Why the NZ First-Green war will escalate


A racist at my table

This from Stacy Kirk today on the conversation between Labour & the Greens if the Greens force NZ First into the arms of National are insightful…

When leader Andrew Little and deputy Jacinda Ardern are sitting across the table from Turei and Shaw, saying “are you happy now?” 

“Are you happy that National is back in power, because you refused to cooperate?

“Are you happy that inequality will worsen, that families will continue to struggle and that well spend another three years heckling on the Opposition benches because you couldn’t play ball with Winston?”

If the worst for them eventuates, then at the very least the Greens can say “we still have our dignity – what did you expect”? 

…except the electorate won’t see it that way.

Those who are suffering from National will be incandescent with rage that the Greens have effectively handed the country back to the Nats for another 3 years, and they will become the hate target of those people for the next 3 years.

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The Greens are burning bridges they’ll never be able to rebuild.

The Daily Blog has been pointing out for months and months that the most likely change of Government will be a Labour-NZ First minority Government with some cabinet positions given to the Greens for supply and confidence.

It’s great that everyone else seems to have suddenly learnt to count.

Greens + Labour won’t = 51%.

But Labour + NZ First + Greens will be greater than 51%.

So Labour needs NZ First, and Winston will give Greens some Cabinet positions but nothing else, (especially as the National voting provincial vote he’s trying to woo see the Greens as culturally alienating).

The Greens have responded to this by calling all middle class woke Twitter activists to rise up and destroy the racist Winston.

I said that one of the most difficult parts of the election for the Greens would be to keep their middle class woke Twitter activists from tearing potential allies to pieces as NZ First whistled up the rhetoric, rather than attempting to manage that process, the Greens have given the go ahead for all out war.

All week social media feeds have been filled with a hundred different fights between Green and NZ First supporters, as things get hotter during the campaign, those social media fights will become very vicious.

The Opposition are going to end up hating their allies more than the actual enemy.

Peters wants to be Prime Minister. While the Labour Party is weak, he knows he can extract a lot but not that. The Greens attack on him as racist however gives him the extra leverage to force the issue now and if the Greens don’t comply and allow him to be PM to oust National then the imaginary conversation between Labour and the Greens above becomes a reality the Greens will never be able to live down.

If the Greens don’t agree to Winston as PM and he goes to National, every criticism of the National Government out of the mouths of the Greens over the next 3 years will be rammed back down their throats for enabling the Government in the first place.

I don’t think this is going to end well.








    There is one saving grace however! James shaw is a well travelled man spending lots of time over inn UK and other regions in commerce.

    This may make him one who can see the merit with working with Winston find the first 18 months that Winston wants to share the PM job with Andrew little, and learn some of the very sharp skills needed to undo all the toxic hooks the Nats have buried in the administration of the Government from that point.

    James Shaw will have learned from the best senior master politician we have and at the same time raise the Green’s profile back to a valid level as they had in 1999 as a good strategist for the future policies needed to get the world back to a sane level of sustainability.

    It is worth considering for the greens.

    • Yeah I dunno about James Shaw, … on the one hand I get the feeling he knows the ins and outs of the business sector,… on the other ,… that influence could easily cause the Greens to drift from the activist base.

      It all depends if he is able to keep his eye on the long term goal.

      IF … HIS MOTIVES REMAIN PURE,… he could be an asset. But it is a tightrope he walks… and there are some powerful lobby / business groups that are diametrically opposed to the traditional ‘ green’ movement.

      The New Zealand based ‘ New Zealand Initiative ‘ is one such organization.

      Based in NZ , they are , … the Antipodean outpost for the Mont Pelerin Society. And this Mont Pelerin Society is in fact , … the very same group that was responsible through organizing , lobbying , and donating to people like Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson to bring about the neo liberal free market in New Zealand.

      Now, … if James Shaw is aware of that fact ( and of course he would be) , then he is going to have to be able to ‘negotiate the rapids’ … so to speak…because he will be well aware of both having to tailor environmental considerations , pander to his activist base and perform to the public’s expectations of being a leader of a Green party – yet reluctantly have to balance all of that with the demands of neo liberal think tanks such as the New Zealand Initiative until such time as they are neutralized.

      NO CONVERSATION ,… should be regarded as being complete and conducted regarding NZ politics – ( and now in particular with the Greens) – without taking the New Zealand Initiative and its right wing neo liberalism into consideration.

