Inflicting Pain Without Flinching: Jenny Shipley Talks To Guyon Espiner


IT IS NEVER ADVISABLE, when writing political commentary, to get angry. Powerful emotions distort our judgements and make the already difficult job of political analysis even harder. Sometimes, however, giving vent to our anger is the right thing to do. Sometimes, maintaining a calm and dispassionate analytical posture serves only to give despicable behaviour a free pass. Some people are only deserving of the most forthright and unequivocal condemnation.

Jenny Shipley is one of those people.

The first thing you notice about Shipley, as her “Ninth Floor” interview with RNZ’s Guyon Espiner gets going, is how often she uses the word “leader” and “leadership”. It’s what you might call a verbal “tell”. And what it reveals is that Shipley’s ideas about leadership have very little to do with democracy.

Just how little Shipley understands about the nature of a democratic mandate is exposed when she talks about Jim Bolger’s government being re-elected in 1993 by “a majority of New Zealanders”.

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The brute facts of the 1993 election are that the National Party was supported by barely a third of the electorate. Its support plummeted from 47.82 percent in 1990 to just 35.5 percent three years later. In the same election, Labour received 34.6 percent, the Alliance 18.2 percent and NZ First 8.4 percent. That Shipley still construes this result as evidence of majority support tells us a great deal about her politics.

Most of all it speaks to her need to be justified by history. In her answers to Espiner’s questions about the savage cuts to social welfare, which she oversaw, Shipley is very clear that these measures were both necessary and right. “I did the right thing”, she declares, when challenged to respond to the criticism that she and her close friend and ally, Ruth Richardson, imposed the costs of the 1990 economic crisis on New Zealand’s most vulnerable citizens.

That New Zealand’s ballooning deficit could have been addressed just as effectively – and much more equitably – by lifting the rate of tax on middle- and upper-income earners, was a proposition that Shipley would not (could not?) countenance. Doing the “right thing” in the eyes of this deeply conservative rural politician meant chastising the poor for the unforgiveable sin of expecting their fellow citizens to support them in times of adversity.

Few National prime ministers have embodied quite so completely the perverse ethical calculus of their party. To describe Shipley’s style as wholly punitive would be a mistake. Better to characterise her motivation as the “improvement” of the nation. And this desire to rescue New Zealanders from their sins (Shipley’s father was an Anglican parson) was not directed exclusively at the poor and the working-class. As she quite unashamedly admits to Espiner: “I was trying to take the welfare state off the middle class.”

If the poor required the “incentive” of a 25 percent cut in their benefits to haul themselves up by their bootstraps; and unionised workers needed to be disabused of the notion that they had any legitimate claim on the profits of private enterprise; then it was equally true that the middle-class had to be prevented from growing soft on state-provided services.

In Shipley’s view, no other social class has more at stake in the grand political narrative of self-reliance and individual grit than the middle-class. If the over-riding imperative of life under capitalism is never to take anything for granted, then the role of the middle-class is to show how this should play-out across society. Shipley may have set her face against redistributing wealth, but she was a passionate believer in redistributing virtue. Upwards in the case of the ruling class. Downwards in the case of the working-class and beneficiaries. Victorian values? You bet!

And it was this old-fashioned set of values that drove Shipley to depose Bolger. He was soft, yes, but, even worse, he was weak. He had responded to the public revolt against Ruth Richardson’s doubling-down on Rogernomics by following the advice of his colleagues and sacking her. (Shipley’s comment to Espiner: “I remember the names”, is easily the most chilling moment in the hour-long interview!) Bolger then compounded his moral delinquency by caving-in to Winston Peters demand that he make good on his promise to build “the decent society”.

Once again, it was all about leadership. How did she feel as she toppled Bolger? She felt fine – she was leading. Or, in her own words: “It’s what leaders do – take power.” Except that simply “taking power” doesn’t quite get us to the heart of Shipley’s understanding of leadership.

Being a leader, if you’re Jenny Shipley, is all about the ability to inflict pain without flinching. Leadership is something that you do to people: something that you impose on them – for their own good. No doubt she would frame her behaviour as having to be cruel to be kind, but in terms of the practical consequences of her policies on ordinary people’s lives, kindness has nothing to do with it.

