TWITTER WATCH: Are the Greens taking the piss?


Ummm, how about not fucking up 4 months out from the election by voting with the Government budget? Would that be a good way to celebrate?

The Greens decision to back a part of the Budget they agreed with has given National ammunition to paint the Opposition as divided and it makes the Budget seem less awful. Bill English is already using this very tactic.

Every single major Political Journalist in the country has now all mentioned it, the wider electorate who are information low see the Opposition as divided.

The Greens can complain as much as they like that technically they didn’t vote for the Budget but in reality they voted for the legislation that needed to change for the Budget and no voter beyond the beltway are going to discern the difference.

It’s just bewilderingly incompetent.

There should be genuine concerns about their ability to run a good campaign.


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  1. Yes Martyn,

    Right you are there, the “mod” Greens have no solid base from which to form any picture of their political policies yet as they seem so dis-organised.

    Youth cannot buy experience so we are seeing a worry here.

    NZ First has solid policies already up on their website to make the Greens old policies seem revisited.

    Labour/NZ First government with greens as a confidence and supply deal is the best route here for us all.

    • @Cleangreen.

      “Youth cannot buy experience so we are seeing a worry here”

      You should know by now that experience means NOTHING. Nor does peer-reviewed academic research, or statistical evidence, or the ability to see the ‘bleeding obvious’, or the repetition of history with bad outcomes.

      You obviously didn’t get the memo … “derrrrr!”
      It’s all been replaced by process, little square boxes in which to place a tick, templates, ideology, the market (dressed up in drag and labelled the ‘free market’), cronyism (a word we should never use btw) – and a new language and culture.

      I haven’t searched google yet, but there’s probably even an ‘app’ for it (going forward) – and so there’s a completely different kultcha in this space.
      Being authoritative, and indeed authority (of things like the nation-state and any form of nationhood, or common sense, or validity in any form, or fact) is only ever possible if its dressed up in current fashion which is paraded on a mainstream reality TV ‘show’, a fluro vest, lycra – or whatever colour the new black is , or in a politician’s ability to engage with that mainstream media ‘space’ in acceptable form.

      They even have polls these days giving precise indications of the New Zealand people’s thinking – they never get it wrong

      Keep up man! (/sarc).

  2. If Greens and Labour were serious about their MoU and wanting to be seen as a good and competent alternative, they would have prepared better for this election year bribe kind of Budget.

    They should have had some policy ideas up their sleeves, yes, proper alternatives on offer, and slammed the Nats for not doing enough, giving examples of what they will do.

    What we get now is the impression of a divided opposition, not only the Greens, but also NZ First voting for the taxation and accommodation supplement parts of the Budget, and Labour against the whole Budget.

    What we get now is the usual lamenting and criticising of bits that the Nats delivered, but NO alternatives on offer, except a bit of rehashed Kiwi Build and vague promises of spending more on health and education.

    That makes Labour and Greens look like angry, bad losers, who offer nothing much clear to voters.

    The coming weeks and months are crucial now, to present us policy, policy, policy, and a program that we can vote for, lamenting alone about the government will not suffice, I would say.

    Only bold leaders with a solid and better program for the country will convince, not what we have been presented the last few days, like Labour discovering that 6000 families will be worse off after the Budget tax and WFF changes. Those 6000 families were already mentioned in the Budget reading, and are hardly large enough numbers to change the outcome of the election.

    Perhaps we will yet get some positive momentum from the UK on 11 June.

    • Seymour and Dunne can and often do soundly criticise National.
      That is disunity on the right, is it not?
      Seems that according to you, it is disunity when the left disagree with each other but not when the right do it?
      Supreme arrogance, I call that.

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