NZF Rail Link Bottom Line Welcome News For Northland Economic Development

By   /   July 17, 2017  /   2 Comments

This morning announcement on The Nation by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters that a rail link to Northport, near Whangarei, will be one of the first things he will do in Government and “this is going to happen” is fantastic news for economic development for Northland says Alby Barr organiser for campaign group Grow Northland Rail.

The group and the Northland public are very much looking forward to hearing further policy details at the September 11th Rail forum.

Both the Hon Winston Peters and his NZ First Whangarei candidate Shane Jones are confirmed as guest speakers. We are also further encouraged to have joining them on stage at the Forum North theatre Labour’s Hon David Parker & the Greens Transport spokesperson the Hon Julie Anne Genter Mr Barr said.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes for sure thanks to Winston we will see the KIWI RAIL BOARD SACKED as they are pure evil now as they have banned us from discussion with them now.

    So how can any state owned enterprise ban us owners of the rail company from discussion with them????
    They do need to be shown the bloody door as the first action Winston does apply before he takes Kiwirail back.

    • John W says:

      Statutory Corporations can do pretty much as they wish.

      NACT speaks with their corporate elite behind closed doors but maintains they have no influence. They are all members of the same club. Fuck the public who own them.

      Rail competes with road and oil , is also competing with the investor state, so has to take a back seat. NACT will see that it remains that way.

      I find putting any money on Winston is like backing personalities instead of policy and principle. He has done some good never the less.

      I presume Winston can spell principle but is a poor actor when acting on long term public interest.

      Winston First.