Kim Dotcom Approaches Special Counsel



In accordance with his previous statement on this matter, Kim Dotcom’s solicitors in New Zealand have today sent the following letter to Robert Mueller, Special Counsel appointed to investigate interference with the 2016 United States presidential election and related matters:

30 May 2017

Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530

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Attention: Robert Mueller, Special Counsel

Dear Sir


1. We act for Kim Dotcom in New Zealand.

2. We are writing to you in your capacity as special counsel appointed to carry out the above investigation pursuant to Order 3915-2017 (Investigation).

3. Mr Dotcom has evidence that he considers relevant to the Investigation. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that, subject to appropriate arrangements being made and his constitutional rights being preserved, Mr Dotcom is willing to provide this evidence to the Investigation. He has instructed us to make this approach to initiate the necessary dialogue as to the required arrangements.

4. As you may be aware, Mr Dotcom resides in New Zealand. Since 2012, the United States has been seeking his extradition to face a criminal prosecution arising from his involvement in the Megaupload group of companies. Presently, Mr Dotcom is on bail while he exercises (as he is entitled to) his rights under New Zealand law to resist extradition. Mr Dotcom emphatically denies the alleged offending and is committed to defending the allegations in the extradition proceeding in New Zealand.

5. Mr Dotcom is also committed to achieving an outcome where his evidence can be properly received and reviewed by you as part of the Investigation. You will, however, appreciate that, given his current status, he is not in a position to voluntarily leave New Zealand’s jurisdiction. Further, he is concerned that, should he travel to the United States voluntarily, he would be arrested and detained in custody on the current counts on which he has been indicted.

6. Accordingly, for Mr Dotcom to attend in person in the United States to make a statement, and/or give oral evidence at any subsequent hearing, special arrangements would need to be discussed and agreed between all relevant parties. Such arrangements would need to include arrangements for his safe passage from New Zealand and return. This is because Mr Dotcom is determined to clear his name in New Zealand.

7. Mr Dotcom invites the Department of Justice to contact him through counsel to progress the taking of his evidence once you have had an opportunity to consider this letter and are in a position to discuss the required process and appropriate safeguards.

8. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully
Phil Creagh

t: + 64 9 306 5791

copy: Ira P. Rothken
Rothken Law Firm
Novato, CA 94949

Ron Mansfield
22 Lorne Chambers


  1. They don’t want to know what a Russian businessman says he can prove to the same effect, and I’m sure they don’t want to know what Kim has to say either.
    D J S

        • Yeah that Putin, he’s such a busy boy, interfering in elections and referenda and with his arm up Trumps back,poisoning democracies with fake news and disinformation, upsetting European “values”
          How did a petrol station masquerading as a country, a mere regional power with its economy in tatters, a pariah in the international community manage to become a major threat to the leader of the free world, hypnotising voters to vote Trump and Brexit, and the Crimeans to rejoin the Russian federation without a drop of blood spilt?
          The CIA wants some of that

    • No, or what Craig Murray or Assange has to say
      That the almighty NSA still can’t say how the emails were hacked and sent speaks volumes.
      And why did the DNC refuse to hand over their computers to the FBI?
      The MSM , the Democrats, and the intelligence agencies with their evasive “assessments” ( in officialdom that’s not a slamdunk) have painted themselves in to a corner on the whole Rooskie thing
      Occam’s razor says it was a pissed off insider and a leak, but thats too humiliating,and sheets home the blame for Hillary’s loss on a terrible candidate and the DNC being totally out of touch

    • Let’s have an intelligent and analytical look at the sequence of events regarding Seth Riches’ murder.He was attacked late at night, and shot in the back.There was no one around.So,any robber had every opportunity to take his wallet and watch.None was taken.It is obvious that what was intended to be robbed was his life.Someone wanted to silence him,and maybe to punish him.Why? The first premise of an intelligence operative is-who benefits ?Well, the DNC certainly .Are there people in the Democratic Party with a reputation for witnesses disappearing, being paid off,of ending up dead?Yes,Hillary and Bill Clinton have such a reputation.And then we have the CIA who have a long long list of assassinations of their perceived enemies.The DNC and the CIA have a common interest in blaming Russia for the Wikileaks emails.The CIA regard Russia as the principal enemy of the U.S Empire,being the only country able to thwart the hegomany of the U.S. over the world.Thousand of billions of dollars invested in the U.S. arms industry rely on an enemy! The 1% Oligarchy need it to be a Russian hack! The CIA have killed for far less in the past.Their Deep State Masters demand it.
      So,who does all logic point to as the culprits?

      • Well, the DNC certainly .Are there people in the Democratic Party with a reputation for witnesses disappearing, being paid off,of ending up dead?

        Really? Can you prove that, Pete? Because thus far you’ve posted a whole heap of allegations and smears and precious little evidence to back it up. “If in doubt, make it up!” – is that your technique?

        Never mind the conspiracy alt.right nuttery of “infowars” – this appears to make more sense from Keith Olbermann;


      • I’m still an agnostic on the murder thing. But one detail does make me feel uneasy. He was shot twice, in the back, so he was not engaging or struggling with the assailants, he was either moving away or lying on the ground.That doesnt fit with a robbery interrupted, a panicked perpetrator.An up close struggle would have meant the victim shot in the stomach or thereabouts
        I think Rich, or another insider being the leaker, especially with Assange strongly hinting that , and Craig Murray insisting on a leak, not a hack, is more likely than the Russians hacking.
        I’ve got no doubt that all intelligence agencies are busy probing everywhere, Obama listened in on Merkel after all, and Merkel was found out for aiding the NSA to listen in on Hollande, but I don’t think the Russians are stupid enough to bank on a flake like Trump

  2. Kim Dotcom;

    It is highly probable that your letter to the American Authorities will fall on deaf ears.
    They will not want you ‘near the place’ as they are trying to shut the whole
    thing down.

    Re; Your letter to the family.

    “2. In particular, I am writing regarding recent statements about me that have been reported globally (including in New Zealand) and attributed to the family. As set out in more detail below, some of these statements are false and defamatory.”

    A DNC Crisis Manager has been assigned to the Rich family and more.
    Most likely any statements,especially the letter to Fox News, will not be
    their exact words.

    Listen to ex-Clinton insider strategist Larry Nichols found here; (Comments)

    First hand comments from parents can be found in the Daily Blog link contained their-in.


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