Comparing Winston, Metiria and Paula Bennett – Why? Why? Why?

By   /   August 28, 2017  /   25 Comments


Metiria courageously admitted to benefit fraud 25 years ago as an example of how the neoliberal welfare state is so broken and damaged that it forces people to cheat it.

Winston has unbelievably had someone from inside the Government leak an overpayment of his Super to political enemies who have then passed it onto contacts within the mainstream media.

No one can talk about Paula Bennett.

Metiria had the media lynch her for having the audacity to tell her story with her chin up. We only respect the dignity of the broken, not the dignity of the resistant.

Winston has had the media attempt to claim that he purposely cheated the system to earn an extra $60 per week.

No one can talk about Paula Bennett.

Metiria met with MSD to pay back everything she owed. Winston paid as soon as he was told he owed money. No one can talk about Paula Bennett.


5 things concern me about all of this.

  1. How quickly forgiven Winston will be, while Metiria is still some sort of pariah.  It’s not that Winston doesn’t deserves the benefit of the doubt, it’s just that we refused to extend it to Metiria.
  2. How the hell did someone inside the MSD or IRD leak Winston’s details to the media?
  3. It is pretty obvious that Winston has been set up and that it is a political hit job.
  4. If Winston can screw it up, how many other NZers can be caught and burnt by this and why can’t we extend that same level of empathy to Metiria?
  5. No one can talk about Paula Bennett.
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  1. Geoff Lye says:

    Good question why is she so special.

  2. peter says:

    Hi Just a quick question as to when you might be investigating the history of our deputy prime ministers interactions with social services in her younger days.
    oh we have.
    ..and what did you discover.
    nothing, she’s all good.
    ummm there seems to be a lot of discussion in the community that perhaps the D PM has some questions to answer.
    the Deputy Prime minister
    right well its all gossip mate, we’ve checked. We’ve run extensive checks into Ms Burnette and like I said she’s clean.
    Her name is Bennett, not Burnette.
    well thats not how it sounds.
    Well thats not how its spelt. You do fact check don’t you.
    Fact check, yes of course we use all the checks, spell check, grammar check, you know the lot.
    But you don’t seem to know how the Deputy Prime Minister spells her name.
    Look mate I don’t know where you are coming from but that is how you spell Burnette and any number of editors will tell you the same thing.
    Ok we don’t seem to be getting anywhere here, frankly I’m alarmed that you don’t seem to know the name of the Deputy Prime Minister.
    The stories out there about Ms Burnette being on the DPB are just a left wing conspiracy, we’ve checked and there is no record of her even owning a house in Taupo.
    Well have you asked her children or her partner
    we cant do that mate thats invasion of privacy, and besides Ms Burnette was never on the DPB.
    Her name is Bennett, look can you put me through to your boss please…
    Hello Prime Ministers office…….

  3. janine says:

    Number 6. That WINZ are incompetent enough to overpay someone (a well known public figure ) for quite a number of years without any kind of checks.

    Number 7. What will happen to the (obviously) other people who have been overpaid by incompetent WINZ and don’t have the resources to pay this money back.

  4. Z says:

    I think cross comparison is exactly what is needed.

    Application of the law needs to be consistent

    • Z says:

      Although Winston will survive this obvious #polictialassassination

      After all he is Winston. I’d love to see MSD investigators try and come up against the likes of him lol

  5. HC says:

    I am getting more disturbed by the day, the more I seen this strange election campaign unfold. It appears almost as if those behind dirty politics have refined and perfected their methods of attack.

    It should not surprise that the MSM does not dare ask Paula Bennett too hard questions, but are like attack dogs when members of the opposition seem to have stuff to answer for.

    I get an eerie feeling about living in this country, there is a chilling effect in all this what goes on, which is not good at all.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      That chilling effect you are feeling is the feeling of ideological war.

      And always remember the neo liberals started it.

      So chin up , soldier, – we are going to finish it.

      This is their last ditch desperation.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes HC,

      As a world travelled 73yr old i see something in what you are saying.

      Could it be that “The bilderberg Group” black ops’ are here now as an underhanded destabilising operation as on the Bilderberg sites on the web they have a policy to pick on small countries first like us and Greece and send their black ops to destabilise the country’s political system.

      Or is it that NSA/CIA are here doing this for Government they want to keep here?

      Apparently two years ago a senior CIA retired operative entered NZ and is working for the government now????

      Martyn featured this then in 2015 I believe. A search of TDB for “ex CIA operative comes to NZ” may find the event.

      I share your concern.

