Twitter Watch: Witness Gerry Brownlee’s petty & dangerously paranoid attack on Patrick Gower


How frightened are the National Party over the rise of Jacinda?

Very, very, very, very frightened.

Gower, who should get a knighthood for his services to the National Party, is about as far away as humanly possible from being a cheerleader for Labour, but even he has had to acknowledge the super nova of talent Jacinda has exploded with.

Brownlee must have sat down and worked out how he could look dangerously paranoid and petty with all the grace of Donald Trump in just one gesture.

He succeeded.

It won’t be too long before Gerry starts screaming ‘Hodor’ as National gets dragged out of Parliament.

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  1. What!!! That is just weird.

    I am guessing he wrote that note while playing Adele on loop, perhaps he is thinking that soon he will saying ” Hello from the other side”


      BUT !!!, ( * points finger * ) … YOU ,….

      The lioness roared and raked her claws right down Richardsons face and onto his chest.

      Bloody good job !

      Take that !!!

  2. So Brownlee the security door barger now looks like he will be barging out the first exit door he sees in parliament.

    Jacinda and Metiria have got them all on the run.

    And to think we have been all held captive by these cowards for 33 years.

    Its pathetic.

  3. Sorry Gerry, I can barely read your handwriting. This is a worry given that he is a government minister and is of the generation that repetitively practised basic writing skills.

    • I am gobsmacked!!

      What happened to “the free press”?

      Bloody disgusting, – are we now in Turkey?

  4. Did any one else see the pie stains on the note?

    I wondered who ate all the pies”

    I note also, that Gerry has never complained about the Chipmunk before. I wonder why that is?

  5. Just as well Gerry included some National blue pompoms,as Patty Gower must have worn his ones out long ago.
    Political editor for TV 3 ,laughable.

  6. Notice the supermisogyny in Mark whatisname’s statement to Jacinda Adern on TV.
    HE (sic) (the employer) needs to know..if a woman is going to have a baby..
    HE (sic ) (the employer) needs…blah blah .HE (sic) wants…etc etc.because HE (sic) is legally obliged to,,,,,,, blah blah
    Does he still think the world is run only by ‘HEs’ ?

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