Let me get this straight, we are signing away our economic & political sovereignty in the TPPA to protect us from North Korea???


“Hello, you can take all my economic sovereignty cows for one of your TPPA magic beans”
“I thought NZers had more hair on their feet”

How stupid does Bill English think we are?

He is attempting to claim that we are signing away our economic & political sovereignty in the TPPA to protect us from North Korea???

North Korea?

This is why Paddy Gower was fed the bullshit from Government Officials that that they had tested how dangerous North Korea was to us at the start of Bill English’s Japan trip, to seed the fear of a nuke attack from North Korea rather than asking how right wing are the National Government to push ahead with a far right neoliberal ‘free’ trade deal that robs us of economic and political sovereignty despite America pulling out of it.

Trying to claim that we are signing up to the fucking TPPA to protect us from fucking North Korea is like trying to say we are committing suicide to protect us from head lice. There is no threat to us from bloody North Korea, this is the most delusional scare tactics I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.

Bill English, you should be ashamed of yourself, stop being a bloody politician and start being a New Zealander!

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  1. Martyn none of these people who make up this government are New Zealanders.

    How can you with good conscience sit there and make and support policies that hurt this country and marginalize most of its people.

    When their entire philosophy is based on ever more wealth, greed and exploitation and destroying anyone who opposes them how can they call themselves New Zealanders.

      • Foreign trade is fine Gosman but we don’t want foreign traders telling us what to do and over riding our sovereignty and to say they have put something in to protect the TOW(and I read this part) means nothing when they show such distain for our TOW. The Rena disaster is an example of how this government breached and continues to breach the TOW and all the drilling and fracking and taking of water from significant sites is more tramping on our TOW. So this government is not adhering to the Treaty themselves why would we want a trade agreement like the TPPA. bill is showing how desperate he is too be PM he will do anything.

    • sonyaroussina5@gmail.com
      Yes you are right they are they are neo-liberal globalists gagging to sell out New Zealand’s sovereignty before the alter of multi-national corporate profits and control. The National government is clearly playing the long game here (no doubt on behalf of these same globalist interests) to keep the TPPA alive until the no holds barred political and media campaign to remove the Trump obstacle succeeds.

  2. I thought exactly the same thing .
    But with a media lacking the ability for any form of critical thinking this has passed over most peoples head …. zzzzzz (current state of most Kiwis)
    But hey, Bill can shear a sheep so he must be right !! … (Kiwi logic)

  3. Yep
    “How stupid does Bill English think we are?”
    TPP is the real Nact legacy project. It will lock this country in to a severe neoliberal doctrine that it will be illegal for us to break. Its better than then governmning even when not in office! That is why they want it in place before they leave.
    Remember that feeling in your gut when the unions were being smashed and the nats rolled out the employment contracts act and you knew you were seeing massive social engineering to the detriment of workers?
    I get the same feeling with the TPP.

    • About the only saving grace is that all legislation can be undone- including the Employment Contacts Act – however , undoing the TTPA could be lengthy and extremely costly.

      I wonder what our corner of the world would be like for these neo liberals if we abolished the ECA while still being in the TTPA?….

    • English- A born traitor to NZ.

      Like we see over the pacific, where Trump is being decapitated by the media (operated by corporations/Bilderberg) and the Traitors in the Democratic Government who see trump will not have any part of joining USA onto TPPA so they are using Russia to destroy him first before waging war o Russia and signing TPPA, and it appears English believe USA will destroy Trump ad join TPPA as soon after they can.

      Just remember it was Trump only that wont have a barr of TPPA so they are destroying him as he wont comply with PPTA elite at any time.

      • Yes totally agree, the corporate globalists and their neoliberal political elites are targetting two obstacles to untrammelled global power – namely Trump the accidental president who may be a lot of things but isn’t the chosen neocon puppet and who can’t be controlled – and, Russia who has had the temerity to rise from the ashes and defend its sovereignty and interests in the world as an independent nation so ruining the New World Order of total US global hegemony…

  4. I still think the mischief-maker and stirrer behind all this North Korea paranoia is Paddy Gower, not so much Blinglish. Gower thought from the start, that there would not be all that much to report from Japan, as it is after all a friendly nation (despite the whaling issue), and as it is more concerned with some niche business talks, than anything else.

    And this TPPA talk, that was referred to in the news on Thursday evening, I feel that is just hyped up again, and it has NOTHING to do with North Korea, not even for diversion tactic reasons.

    The Japanese are more concerned about CHINA, than North Korea, and China’s boosting of its military powers.

    • Except @Mike in Auckland – Peddy isn’t all that bright. More like the 40 Watt Banana who can only function on the current of ideology with the voltage of populism. Any capacity for critical thought is dependent of licking a finger and seeing which way the wind blows.
      Shame to say I have Terrorneki relatives (thankfully I haven’t seen in a long long time) with an induction meter – and it’s constantly in the blue.
      I’m not sure, but I think one poor bastard even tried to teach him but he was more interested in things like Duncan Garner’s hand movements and those curvey mirrors that show the most of us with unfortunate looks in a good light.

      • ‘Terrorneki’ and ‘Waitakere Man’ are common species on these islands, besides of other ones, not that dissimilar to these. So the problem with Paddy Gower is, he seems to be able to hold down his job as slogan and adrenalin generating reporter, because it has some appeal to too many, who settle for this kind of reporting.

        Keep it easy they say, Paddy is one who keeps it easy, for himself and for the listeners and watchers, same as his mentor Garner, they seem to be meeting the humble “news analysis” expectations of a significant section of the population.

        And with anything better being frowned upon, as being too much in the Nicky Hager and “left wing extremist” camp of views, we get what we get, and the more enlightened dare not speak too loudly, as they may stick out like a sore thumb, which takes courage in NZ Inc..

        A grim state of affairs, but there you go, it must be because of North Korea, and English is our saviour for that sake.

  5. All government narratives are phony, and are based either on outright lies or misrepresentation.

  6. What really made me cringe was the relation that despite the US not participating in the TPP, their corporations will still benefit from provisions to do with pharmaceuticals. All benefit, no resoonsibility. Is this free trade or a damned rort?

  7. I guess it’s coming faster and faster now : One world, one government, one religion and kicked off by those who push the One Belt One Road. Sooner rather than later we will see that elections are for our entertainment and meaningless. For the first time, Ben Fulford reveals high speed vacuum rail, which contrary to what’s written are not in the planning but already exist – the old NWO just didn’t bother to tell us but the new NWO is revealing to impress their new “subjects” with their technology : http://www.stage2omega.com/benjamin-fulford-full-report-for-monday-may-15-2017/
    Whatever Key and now English sold their souls for please don’t buy into “technology” being implanted into the hand or forehead.

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