  6. mary_a says:

    Considering the leaks re Winston Peters from two major government departments, I’m beginning to believe this just might be a deliberate hit job to discredit him and NZF now.

    Bit suspect isn’t it that Paula Bennett jumped pretty quickly to get her lawyers on board to protect her from any more scrutiny regarding allegations of her life on the DP? That action alone speaks much louder than words.

    Also there’s the fact Paula was very quiet about Metiria. Same with Winston now. No loud comments from Natz mouth almighty Herr Joyce either about Winston!

    Skeletons beginning to rattle in Natz closet methinks!

    • Marc says:

      Usually guys like Joyce and English would jump at such an opportunity to lash out at their opponents like Peters and before that Metiria Turei. The fact they are holding back and saying nothing much, this would indicate a kind of feeling of guilt, I think. They must know full well, what is going on. They are zipping it, because they do not want to be found out.

      • CLEANGREEN says:


        100% correct there as any shrink will confirm that if the accuser speaks softly about the claims made they are hiding their own guilt.

        I saw this in Duncan garner yesterday when he broke the story around 7.30am on new hub & again this morning again.

  7. Mike the Lefty says:

    I don’t have to wonder why Winston is the target now.
    It is a well worn National ploy called “divert and distract”‘.
    National is desperate to divert attention away from Jacinda Adern.
    Bill English can’t do it so National’s friends in the MSM have offered to do it for him.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% Leftie. Duncan Garner for sure is the key player. today when he heard that Winston was sending a investigator to track who leaked it he looked so worried.

  8. Cassie says:

    Well I have been asking this all along.
    Nothing about it. No Questions Asked. Slips away unnoticed while Metiria gets LYNCHED.

  9. WILD KATIPO says:

    … ” How the hell did someone inside the MSD or IRD leak Winston’s details to the media? ” …

    AND THIS , is the serious one.

    As Chris Trotter points out…

    … ” For those of us with no skin in this game, that is the question that must not only be asked, but answered. Because, if the information comes from MSD, then a scandalous breach of a citizen’s privacy has occurred. And if Mr Peters’ communications with Inland Revenue have been leaked by someone working inside that particular “public service apparatus”, THEN WHOEVER RECEIVED THAT INFORMATION HAS MADE THEMSELVES PARTY TO A SERIOUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE ” …

    Its no longer time to tolerate the fun and games of these Dirty Politics operators.

    They already went to far with Cathy Odgers veiled threats about Chinese businessmen saving face and giving Nicky Hagars address …

    That could have been lethal and definitely was a threat . However veiled.

    The police did little if anything.

    Now we have this obvious and intentional breaking of the law.

    This is NOT New Zealand anymore. This is a lawless backwaters where common criminals can get away with bullying and threats because of their social / political position and their wealth and connections.

    THIS is what this corrupt National government has tuned this place into.

    Well its got to stop.

    No more.

    On September 23rd every one that is of age to vote NEEDS TO. And after the Adern government is installed, then would be perhaps time to dedicate funds to conduct quite extensive investigations into widespread corrupt practices. If the American’s could do it over Watergate and dare to face reality, this country should also.

    There are ways and means to make lawbreakers reflect on their wrongdoing and consider the impact of their actions on their victims.

    There’s no way the rest of us should have to put up with this in our peaceful country.

  10. Red Buzzard says:

    re 1. “How quickly forgiven Winston will be, while Metiria is still some sort of pariah. It’s not that Winston doesn’t deserves the benefit of the doubt, it’s just that we refused to extend it to Metiria.”

    There are obvious differences here between Metria and Winston and it should not need spelling out.

    1. Winston did not make it a political issue at a national conference that he committed “benefit fraud”. Metiria did. Metiria set herself up to media scritiny.

    (Metiria brought the issue up to public attention at a national Green Party conference which was widely lauded by the Greens and they tried to make political capital out of it…but it backfired on the Green Party leading to two prominent ( one an expert on climate change) Greens being hounded and expelled out of the Green Party parliamentary lineup..destroying their careers ( disgraceful imo). As well Metiria’s family questioned her need for the benefits and her integrity….This led to more media scrutiny and many genuine beneficiaries saying she had not done them any favours)

    2. Winston has strongly denied the mistake in his benefit was his. He has denied he committed “benefit fraud”. He applied for the benefit with his partner !… How can one get more obvious than this that one is in a partnership?)

    (…and it is increasingly looking like Winston Peters was set up by someone or someones in the MSD government department .)

  11. Rich buggar says:

    [Comment declined for publication. Offensive. – Scarletmod]