Metiria falls on her pen, not Mike Hosking’s sword


Thank God for that, Metiria is not falling on Mike Hosking’s or Patrick Gower’s sword and resigning, she has fallen on her pen and ruled herself out from a Ministerial role in the next Government.

The hypocrisy and venom aimed at Metiria for having the courage to highlight how damaged the welfare state is has been despicable.

I’m so relieved that she isn’t resigning over something as petty as enrolling in a different address 20 years ago, she has meant so much to so many for making her stand on the cruelty of the Welfare State..

Metiria is a civil rights hero who has put the abuse of beneficiaries before her own ambition and ego.

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I stand with her more now than I did originally.

All power to your arm Metiria, we are blessed to have a political leader like you.

In other news…

…let’s see Soper, Gower, Hosking, etc etc etc demand Bennett stands down…


  1. Curwen Rolinson shared this on Facebook makes a bloody good point to! If you want Met to stand down then Bill must go too. “Bill English also apparently did it, for an extended period – living and working in Wellington Central [and, let’s remember, improperly drawing quite a hefty sum of taxpayer subsidy to do so], but being registered to vote in Clutha Southland.”

    • NRT also reminds us of Key’s similar actions:

      John Key won’t be able to vote in the Helensville electorate he represents… [the then] minister will appear in the 2005 rolls in Epsom, where he shares an $8 million Parnell home with his wife and two school-age children…

      Mr Key and his wife, Bronagh, are listed in electoral rolls for 2002, 2003, and 2004 as “residing” at a Waimauku address in the Helensville electorate, but have never lived there.

      I fully agree with Branbury that Turei is admirable for putting; “beneficiaries before her own ambition and ego”. But that is part of the Greens ethos, that it doesn’t matter whose face is on the cover of a policy but rather the words inside. That it is the works, not the perks that are important.

      • DSPARE, 100%

        Sorry; – Martyn’s Surname is Bradbury.
        Like Cadbury the chocolate.

        Just a small point no worries.

        • Cleangreen
          Ta – though with the moderation lag on this site, I never have a chance to edit typos once a comment is posted [though this one time I did get a five minute window to edit; yay!].

          I’m sure I have spelt the name correctly before (and the comparison to Cadbury is none too flattering to MB given the shit that company has pulled down in Dunedin).

    • It wasn’t a hefty sum, only $32,000. And he was only Deputy Prime Minister. And it doesn’t count because it was Clutha Southland.

      I can’t wait for him to resign. For a good reason of course, nothing political. I can’t wait for his fucking knighthood to be announced.

  2. This is bad enough, I fear if the pressure keeps being put onto her, which will definitely happen, she may even be pushed to stand down. That is not what I wish to happen, but we know how the MSM in collaboration with the vested interest holding business lobby and the deep state function.

    • I adapted this from something I replied to a right wing troll over at The Standard, however I believe it apply’s equally well to the army of trolls and shallow thinkers calling for Metiria’s political demise.


      Was listening to Edward Snowden last night ,… and one of the things he said was this :

      ” There’s right and wrong , then there’s what is legal or illegal ”

      And another way of saying that was ,.. just because there are laws, doesn’t mean they are right.

      Any person who believes the laws regarding welfare – and more importantly welfare policy in this country and the manner by which beneficiaries are treated , – is fair , humane and equitable is deliberately skirting the issue. They are those who will observe the letter of the law , and not the spirit of it.

      And , hypocritically , will be the first to reach for their lawyers phone number to defend them against acts which they have done . We see this played out time and again in white collar tax evasion cases.

      What Metiria has done is what has had to be done countless times before in history in opposing an unjust , venal and punitive set of policy’s that have for far too long brutalized large sectors of society and maintained silence surrounding the issue through fear. And much of that fear has come from individuals in a place of political power who had the ability to rectify the situation but chose not to.

      And they chose not to because they viewed beneficiaries by and large as non voters and not significant enough in number to consider their plights as gaining an advantage at the polls for those politicians.

      It was easy to ignore those populations. However , poverty in this country has now reached enough critical mass that politically , it was only a matter of time before someone stepped up to the plate and raised the issue. And more often than not , it will be a person who also has been victimized in a similar way.

      Metiria Turei has smashed that misconception and the silence surrounding it.

      In the years to come Metiria will be widely regarded as a bold visionary .

      Ghandi himself broke the ‘ law’ .

      And yet few would dare to assert Mahatma Ghandi’s permanent and historic role in advancing global human rights and the advancement of the position of the poor as valid human beings was not of paramount necessity for a decent society.

      And Metiria has followed in that tradition.


      These journalists who are leading the campaign for Metiria’s head would be the same sorts of dogs in the manger to want this person featured in the video below to be imprisoned. Their opinions are not worth taking seriously precisely because they are designed only to spread fear, confusion and division.

      They have nothing whatsoever constructive to add barring their destructive agenda for the National party . And that agenda is to enable National and its neo liberal backers to continue with its viscous campaign of socially dividing the people of this country under the guise of their duplicitous ‘ morality’.

