HEY EVERYONE – can we just pause to work out if GCSB mass surveillance network is being used by NSA?

By   /   August 3, 2017  /   26 Comments

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Allowing the NZ Government to spy on you for ‘terrorism’ purposes is one thing, allowing the fucking NSA to have that same power over all of us is an act of Treason!

With so many things happening at once, Jacinda as our Trudeau, Metiria as our Corbyn, Bill’s 450 text messages to a staff member who was spied on, Nikki Kaye becoming the Minister of spying on children, National slashing Lifeline to give Bill English’s wife the contract and the ongoing horror story of historic abuse by the state (not to forget the current abuse of beneficiaries by the state), but we really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really need to pause everything to find out one very simple thing.

Who ultimately runs the GCSB’s mass surveillance network?

Wellington or Washington, and we need to know now, because of the latest Kim Dotcom revelations which show the GCSB claiming they had no idea that Kim Dotcom was spied on for 2 months longer than they swore in front of the High Court because the NSA had over ridden their protocols and simply reactivated the GCSBs mass surveillance network remotely and spied on Kim illegally.

The GCSB has NSA software and hardware that enable it to have mass surveillance powers, if the NSA simply switched our machines on that means they can do that to the entire GCSB network. That means Washington has access to all of our systems.

Allowing the NZ Government to spy on you for ‘terrorism’ purposes is one thing, allowing the fucking NSA to have that same power over all of us is an act of Treason!

Who the fuck is controlling our deep state?


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  1. David Stone says:

    My understanding was that these spy agencies are for spying on other countries and that this is legal in the 5 eyes countries whereas it is illegal for the government to spy on it’s own citizens without court approval. This would mean that it was legal for the NSA to spy on Kim, but not legal for the GCSB to do so. The 5 eyes countries are suspected of swapping information to get around this , so we can spy on a Canadian citizen and surreptitiously pass the collected information on to the Canadian government who can’t legally collect it themselves. Isn’t this how it works?
    D J S

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      That’s exactly my understanding of it. The GCSB is designed to be used by foreign governments to spy on either NZers or their own country. The same is true for the other “eyes”. It’s an obvious technicality so that the PM can say (without lying) that NZ isn’t spying on NZers.

  2. Sam Sam says:

    Obama brought in the Patriot act which covers the use of torutre outside the U.S. Which is another independent layer above intelligence authorities. So we’ve got three agencies in competition, the NSA/CIA/FBI all competing for the same scarce resource. And another layer ontop of that, that allows them to make there targets of interest look bigger and badder than they actually are. All in an effort to convince Congrees to give them more money during sequestion of the U.S budget which is a cap on spending. But obviously the Washington consensus has become accustomed to the money. So all these accounting tricks are crystallising government budgets all over the world. In what I’v effectionatly called the crystal palace of weapons acquisitions.

    On another note. I believe historians in the future will point to Trump as the one who hit the force quite on all this fake news.

  3. CLEANGREEN says:



    “can we just pause to work out if GCSB mass surveillance network is being used by NSA?

    Even this five eyes are sharing combined information so anything on the cloud is open to be scooped up by anyone it seems now.

    The puzzling thing is no country even USA is rising any concern if the access is harming us all as we speak now??

  4. Red Buzzard says:

    Labour Party has been limp on the Spy on NZers Bill…unlike Winston NZF!

    ….no surprises

  5. Stuart Mathieson says:

    Paul Craig Roberts claims not only EU Journalists are bought by the CIA, their politicians are too. That being the case what about our journalists and politicians?

    • Ian Kiddle says:

      Prominent Journalists and News editors from NZ’s major media organisations were given a free trip to the USA
      After seeing an advertisement on RT I emailed Kathryn Ryan a link with an offer that the Russian Government extended to any journalists to visit Russia and gain a greater understanding of the country but as far as I know no one went.
      Despite their claims this does not affect their work the output from Radio NZ is consistently pro Washington and anti Russian
      After their wholehearted support for The USA against Russia re Ukraine and against Syria Radio NZ has begun its anti Maduro campaign re Venezuela.
      They never present the other side. Their guests always support USA
      Hugo Ulfkette says in his book journalists get condo’s in Florida for assisting the CIA . I don’t know if we are there yet but Radio NZ never gets people such as Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts , Dimitri Orlov or many others who could provide a bit of balance The one exception has been a University of Auckland professor on with Wallace on Sunday Morning
      I would say the USA’s free junket paid handsomely.

