Clean rivers for future generations – Jacinda Ardern


Labour will lead a nationwide effort to restore our rivers and lakes to a clean, swimmable state, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.


“Clean water is the birth-right of all of us. I want future generations to be able to swim in the local river, just like I did. All our children deserve to inherit swimmable lakes and rivers – and they can, if we commit ourselves as a country to cleaning up our water.


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“We can do this. We can restore our rivers and lakes to a truly swimmable standard. If we choose it, and if we all work together. It will mean using our water more carefully, and being smarter about how we manage our pollution.


“Labour will help with the task of protecting our waterways from agricultural pollution. Our Ready for Work programme will employ young people off the dole and give them work improving the environment – including fencing waterways, riparian planting, and other work to improve water quality.


“A royalty on the commercial consumption of water will assist with the cost of keeping our water clean. The royalty will be flexible to reflect the scarcity or abundance of water in different regions, the different quality of water, and its use. Royalty levels will be set following consultation and the revenue will largely be returned to regional councils.


“To help set the royalty, in my first hundred days, I’ll host a roundtable on water at Parliament, with all affected sectors. I will not set a rate until I have met with those who will be affected; this is an issue that we must tackle together.


“Labour believes when water is exported for profit, private companies should also pay a royalty.


“Labour will work with iwi to resolve Treaty water claims in a manner that respects iwi’s mana, and restores the mauri of our rivers and lakes.


“Our river and lakes are a taonga of huge significance to Māori, a favourite place of recreation for New Zealanders. It’s time to restore them for future generations. Let’s do this,” says Jacinda Ardern.


  1. So no mention of reducing stock numbers, diversifying, as our scientists are advocating?
    That would frighten the horses I guess

  2. Cost of fencing all rivers and creeks seems unnecessary. If hemp is grown instead of polluting farms there is a CO2 reduction, the soil is cleaned up and an organic product is available for paper, bio fuel, fabrics, concrete, medicinal use AND milk.
    Consider promoting a hemp industry. Lead the way with this idea.
    Richard Branson even suggested it. Good jobs and product range.

    Bottled Water – tax only the exported water.

  3. I would like to see some royalties or more benefits go back to the communities the water comes from as too often the benefits are exaggerated for example 100 jobs when really its only 15 jobs and then they replace people with machinery.

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