. I want Jacinda to become the PM, but my heart is with the Greens. And my vote!!

  3. esoteric pineapples says:

    Excellent question answering from Metiria

  4. mosa says:

    A warm and generous meeting on a cold CHCH night.

    Metiria is not going away and will continue her contribution in standing for parliament for southern maori.

    Metiria was human and generous and articulated well her views on poverty and the evils of WINZ and the need for a changed mindset from kiwis on their attitude to beneficiaries and poor people.

    It is sad that she won’t be able to make a contribution at cabinet level but will be invaluable with her experience in advancing ideas and policy in the next government.

    Well done tonight Metiria.

    • Geoff lye says:

      Enjoyed last nighr immensely and people were looked like stunned mullets when i spoke about youth health issues when interacting with winz.