    • John W says:

      SM The most obvious case is douglas but he was/is not alone by any measure.

  6. Francesca says:

    Exactly Martyn!
    We have to close down this crap, sever our intelligence ties with a foreign power that treats us as if we were mere tools in their own drive to total domination.
    At the very least this should be a diplomatic outrage, we should be sending the US ambassador home with a flea in his ear.
    That is, if the GCSB really had no notion that the spying apparatus had been remotely and covertly turned on again
    Or do the intelligence agencies of all the five eyes countries have an agreement that is totally unaccountable to the governments of each.
    Operating under the umbrella of state security ,secrecy breeds illegality
    How much did Key know or Fletcher, (which caused him to back off hurriedly), was Key put in to deliver the people of NZ to Washington nicely plucked, trussed and stuffed, then job done melt in to the shadows again
    This is a test of our sovereignty, self respect and independence.
    Its also a test of which political parties are going to step up,get up on their hind legs, ask the big questions and protect the interests of the people of New Zealand.Its a litmus test
    I’m bloody gobsmacked by the lack of media interest

  7. Kim dandy says:

    Exactly – where is the media interest in this? The repercussions are huge… wakey wakey NZ journalists, over here, some real news…hello?

    • bert says:

      Journalists are being told to pull their bloody heads in by Gerry Brownlee by way of PomPoms.

      Which just proves how bullying the media by National, is just so corrupt!

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Shit Kim Dandy ! Do we have a media??

      I don’t see or hear of one.


      INSIDE RNZ; – We only have a hollow log resounding by using overseas feeds of dibble info’ while even Radio NZ is a replication of what government wants you to hear and not hear now it seems.

      Over half the content on the news flagship of RNZ news “Morning report” is an example as over half of the meid reports were ALL OVERSEAS CONTENT stories and not NZ related!!!!!!!!

      Our Taxpayer public media is now being used by National Party Propagandist SS JOYCE; – and his maga network MBIE deep state propaganda centre.


  8. patricia bremner says:

    Orwell warned us.

  9. doc says:

    Wakey wakey nz jurnolist over here some real news…… hello? sorry Kim but nz jurnos are guided from above. nothing to see here move along..

  10. Kim dandy says:

    @doc – no apology needed.
    I realise the MSM is ‘owned’ – just trying remind the many (?) viewing jurnos of how they are letting this country down.

  11. Barbara O'Grady says:

    Martyn, Can I meet up with you for an hour or so. In Auckland now. I have lots of info on this. .

    Best regards, Barbara

  12. The Weatherman says:

    The Port Hills fire was “very complex”

  13. The Weatherman says:

    If you put your mind to it, even as an individual, you can tear a hole in the Wizard of Oz’s curtain. Imagine what we could do if we had the belief, and acted on it, that we deserve the truth, and proper representation, and accountability for the crimes of the likes of the GCSB?

    If a single individual can finger a hole in the dyke, imagine what we can acceive together?

  14. Red Buzzard says:

    ‘How the CIA spies on your everyday life, according to WikiLeaks’


    “WikiLeaks’ latest release from the Vault 7 series of CIA leaks, sheds more light on how ordinary people can be easily tracked and targeted by the US intelligence agency through everyday electronic devices.
    Since March 7, WikiLeaks has revealed CIA hacking techniques used to weaponize mobile phones, conduct surveillance via smart TVs, and load and execute malware on a ‘target machine’…


  15. Louis says:

    That National government despite who leads it has been committing treason and crimes against the country and people in one form or another for the past 9 years

    • John W says:

      9 years and much more beyond.

      The American war on Vietnam was much more than 9 years ago and that is the tip of an iceberg or raft of hidden treasonous conspiring to use NZ for purposes relating to others accumulating wealth.

      As that con man Key let slip “The price of being in the club”.