      They are a powerful and subversive force on NZ politics and the driver of the National party’s ideology.

      Particularly with the likes of Bill English.

      There was a positive note recently however,… albeit that Shaw doubled back on poor Mr Coates… that seems to imply Shaw is well aware of whats going on ,… and was quite conciliatory after there was such a negative fall out in the original misunderstanding.

      I also have full confidence that Shaw is no fool either.

      I believe this to have been nothing more than a storm in a teacup, and that the diplomatic maturity of senior Greens and NZ First negotiators will easily acknowledge their points of difference and work towards an amiable solution in forming the next government.

      • Yes,

        The Mont Pelerin Society is another dangerous threat to us all, and I am like you confident that james shaw is fully aware this elitist cabal is here for evil reasons for sure.

        SS Joyce family name has been linked to this organisation though his past family connections apparently also.

        That would explain his slimy attitude and arrogance, though he may be unaware of this.

        Wild Kitipo,

        You read this correct i think, and hope you are right for all our sakes.

        Winston was brilliant tonight on TV3 news when he said after he was asked about their pol showing his party has overtaken the greens, he nicely ignored the answer and said that when he gets into parliament he will sack the whole of kiwirail board as they are reckless incompetent fools,(my words) with what they have done winding down our rail asset.

        God I left off my chair then wow.

        Kiwirail are the problem why we are loosing our rail everywhere we look.

        Winston said he will build the line line to Marsden point port and that was great to hear.

  2. Turei’s rant about “racist” Winston and their backdown on the very sensible 1% immigration policy is going to come back and bite them (and yes, bite the poor the worst). Turei is a liability that the Greens cannot afford.

  3. How long has the Mont Perlin Society ultra right wing group been here in NZ Wild katipo?

    Has anyone been monitoring their activities?

    They are seriously bad dudes.

    Promote ultra right wing policies and use mules as we can see now happening.

    • Yeah – their NZ branch was the Business Roundtable – back in the days of Douglas and Richardson , then they changed it to the New Zealand Initiative.

      But they are , in fact , nothing more than the NZ outpost / extension of the Mont Pelerin’s. And all around the world they have various branches going by other names , but yes, their ‘ HQ’ is based in London. Milton Friedman was one of their better known ‘diplomats’ for neo liberalism , for example.

      There are various websites on them , I particularly like the article by Hugh Price which was a time capsule of who they were and the damage they caused. That’s why I used to post it here a lot , as an educational tool for people.

  4. This is the very issue I have described again and again they do not get their shit together and rather fight each other. When the NZ voter sees this, they will not vote for the opposition, for the simple reason it is DIVIDED. Meanwhile we have near revolution in places like Germany, but NZers remain asleep at the fucking wheel, wtf, can anybody believe it?

    • Well put, Tim.

      The irony hasn’t escaped me (and others) that the Greens have been 100% upfront with their declared intentions. There is NO MYSTERY what they intend to do, post-election.

      Can anyone say the same thing for Winston Peters and say it with a straight face. The #$^% they can!!

      • Labour,Greens, NZ First now need to get around the table and hatch a working relationship where they look like “a government in waiting NOW PLEASE FOR NZ SAKE!!!!!!!!


  5. I’m sorry Martyn but I am a very old dinosaur who doesn’t keep up with the “in” crowd and buzz words:

    WTF is a “middle class woke Twitter activist”?

    It is the past form of the verb “wake” that is confusing me. I can’t get it to make sense…

    • To be woke is a concern for yourself, your family and your community. And having awareness of the potential, diversity in shared prosperity.

  6. All this soap opera of name calling stuff just feeds into the corporate PR key message that the opposition are divided and irresponsible and no better than National. They don’t need to convince people to vote National. They just need to discourage those who oppose National from turning up to vote at all, as the Trump campaign did. We need to do everything we can to avoid playing into this.

    Once again, the solution is clear. Policy, policy, policy! This is where our focus needs to constantly shift back to every time it get hijacked by gossip and drama. Let’s debate immigration policy. Let’s debate policy relating to achieving equal footing for kiwis all genders, all ethnicities, all levels of health and ability, and so on. Let’s keep our focus on *solutions*! That way, whether or not this or that party controls parliament, we the people can find consensus on what needs to be done and apply pressure when necessary to get the government to play ball.

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