Seven day strike at Foodstuffs distribution centre begins – First Union


Workers at CTD Nesdale, a Foodstuffs chilled and frozen food distribution centre in South Auckland, have walked off the job and are calling on their employer to do more to ensure temporary workers (“temps”) receive decent employment conditions.

“Foodstuffs have a long history of using exploitative labour-hire contracts to avoid their employment responsibilities. The workers have had enough” said the workers’ representative, FIRST Union organiser Lisa Meto Fox.

“Most temps are still working with no guarantee of hours and very few protections under employment law. We’ve come across cases where temps were harassed simply for calling in sick. Something has to change.”

Workers and their supporters are currently picketing outside the distribution centre at 50 Nesdale Avenue in Wiri.

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“We’re calling on the company to do more to ensure temps have decent work. We’ve made claims in bargaining, we’ve even handed over letters from temps describing the toll their work and the lack of employment protection has on their lives. Workers now feel like they’re left with no other choice but to strike,” said Fox.


  1. Foodies have always been anti worker and paid and treated their workers appallingly in their supermarkets and distribution centres.

    They represent the typical kiwi corporate of low pay and cruelty to their Pak n slaves while the owners of these supermarkets are doing very well indeed.

    Good luck to these striking workers.

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