      Mini Bio: Gandhi – YouTube
      Video for mahatma gandhi youtube▶ 3:35

  3. I am so sad about the outcome – that she won’t be the minister. Met has been stunning around all of this and it makes me angry that the minister of health amongst other has refused to be interviewed on checkpoint by John Campbell, these are the real crimes, isn’t he a publlic servant, not to mention all the other things that the Nats have done, the rort by English over his housing, Bennett the benefit basher, leaving her job and going back on a benefit because she couldn’t cope with being a student, raising her child and working! Where is the media on all these. And of course English tweets to Barclay’s secretary 400 of them, come on, why isn’t he being called on to resign. Makes me angry angry angry with the media.

    • Metiria will still be able to continue the fight even if it’s not in a ministerial position. Who is to say a ministerial position wont come up at a later time after the government changes. Regardless she remains to co leader and will continue on, that’s the important point right now.

  4. I am sad now, I feel sorry for her truly.

    I had old grudges against the green party as we started a fight in 2001 to
    save a beach from a queen Street development in HB and the green party HQ then told us to resign!!!!!

    I am sorry for this as Metiria was as Martyn says a very good advocate for the disadvantages as we used to fight for then in 2001.

    James will take the fight onward with Marama Davidson?

    • She is still the co leader, she will still be a part of a new government when it changes, she will still be able to carry on the fight. She might become a minister further down the track for all we all. Look at double dipper Bill he got another crack as being leader of the National party and is a PM, wheres the calls for him to stand down due to Barclay? wheres the calls for Bennett for that matter.

  5. …let’s see Soper, Gower, Hosking, etc etc etc demand Bennett stands down…

    Cold day in Hell when that happens.

  6. Excellent decision by Metiria, good solid stand that hopefully will take the steam away from the detractors so the opposition can get on with the job of changing the government who the real crooks here.

  7. I’m gutted by this.

    That Jacinda Ardern told Greens she would not accept Metiria as a Cabinet member is not a great surprise and a warning to those that think she has any ideas of major change.

    • Nah you cant put this one back on Labour, Metiria had already made the decision and it was a fair call under the current circumstances. Metiria knows the score and I am sure she just wants to get on with changing the government because otherwise nothing changes.

      • I can and I do blame Labour for not standing up and supporting Metiria.

        I can’t think of a better minister of SW than her.

        Labour supporting Metiria would be them supporting all of those hungry children, desperate parents and others who need help now.

        The writing is on the wall as far as that goes.

        • Disagree. Metiria is not blaming Labour and please remember this is her decision. I would rather have her in government when it changes even though its not in a ministerial position rather than have her driven out before the election by a scalp hunting media, because believe me that narrative pitch was rising to that very outcome, and this will take the wind of their sails. As Metiria said this is the price to be paid but at least she will still be here fighting for the cause. Did you listen to the full interview Metiria and her good co leader James Shaw gave?

          • “a scalp hunting media,” ….”this will take the wind of their sails. As Metiria said this is the price to be paid but at least she will still be here fighting for the cause ”

            I hope you are right.

            • So do I, this is the second “circut breaker” for the left in as many days as the most corrupt govt in history swans off in a media glow largely untouched. At least Andrew Little is still on Labs front bench and Metiria is still the co leader of the Green party. The fight continues on. Here is a link to an interview that’s only 8:11 in duration of Metiria explaining her decision to John Campbell. It’s worth listening to.

        • This situation was not caused by Labour,the declaration of benefit fraud was made by Metiria to gain political traction, which did impact on Labour’s polling results and contributed to change of leadership of the Labour Party.When it comes to the partnership or arrangement between Labour and the Greens it seems Labour is required to do all the compromising and the Greens do what they feel is good for the Greens.
          The reality is the Greens will struggle to make it to the government benches without Labour and if the Greens can not accept this as a fact then their long term political future will be as limited as the Values party.

      • Oh yeah, Jacinda so innocent?

        “Speaking to The AM Show, Ms Ardern said having never been in the same situation as Ms Turei she wasn’t “going to sit here and be judgemental”.

        But she did question Ms Turei’s lack of remorse and the perception she might be endorsing fraud.

        “When you’re lawmakers, you can’t condone lawbreaking. You can share your story from your past, but of course you can’t then condone it,” said Ms Ardern.”

        Further to that, TVNZ’s news reported that Jacinda Ardern had allegedly sent a hint to Metiria, before she made her announcement today, otherwise she would have made a statement herself, ruling Metiria out as minister, they said.

        Now we know the MSM, and whether that is all true, I am not sure, but that was what they reported, and it has not been disputed.

        • Never called anyone innocent and as you pointed out you dont know how much has been twisted by the media so how helpful is it to point fingers? Labs and Greens aren’t fighting, but the way the media are telling it, people are getting that false impression and in politics perception is everything. Labour is saying that the MoU is just as strong as ever, that’s showing its support for the Greens as there are forces that would dearly like to rip that apart. Andrew Little did say prior to stepping down from the leadership that he thought this election was going to get dirty because National have nothing. How right he is. A John Campbell interview with Metiria is worth listening to. it’s only about 8 mins long and she explains her decision.

