The Liberal Agenda: Jacinda’s first policy announcement as Labour Party Leader

By   /   August 5, 2017  /   31 Comments

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Come along to Jacinda’s first policy announcement as Labour Leader this Sunday, which will focus on how the next Labour Government will make Auckland a world-class city.

Come along to Jacinda’s first policy announcement as Labour Leader this Sunday, which will focus on how the next Labour Government will make Auckland a world-class city.

We’ll be making the announcement at the Viaduct in Auckland, before heading to nearby bar, The Conservatory, for more speeches and drinks with Jacinda. (If it’s raining, we’ll head straight to the bar.)

If you’re in Auckland, we’d love to see you there!


WHAT: Jacinda’s first policy announcement as Labour Party Leader

WHERE: Viaduct

WHEN: 1pm-2.30pm

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  1. Cassie says:

    Why does Auckland need to become a “world class” city?
    …. and what does this actually translate into, in REAL terms?

    Call me skeptical, but I doubt this will mean that struggling NZers will be able to afford to feed their families plenty of fresh wholesome nourishing food – as opposed to cheap nutrient poor preprocessed junk from the supermarket.
    And I doubt it will mean that students will be able to afford to eat properly,
    and I doubt it will mean that working people will no longer be spending the bulk of their wages on keeping roof over their heads..

    But -Hey! Let’s play the game & find out what kinds of promising visions of splendour this political party is gonna attempt to win votes with..

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes Cassie,
      Labour must not just feed all our taxes into proping up Auckland (where i was Born in Mt Roskell in 1944.)

      My family is in the HB/Gisborne region now for over 50yrs, – and we need Labour to help restore our regions loss of rail and other infrastructure also.

      HB/Gisboorne export 38% of NZ total exports now so we need Labour Government help here not roads but rail!!!

    • Sam Sam says:

      You see CASSIE. When the Crown confiscated Waikato territory under false pretences during a time of great famine around what is now called Auckland. Immediately commerce started flowing from ex Waikato territories to Auckland then onto the rest of the world and we’ve been betting on future prices ever since. New Zealand’s entire wealth and prosperity is dependant on this trade route. Get it wrong then soilders go where trade stops flowing.

  2. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Let’s do what?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      J S BARK

      “Let’s do what?”

      Get rid of this treasonous, deceptive, lying, toxic, National Government!!!

      That’s what.

      • Louis says:

        Perfectly said Cleangreen, you’ve described exactly my thoughts too.

      • J S Bark says:

        Good idea Cleangreen, but with what?

        Another neo-liberal quagmire? Because that’s all Ardern and Davies (and their caucus) are.

        No new ideas, no mention of the poor and dispossessed, and the blackballing of the only candidate within cooee of the left: Metiria Turei…

        Where’s the hope in that?

        • Louis says:

          Dont like Labour vote Green then. Anything is better than the past 9 years of this National government. To lament on assumptions, ifs and buts that allows these clowns to remain in power means you dont give a stuff about the poor and dispossessed. Metiria is still the co leader and still wants the government changed in Sept so stop using her as an excuse to vote for the current status quo.

    • Louis says:

      something to get rid of National.

    • EE says:

      That slogan may not be original but has interesting roots…

    • Mike the Lefty says:

      Do you really need it spelt out for you JSB?

  3. esoteric pineapples says:

    I hate to say it but it’s not a great slogan. The Democrats have have just come up with a poor new slogan too – “A Better Deal” which has been widely panned. The trouble with a bad slogan is that it suggests that there is no real substance behind it.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Good call EP,

      Maybe this is “modern” talk as this generation (My Kids are both somethings) use these short descriptive words like this.

      My kids are always saying i make things to complicated with words.

      But me as a older early “baby boomer” war baby 1944 born, still are an overhang of that era of learned long sentences to get the point across.

      Maybe it’s a generational thing EP!

      The new youth in the labour Party appear to be trying to attract those many youth votes???

