Political Caption Competition



  1. Four arseholes in a row .

    And there would be 12 of them if Patrick Gower, Guyon Espiner, Barry Soper, Duncan Garner, David Farrar, Matthew Hooton, Mike Hosking and John Armstrong were included in that line up.

    And next time any of the above media arsewipes dare to criticize Metiria Turei for highlighting what the 4 pricks in the photo represent happens all the time with scumbag neo liberals ( and got away with retaining their shitty ‘ knighthoods’ ) … they need to have that photo rammed up where the sun doesn’t shine.

  2. Could we all crowd fund and get this image printed and put up on billboards and placed in every letterbox around the country including social media sites !!!!!

    Shit i would love to see that just to remind the population of the bloody double standard at play here.


  3. Did these four’s actions lead to any investers premature deaths if so would that be involuntary manslaughter ?

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