GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – Compare Labour Intern ‘scandal’ with National’s week of lies


A week can be a lifetime in Politics and the last seven days proved just how true that saying is.

Compare the situation Labour found itself in last week with the so-called Intern ‘scandal’ with the web of lies National spun over the Barclay secret tape recording.

Last week a political blog claimed that Labour were secretly bringing in International Students to live at a slum Marae for slave sweat shop election work. Accusations of hypocrisy flew; terrible stories of a broken shower were aired and the media had a feeding frenzy.

But what was actually true? It turns out that the vast majority of students had a great time, that only two Interns had complaints and that while one shower was broken, there were actually 8 showers at the Marae.

How did Labour handle it? They immediately moved in and took the internship over from my mate Matt McCarten and looked after every student. Labour Leader Andrew Little took responsibility for it, admitted the program had been too successful and hadn’t been able to grow quickly enough to sustain its goals of engaging young New Zealander’s with the democratic process.

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While the story was overblown, Labour acknowledged that mistakes had been made and we immediately owned those mistakes and set about ensuring every student was looked after.

Compare that with what happened to National last week. National Party MP, Todd Barclay was caught out lying about secretly taping a staff member and was forced to resign at the next election. After a year of deceiving us over the truth of what Barclay did, how did the Prime Minister Bill English react?

He started off by telling us he didn’t know anything about any tape. After being busted by the media admitting in a text that Todd Barclay had in fact told him about the tape, he admitted he knew about the tape. Then Bill told Patrick Gower that maybe there was no tape because no one had actually seen any tape. Less than 24 hours after making that statement, Bill was asked if Todd Barclay had offered to play him the tape, to which he admitted Todd had.

Which is bewildering because less than a day earlier the Prime Minister was trying to tell Patrick Gower the tape might not exist at all.

When clearly we were in trouble with the interns, we immediately responded by ensuring the mistakes we had made were rectified. When the truth was told about the National Party, Bill English spent all week telling us different versions of events which all turned out to be untrue.

We need Politicians who aren’t afraid to admit mistakes and who move to fix those mistakes as soon as they become apparent, we don’t need politicians who tell us different stories that keep turning out to be false.

Remember, the Election is only three months away in September.

Willie Jackson is a Labour Party Candidate 


  1. Yes this was a storm in a teacup alright but the “NatZ opportunists took it into space but this pales into insignificance after all the corruption leeching out of the bowels of the Nasty NATZ rotting carcass.

  2. What we don’t need are pathological liars like either John Key or Bill English. We’ve had 9 years of the the neo liberal lie under Key . You vote English ,… you get another 3 years of it.

    They lie to cover their Globalist neo liberalism.

    It is the only option open to the neo liberal. Bill English is NOT a Catholic. He will be taking advice from modern day , suit wearing Jesuits. Jesuits are NOT Catholics. They are , in fact , Satanists hostile to the Christian faith. They are usurpers and Globalists. And they have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

    The neo liberal / Globalist cares not which ‘ faith’ they say they belong to , – many don’t have any , … but for those who do,… it is a front. A front for something dark , something not right… others, … the pawns, are merely confused and misdirected individuals.

    You cannot act the way Bill English has over the last 9 years , – being the architect of so much homelessness, pathetically low wages in a modern western country in a time of self proclaimed ‘ prosperity’ and a’ brighter future’ , – with the continued passage of laws that undermine workers and their conditions and presiding by proxy ( hiding behind John Key) over a rampant, out of control immigration policy and housing crisis designed to create a ‘ Have ‘ and ‘ Have not ‘ society and call yourself a Christian. And you cannot lie about Pike River and you cannot lie to the public about breaking the law as English has tried to and get away with it. Don’t let him.

    He is not.

    He is the exact antitheses of Micheal Joseph Savage.

    Who WAS a Christian.

    A Christian Socialist.

    Foolish New Zealanders hear the news headlines but refuse to listen or inquire, others foolishly think their vote does not count and neglect to vote in the election. Many do not even know when the election is going to held.

