4 shades of Bill: There isn’t a tape! There is a tape! There might not be a tape! I was asked if I wanted to listen to the tape that didn’t exist?


The Barclay tapes are less like established facts and more like Yeti, as in that they are not yet proven or discovered.

Okay, so now Bill English is trying to insinuate that the secret tape Todd Barclay illegally made of a staff member might not exist, despite Todd Barclay telling him that he did it.

Here is Bill English’s latest Barclay lie in 3 tweets…

…let’s get this straight – yesterday, despite all the evidence to the contrary, Bill floats the idea that there are no tapes at all, today at conference he gets asked if Barclay offered to play him the recording and Bill admits Barclay did make the offer.


How could English claim the tape doesn’t exist if Todd Barclay offered to play him the tape???

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This is beyond a joke now, Bill English is just lying to our faces and expecting us to let him do it.



  1. The man is not only a liar, but totally incompetent with it as well it seems.

    How long is he going to be allowed to remain as PM?

  2. It is beyond a frikken joke.
    I’m busy weighing up my options at the moment. There’s the ‘HPDA epiphany’ (and hopefully she won’t get a whipping when she gets home), and Dear Dear DEAR audrey, and even the Gnatzi spin meisters – the hootons and the hoskings.
    There’s the disconnected missing million.
    Then there’s the Press Gallery (who, JUST btw, if they ventured forth to anywhere into the 3rd World we seem so desperate to enter), half of them would be un-ceremoniously necked.

    I think I might just go join that 3rd World – it seems a fucking sight more hoinest

  3. I heard that Bill has been on the farm again, not long ago:

    ‘Down on the farm in Dipton with Bill English’
    (NZ Herald, 13 Feb. 2017)


    “English points to the old derelict wool shed and the grain shed. He was in sheep farming and cropping. Then he points over at a flash modern building, bigger than a football field. It is the wintering shed for the cows. The English farm was converted into a dairy farm by 2000.”

    Hmmm, dairy cows, and what happened somewhere in the past, in the UK, Europe and North America, and a few other places:

    We were told it leads to this:

    So, perhaps Bill should see his doctor, and specialists, and have his brains scanned???

  4. I don’t think many National voters care much that he’s a liar. Everyone knows that a politician’s job (regardless of political colour) involves telling bare-faced lie after bare-faced lie to placate the electorate when required. Indeed, maintaining a poker face while lying is a “must” for any would-be long-term politician imo (really should be part of the university politics degree, despite the obvious cynicism). The only reason we find this one so newsworthy here is because a) he’s been caught out in the lie, and b) English ISN’T TDB’s political colour. I’m guessing this isn’t getting much coverage (other than excuses/damage control) on right-wing blogs(?).

    • It’s also been on TV1 and TV3 6pm news, Nitrium. Whilst it may not impact immediatly on English or the Nats, such stories are corrosive. As with Key’s reputation for “failing memory” on important events (eg; forgetting he had txt-messaged Cameron Slater only 24 hours previously – https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/john-key-s-texts-with-whaleoil-blogger-hugely-embarrassing-6176331), once English creates an impression of dishonesty, there is no coming back from it.

      • Nitrium’s right, as long as English is batting for National all will be forgiven by National’s supporters.

        English was exposed over a decade ago as being dishonest over National’s privatisation asset theft programme and it didn’t harm him a bit in their eyes.

        English only lost the leadership because he couldn’t sell neoliberal swill to the public. For that they needed the Great Liar.

        As with US Republicans, National supporters have no problem with dishonesty.

        • I would amend that by saying ‘ as with US Globalists National leadership have no problem with dishonesty.

          It is ALWAYS important to draw the distinction between conservatism and Globalism. They are two completely different political beasts.

          Nationalism and Conservatism isn’t your enemy – GLOBALISM IS.

          You can have a conservative Labour party that works in favor of the national best interests in conservative departure from neo liberal extremes. This is in fact, what we need.

          Then you can have a liberal Labour party that surreptitiously works in favour with Globalism. This is what we have had.

          And that is why Labour has been described as being ‘National Lite’.

          The ‘ Third Way’ , the ‘ Blairite Way’ is the latter.

          The last two being cancer for the working class, the middle class and beneficiaries.And it is the discontentment of these that will collapse and force change on the political landscape in the form of Brexit and Trump.

          And it will happen here too as well.

          You cannot keep shitting on large numbers of people before the resistance starts to make inroads. It is happening now in New Zealand.

  5. New Zealanders accepted being lied to by the smooth, shoulder shrugging John Key
    What they can’t stand is an incompetent liar, an uncomfortable liar.

  6. He is hiding something for he s just a gatekeeper for the elitists he meets at Bilderberg, so it mirrors what Hillary Clinton also did to deliberately obstruct justice by destroying the 30 000 emails that obviously incriminating her on her personal US Government cell phone.

    Bill PM is a carbon copy of her as yet another gatekeeper over the pond for the global elite.

  7. Paddy Gower did a hard interrogation of him finally as we have not seen him shy away from a leader since J Key gave him a rough tie before the 2014 election, so a mark for you there Paddy.

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