    • Louis says:

      Like the Depression era Roosevelt’s “New Deal”

    • Cag says:

      Bernie Sanders: A Future to Believe in
      Jeremy Corbyn: For the Many Not the Few
      I wish Labour would just have
      Vote Labour : Stop National Fcking NZ

  4. SG says:

    Awesome. So Labour will announce a UBI, CCIT, inheritance tax, financial transaction tax, the abolition of GST, scrapping Working For Families in favour of a universal child benefit, taking off income tax on the first $20,000 whilst drastically raising the top income tax, free early childhood and tertiary education, free universal primary healthcare, drastically increasing our intake of refugees, nationalising and running as a public service the energy industry, public transport industry, and resource extraction industries, greater legal support for collective property ownership, compulsory Kiwisaver invested (along with the SuperFund) in NZ, compulsory unionism, and reforms to really support industrial democracy? Can’t wait!

    • Louis says:

      All good stuff and whilst the opposition parties have announced polices along those lines and some of things you have mentioned, too much too soon will have National, its shrill supporters and the media thats working hard to make sure National remains in power and is defining the election’s narrative will collectively have kittens. imo I would wait until the Labour/Green coalition government is comfortably installed in power first.

      • SG says:

        Of course, not bad points. I think there’s real concern though when Ardern says her political hero is Clark. Clark asserted her political heroes were the relatively radical Savage and Fraser, and she turned out to be the most moderate and conservative (in temperament at least) of all the Labour Prime Ministers. If Clark sought to emulate Savage and Fraser and ended up as moderate and conservative as she did, I dread to think the policies Ardern would attempt to champion whilst trying to emulate this most moderate and conservative of the Labour Prime Ministers – Clark.

  5. patricia bremner says:

    I said I would watch the signals.

    1. No support for Metiria.

    2. Letting her DP badmouth her.

    3. Now a programme to “Make Auckland a world class city.”

    • Louis says:

      There is a saying whoever wins Auckland wins the election. No matter who says what or whatever happens the focus and blaming narrative ultimately shifts against Labour. I get this mental image of Nats media helpers throwing stones at the Greens for making a stand but a hostile crowd is gathered around Labour pointing the finger yelling “your fault” while the National government stands idly by getting away with murder and wringing their greedy little hands in glee, Isn’t this what National wants the voters to see, arent we all currently buying into the media’s narrative to split the left even though Labour is repeatedly saying the MoU with the Greens is just as strong as it ever was? 7 weeks we go to the polls, National has to go we cant afford to allow these bastards to win. We just cant.

    • Louis says:

      Have you seen the John Campbell interview with Metiria? only about 8 mins long but she explains a lot and its really worth listening to.

      • I heard Campbell’s interview. He asked appropriate questions; he probed; he wanted answers. But at all times he never forgot his compassion.

        Contrast that with the Establishment media “attack dogs” (Gower, Garner, Hosking, et al) who are pursuing Metiria Turei as a pack scenting blood.


        • Louis says:

          Yes the difference is striking. We need more John Campbells, but while National remains in power, journos like John get sidelined. Gower, Garner, Hosking, and the accompanying shrillmeisters like Hooton Farrar et al are working hard alright trying to win the election for National, pretty much like they did last time. Look at Brownlee showing his hand by giving Gower a gentle reminder of where his allegiance lies.

  6. Zack Brando says:

    “Let’s do this” – what, trick young adults into voting for you, then put them before the courts for smoking cannabis. Same old Labour if you ask me.

  7. Marc says:

    Sorry Jacinda, I do NOT trust you and Grant for one bit:

    This Blairite crap solution is not going to serve us in NZ here, and Jeremy made his point in the UK, this supposed gain by Jacinda is a loss to truly progressive persons. Take a hike to middle class entitlement, fuck off.

  8. Me says:

    If they want a tram to the airport they should start saving for it.

    • Louis says:

      They will by canning a number of National’s roading rorts. Public transport is an investment everyone should invest in. it’s a no brainer.

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