New Zealand First Policy on Power Companies


New Zealand First’s policy on power companies relates to our opposition to the sale of these state assets, as well over two thirds of New Zealanders were in 2013 when a referendum on the sale of state assets was held, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Richard Prosser MP’s comment at a BusinessNZ panel in Wellington today can be described as a throwaway line that was not fully explained. Had he had the time, he would have explained that the buyback of power companies would be at an appropriate time in the future, that is, we would only be buying back shares when they became available.

“This was explained by Mr Peters later in the day at the same conference to a question from the floor.”


  1. Nationalising will cost us far less.

    Freezing share prices and buying at a fixed price is fair to all. If the govt buys over time they may well force the share price up and pay more than the current price.

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