  8. “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” Cardinal Richelieu

    For anyone who thinks facts should always trump principle, remember that the NSA now collects all electronic data from New Zealand – yes, your email, phone calls, texts, facebook posts, tweets etc – and will hand these back to our spy agencies to hand on to whoever they want to use it to be in power. There wouldn’t be one person in New Zealand who doesn’t have something in their history that could be revealed in the media to destroy their career. This is a technique that is going to be used again and again in the future to discredit conservationists etc who stand in the way of their agenda.

  9. So the election hasn’t even been held yet and already one of the Green Party leaders has been blocked from being a part of a Labour-Green government. That says a lot.

    • Interesting point for those living as expats overseas…

      Still New Zealanders and entitled to vote,… but they may only have their parents place as a point of delivery , they don’t live there… but still use that address…

    • Well for a start, he had an affair with his coworker, now wife and left the now ex- wife holding the baby or rather babies as they were twins …dickwack

      • That’s terrible, I always thought of him as a arrogant, self centered, shit head.
        Fancy him criticising the behavior of others and he walked out on his wife and kids to have an affair with a work colleague .He must be a huge attention seeker.

  10. Imagine all those young people who have left home and moved flats and moved to another city anotehr university who are still registered at their parents address. Get a grip no big deal at all.

  11. When Bill English & Barclay got caught out lying Hosking pompously said it was a “maelstrom of a beltway drama” & that it won’t hurt National in the polls. That was his sole concern. He then went on to imply that Barclay’s age was a factor in his behaviour.

    Stark contrast to his narrative re Metiria & his call for her to resign and I’m so relieved that she did not give in to the pressure from hyperpartisan twats like Hosking. Their current faux moralistic outrage is ridiculous.

  12. Ridiculous! If Double Dipton can be PM but Metirea can’t be a Minister!!! Absurd!!! NZ defies belief no wonder cynicism is a rampant cancer gnawing at this wretched miserable country’s rotten entrails!!!

    • A wanker like Hosking could never wield a sword. He’s rubbish! The idea that anyone would count his opinion is again Absurd!!! Metirea is being intimidated by self imposed Political Correctness! Which means the Greens are turning into Wankers too!!!

  13. So sticking up for people who have nobody to back them, nothing to support themselves, and are terrorized by government departments gets you kicked out of Cabinet. Oh what a world we live in.

  14. Metiria not being in a ministerial position in the next government is our loss. Her input through a cabinet placing, would be so beneficial to society’s vulnerable and dispossessed, a situation only too familiar to Metiria. Her hardship at the time highlights the desperate measures many beneficiary parents (male and female) are forced to make through poverty, to ensure their children’s survival, something which should never be allowed to occur in a good, caring decent society.

    Now we wait for an investigative report on Bennett, whose files are probably being wiped off the welfare system as we speak, to suddenly go missing!


    • MARYA

      Yes Mary, that is probably why she was cullled by the Nasty NATZ, her policy was so universally accepted.

    • MARY-A

      Yes Mary, that is probably why she was cullled by the Nasty NATZ, her policy was so universally accepted.

    • There will be no investigation into the allegations made against Paul Bennett as she is a sitting member of the National government .Nor will the so called media watch dogs stir to practise what once was called investigative journalism, too confirm or debunk the allegations.
      All just a bit of a soap opera, with the socialist opposition getting their arses kicked.

  15. There are plenty of members of parliament that could be taken to task for tax evasion, fraud, benefit fraud,white collar crime, insider trading , misleading the house and I’m sure a multitude of other criminal and social transgressions, but they are hardly going to declare their transgressions.
    Metiria is the right person for everyone to kick,a solo,a socialist, a Maori, a women and now honest .
    Tax evasion alone has been suggested to be between 4 and 10 billion and what action has been taken to bring the evaders to account, absolutely nothing.
    The hypocrisy is disgusting, this is how New Zealand works.

  16. Irony of ironies… we demand honest politicians. We finally get one – and reactionary pigs freak out.

    As a certain fictional Hollywood character once bellowed’ “You want the truth?!?! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!”


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  18. Its election time National always bring out the sleaze people to rubbish opposition.
    If benefits were fair and allowed people to live decently while trying to get on their feet, there probably wouldn’t be benefit cheating.
    Paula Bennet was taken on by National because she is ruthless and would climb over people to please Key,most of the women in National are similar,promotion dosn’t come to those who are caring ,no money in it ,philanthropy is a dirty word in Nat speak.
    People in NZ who have long term health problems and high costs in Dr visits have been given a Care Plus, a break from costs for a certain time,now its cancelled,but no notice to recipients who will probably be told after election.
    National gradually chip away at anything that less wealthy people benefit from,of course they say another way to help will be coming, guaranteed i expect to be less help than Care Plus, they wouldn’t change it otherwise.
    Older people usually have been Nat voters in the past,so they wont be advised about changes until after the election. There maybe another view about this but its not apparent.
    John Key gave over$6 million taxpayer money to Clinton foundation,
    one wonders why ?

    • “John Key gave over$6 million taxpayer money to Clinton foundation,one wonders why ?

      Answer = Cause Obama & Key are money making mates – funny that eh?

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