    Your duty , as a citizen of New Zealand , Aotearoa, is to vote this coming September. Your duty , is to vote for the political party that will work towards this country’s PEOPLES BEST INTERESTS.

    Your duty as a citizen is to reject the lies of the National party , its pandering to the rich elites and to think of your children. You owe it to them. Your duty is NOT to vote for a party that is a Globalist neo liberal representative outpost in Aotearoa and is working towards the loss of your country’s national sovereignty which is your birthright.

    A wise man two thousand years ago said that ” you will know them by their fruits” . Nothing has changed. They killed him for such honest and blunt statements.

    1600 people die each year in NZ because of cold, damp mold filled homes. This govt has known this and still refuses to admit it. They have blood on their hands. 41,000 people are homeless in this country as a direct result of their policy’s geared toward the rich. They offer tax cuts to the rich by under-funding our pubic health. And our education. We have whole family’s living in cars and up to 3 family’s living in garages paying rent and this govt dares to boast of a fictitious ‘ brighter future’.

    Truly , you will know them by their fruits.

    And you will know who to vote for this coming September 23rd , Saturday , 2017.

    Perform your duty.

  3. I heard on that bastion of wisdom the A.M Show T.V 3 this morning , a discussion initiated by the new Paul Henry, Mark Richardson .
    It went along the lines of , which Party is more fit for Government, one that is a “lit bit untrustworthy” or one that is incapable of doing anything without stuffing it up.
    There conclusion of course was to go for the National, the untrustworthy party and the rational was because all politicians lie anyway….the TINA argument
    They conveniently had collective amnesia when talking about stuff ups and i’m talking major serious stuff ups. .hmm now…let me see … how about …
    -Novapay.Hekia Parata rolling it out across the country without doing any small test modelling first..still not sorted out ….or
    -Allowing the Auckland Property Market to become one of the most expensive in the World in a country that pays some of the lowest 1st world wages…or
    -Allowing faulty steel and building materials to be imported and used on our building sites, overpasses and freeways requiring expensive redesigns…or
    -The Pike River fiasco caused by deregulation of the mining industry or…
    -Paula Bennett housing people in motels at 5 times the cost of a state house…or
    -John Key’s $35 million dollar ego trip using and wasting taxpayers money on trying to change our flag without any mandate to do so.That is 70 state homes that could have been built, but instead the money went to advertising agencies and ‘marketing people’.
    -The list is endless…Bill English ‘s disastarous g.s.t cuts and selling off of key State Assets allowing power prices to skyrocket.
    -Gerry ,( couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery) , Brownlee and the Christchurch
    rebuild….7 years on and the the central city is still a wasteland.
    -Auckland gridlock …unsolvable for a long time and created through reckless uncontrolled immigration…no planning going on there.
    So when I here the inferences that National is a well oiled machine that is so ‘onto’ everything it does, I think the Tui ads says it all ….yeah right !!

    • You won’t get any change from Richardson. He is a died in the wool blue National man. He hates the greens and loathed Helen Clark but then he was boring as hell to watch as a cricketer,as he is now.

  4. Little proved himself a strong credible leader by facing up to the problem involving the interns and dealing with it.

    Whereas on the other hand, English has not dealt with the Barclay matter in the way expected of a good reputable leader. He’s still ducking and diving for cover, hoping the sordid business will disappear overnight to save his bacon. Very weak and pathetic behaviour to say the least!

    Only one of these two, proved they are suitable PM material for leading NZ. And it definitely isn’t English by any means!

  5. We can tell the politics of Announcer “journalists” by their inclination to continue to propagate the nonsense about the Labour Intern “Scandal”.

    Listening to John Campbell going into the Marae to see the conditions. Good to hear a bit of accurate and sympathetic coverage at last.

    It is an antidote to the mean-spirited and vindictive commentary on Q&A from Josie Pagani and John Tamahere. Disappointing efforts from a couple of former Labour people with a visible grudge.

  6. “Compare Labour Intern ‘scandal’ with National’s week of lies”. How about we just don’t voter for either Labour or National – MMP yo’ll!!!!

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