This is the Political Party currently pushing for legal euthanasia


I’ve argued that in NZ, euthanasia would quickly become a means to get rid of the poor & weak because in our recent past, National attempted to create hit squads whose job it was to cut off life saving medical  to the poor. Add to that recent past is our deplorable mental health system, prisoner safety, CYFs child abuse, and historic abuse and we have a neoliberal public service in NZ whose job is to hurt the vulnerable, not help them.

So what would happen if euthanasia was legalised in NZ?

Well this is David Seymour who is pushing for the euthanasia…

…would you really trust a person with this level of compassion to legalese euthanasia?


  1. No. Besides being an arsewipe for even holding those views… I don’t like the capital ‘ H’ the guy wears on his forehead… looks too much like that other arsehole he is trying to emulate … Rimmer.

  2. “We already have too many children born into poverty. Paying heed to arsewipes like me who advocate neoliberalism as the answer will only make this worse.”
    FIFY Rimmer.

  3. It just goes to show that even a complete plonker is bound to have at least one good policy.Go legalise euthanasia !

  4. Check their manifesto closely.
    There might be something in it about compulsorily sterilising anyone who applies for any benefit.

  5. I wouldn’t trust someone like that to hold the door open for old ladies with walkers (unless they have a blue rinse of course).
    These are people who could make BREATHING and all it entails a bad idea.
    So its not really a helpful argument.
    Though, to be fair, its one I employ when I argue against the UBI, so……

    • … ” I wouldn’t trust someone like that to hold the door open for old ladies with walkers (unless they have a blue rinse of course) ” …

      L0L ! – indeed. However , I have seen a fair few old ladies with red rinse hair from time to time… I wonder if they would receive the same treatment and whether they would need to apply for the Rimmer card with the ‘ H’ on it ?

      And then have the door unceremoniously slammed in their faces ?

  6. But pls note the report of a survey I saw on TV1 tonight — about 3/4 of the population are in favour of allowing euthanasia, and I think it was only about 20% against (the rest undecided).

    I hope that, in this instance, the democratic will will prevail. The state has no place in our bedrooms, and neither on our deathbeds.

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