Latest UK Poll – Labour cut Tory lead down to 3 points!


No. Way. The latest YouGov UK Poll has Labour now only 3 points behind May.

The outdated FPP system still favours a conservative victory in just over a weeks time, but the speed with which Corbyn has demolished May’s 25 point lead down to a mere 3 points is an extraordinary political come back from a ┬áLeader that many had written off.

If Corbyn can do the impossible and pull off one of the great political wins of the 21st Century, he will remind every progressive political Left Party around the planet that an economically populist Left wing agenda can win the people over.

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As the Democrats still stumble to understand why white, poor and union workers voted for Trump, Corbyn has provided them the answer. Adopt a Left wing Political Economic agenda and put in policy that genuinely protects the working class and they will come with you.

I’m not sure who would be most frightened of a Corbyn win, David Farrar, Matthew Hooton or the NZ Labour Party.


  1. I really, REALLY would love to see the resurrected corpse of Thatcher go down in flames, but I’m still just not remotely convinced.
    You have to remember that polling is a BUSINESS, in that the companies that conduct the polls are doing it PURELY for profit. It is in THEIR best interests that the polls are close, since that guarantees there will be more interest in them. That might seem a super cynical way to look at it, but it’s simply the way things work in a capitalist for profit society. It’s often why “internal polls” conducted by the political parties themselves diverge wildly from the “official” polls. Elections are almost always portrayed as being closer than they actually are. It keeps everybody invested and makes for more compelling news.
    Also FPP. Don’t forget FPP. (some really good material there). This “unedited” one is particularly good:

  2. Elites do coups (’84, ’79, ’80), the ‘rest’ have to do revolutions: much, much harder things. In a generation (or two) in deep love with ease that is very difficult. Remember the generation that produced social democracy in NZ and compare them to the present population–Michael Savage sacrificed 65 years and his personal life (by definition for the poor, fighting for the general good was at the cost of your own good, disallowing the conscientious a family).

    Thank God for those who saw in real time the ’80 on return of the rich to rule as a blink of the eye rather than anything requiring adaptation. That is, old Corbyn and Sanders.

  3. Notice how the Guardian polls always put the Tories higher. Must the principle of if you wish it, then it will come true.
    The You Gov polls are generally the most reliable because they have a higher polling sample.
    Still, the election is still five days away and anything can happen.
    Expect the British police to “discover” a brand new terrorist plot a day before polling.

    • They soon enough “discovered” it, while it was happening, that terror plot turn mass murder in London.

      Sadly some here may blame the British secret services for it – yet again.

  4. Hot off the press polls show Corbyn’s popularity in London has hit the turbo button and gone stratospheric.
    It’s going to be a long 7 days for May and the Tories. They are floundering badly losing massive ground daily .
    They are now just resorting to out and out scaremongering…. that’s it…that’s all they’ve got .
    The fateful arrogance of May’s strategy at the onset not to take on Corbyn in a live debate was breathlessly stupid and has put serious doubt in many people’s minds about her having any nous at all in negotiating Brexit .
    Corbyn on the other had has been extremely engaging and authentic looking like he is connected to the people and consequentially far more Prime Ministerial.
    It’s going down to the wire but all the momentum is with Corbyn.
    Every day for the past 3 weeks those polls have only gone one way and if that continues Corbyn will take a well deserved victory.
    And yet despite having a TV1 and TV3 reporter stationed in The U.K there has been zero coverage on the 6 pm news.
    Rolf Harris…yes . Pippas wedding…yes. Manchester bombing …yes.
    Rolling coverage of a massive seachange in the psyche of how one of the world powers with strong connections to New Zealand could soon govern after 30 years of failed neo- liberalism …no !!
    Ask yourself……….why?

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