We punish beneficiaries for drug use so why isn’t Todd Barclay being investigated for drug allegations?


The latest bombshell allegation that is being drip fed to destabilise Bill English is the news that the tape conversation itself revolves around Todd Barclay, sex and drug use…

Todd Barclay tapes reported to include talk of ‘sex and drugs’
Secret recordings made in National MP Todd Barclay’s office reportedly included discussion about “sex and drugs”, it has been revealed.

According to a report by Newsroom, Parliamentary Services knows what is on tapes recorded in the Clutha-Southland MP’s electorate office.

It told Christchurch lawyer Kathryn Dalziel that her client Glenys Dickson had been recorded discussing the MP, and that she had mentioned “sex and drug matters”.

Labour leader Andrew Little repeated the claims under Parliamentary privilege this afternoon. He said in the House that the tapes had been “revealed to concern Todd Barclay and sex and drug matters” and asked Prime Minister Bill English whether he was aware of their contents.

…we crucify beneficiaries for drug use. We force them to take drug tests, we threaten them with losing their benefit if they don’t and we punish them with loss of their benefit if they do test positive for drug use.

We throw Housing NZ tenants out of state houses and ban them from using state houses if their homes test positive for P, even though the tests can’t prove the tenant actually caused the contamination, yet here we have an MP who secretly recorded a staff member who was making allegations about drug use, lied about the tape, refused to help Police with their investigation and was able to get a secret payout to the staff member all the while his Boss and mentor Bill English kept quiet.

The double standards at play here are unbelievable.

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  1. Spot on there Martyn and thanks for this particular blog.

    Seems to me there is one law for the crooks and another for the rest of us. Part of the grubby unequal society we live in.

    Personally, I’d like to see ALL MPs substance tested regularly. There have been times when John Key looked as though he’d had a very liquid lunch, to the extent he’d be slurring his words in the house. And I doubt it was anything to do with a speech impediment. He also looked glassy eyed some of the time!

    If the working class are expected to be tested for substance abuse, then it’s good enough for our elected government representatives to be subjected to the same, with the results made public!

    • for years I have said that Key had a drink problem I have been completely ignored. Just watch how quickly he he drinks his set out drinks .Note the way he slurs his words and how he dismisses any hard decision . The way he flaunts around is typical inebriation I would think many of his mates would be well aware of his piss ups.

  2. The story that just keeps on giving!
    What about the hypocracy around cooperating with police: bill says he did not talk to police as is his right and compare that to most reports of others who decline to talk to police eg the kahui’s. The approbrium implied in the media reports leaves out; As is their right.

  3. Great stuff Martyn.

    There are a lot of stuff inside this issue as we now see and we need to call it ‘Southgate.’

  4. Where does the drip feed info came from and what sort of sex and drugs are we talking about,a disprin and a cuddly with his partner or P pipe and a good romp with his electorate secretarial?
    Just seems a bit of a yarn without facts.

  5. So as this knowledge has been around for some time…did John Key know about it?…before he resigned?

    ….and who were the mates Todd Barclay ran around with? …were they other young Nacts?…what were they up to?…what roles did they play?

    …or did Todd Barclay operate by himself?…which would be most unusual

  6. The original police investigation was blocked from obtaining the alleged taped conversation of “sex & drugs while under John Key’s PM administration guidance 16 months ago.

    DAVID; – This is a clear CASE OF “obstruction of justice” at that time by the then PM John Key????????

    The Police are now opening a new investigation, and John Key must now be indited and investigated for the alleged crime!!!!

    We have seen to much Government interference of presenting evidence lately for this not to be just a one off DAVID!!!

    The Government previously blocked the evidence in the NZ SAS involvement into the killing of Afghan civilians remember???

    Then more recently again the Government was found last month blocking evidence requested under the OIA that was placed on Kiwirail for information involving the purchase prices and financial worthiness of ditching electric locomotives for more diesel engines!!!!!!

    This was in a case of investigating the rail company under a “due diligence” case.

    Government are legally bound to not be involved in a SOE policies.

    And if Government were interfering the details of that financial policy, the Government can be guilty of interference and DAVID, this once again is breaking the law!!!!!!

  7. Guy Espiner , RNZ Morning Report , on the case:

    ‘Law professor on legal issues with Todd Barclay tap allegations’


    “Otago University law professor Andrew Geddis talks about the legal issues with recording conversations following the Todd Barclay saga. He says if the police did have enough evidence, it wouldn’t be the best look not to investigate.”

  8. This is where the Nats get their chance to SHINE! Come on all you right wing Toriess, take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!! The same PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY you demand from the rest of us!!!

    Come on, we’re waiting!!!!!!

  9. Ha bloody Ha. Wankers. Puffed up little fascist poster boy comes a gutser. Can he please now just fuck off. I’ve seen enough. Will he run home to mummy and daddy? Get a ” There-there, never mind. Here’s a trust fund for you. Now, you stop your crying. Don’t let those awful, poor and homeless people make you cry dahling. Uncle yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien’ll slip you a $-million if you let him fiddle with your curls. “

    • “Speculation by one woman”?!

      Ahhh… it was sufficient not only to get her fired; but then received a considerable taxpayer funded payout; forced Barclay to step down from his candidacy at the next election; and has re-opened the Police investigation.

      But… nothing to see here, eh?


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