In the years since Helen Clark unceremoniously threw her out of the Ninth Floor, Shipley has had much to say about the importance of fostering leaders and leadership throughout New Zealand society. And it is this relentless determination to recruit more and more people to the cause of inflicting pain without flinching that makes me so angry.

Shipley and her government were the standard-bearers of a middle-class counter-revolution against the greatest achievement of the twentieth century: the recognition that, unbuttressed by economic and social rights, political rights are simply not equal to the task of building and maintaining a “decent society” of any sort.


  1. It’s great that she makes an appearance at this stage of proceedings ; It will have the same effect as Tony Blair’s appearances in UK.
    We all have had a good taste and firmly rejected the flavour, They both are now emetic.
    C’mon show us some more Guyon.

  2. What is it about the Left that they keep wanting to relitigate the past?

    Because they have no future?

    • What is it about those who never want to face up to the mistakes of the past?
      Arrogance and bloody minded ignorance?

        • Correction.
          The right are too afraid to admit to their innumerable
          That’s a big difference between the left and right.
          The left are a lot more willing to admit their mistakes.
          The right are seldom willing to do so, and usually they gloat about how they didn’t go far enough.
          That’s the kind of tossers that Andrew admires.

    • What is it about the right that they have this constant neurotic desire to have to bury it ?

      Particularly ex and present board members of the Mont Pelerin Society aka Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson. Surely even you would that Shipley endorsed Mont Pelerin Society hard right economics…

      Do you ?

      Or are you just another pig ignorant right winger that conveniently deny’s either A ) knowing what the Mont Pelerin Society are , or B ) deny’s their insidious hand in the destruction of New Zealand during the mid 1980’s and the 1990’s?

    • To me this comment is as inane as saying, “The person committed the murder last month, it’s history now, finding the perpetrator isn’t going to bring the victim back.”

      What is it about the Right that so often to questions in Parliament they keep relitigating the past?

    • What is it about the right that they want to ignore all the nasty things they do to citizens, particularly the poorest in society, by dismissing them as something that “happened in the past”?

  3. Jenny Shipley reeks of Hillary Clinton’s toxic persona Chris and you are right there she deserves (quote) “the most forthright and unequivocal condemnation” (un-quote) Chris that was well said, I couldn’t say that better.

    • The problem for Chris Trotter and many other political commentators is that they are bound by that position to at least always appear to be ‘balanced’ and ‘measured’ in their analysis.

      Whereas rank and file nationalists such as myself have no such inhibitions in calling these viscous despicable subversives out for who they really are…

      Please allow me , CLEANGREEN , and I hope you and others enjoy:


      New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?


      Roger and Ruth, more in common than just finance
      National’s Ruth Richardson’s New Right policies were exactly the same as Labour’s Roger Douglas’ New Right policies because they were policies driven by the Mont Pelerin Society. It should have been no surprise, in 1989 a Mont pelerin front group the Centre for Independent Studies organised a conference in Christchurch to review progress of deregulation and privatisation of New Zealand. The keynote speaker was Roger Douglas and he was warmly supported by Ruth Richardson: so there they were together, Labour’s Roger and National’s Ruth united in their New Right faith.
      Roger Douglas was a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, as was Roger Kerr of the Business Roundtable. However Ruth Richardson was not, as late as 1996 in the words of Lord Harris, longtime head of the Mont Pelerin’s main think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. “But Ruth Richardson isn’t a member, but she used to come over here and extract ideas and so forth” This has all changed, when she was replaced as finance minister by Bill Birch, Ruth Richardson left National and joined the ACT party which had been started by Roger Douglas, She became, not only a Mont Pelerin Member, but a director of that society.
      The ACT party is at this time, trying to convince New Zealanders to vote for them and get Roger Douglas back into Parliament, preferably as finance minister in a National/ ACT coalition government. The New Right NEVER GIVE UP!
      Back in the 2005 New Zealand General election, the leader of the National Party was the former Reserve Bank governor, Don Brash who had been introduced to politics by Roger Kerr of the Business Roundtable. Don Brash was looked on as a rather honest if naive politician but was ousted when leaked emails showed he had dealings with a group of Exclusive Brethren Millionaires who were waging a campaign against the Greens even though he denied he had. In a speech in London in 1996, Don Brash said “I was involved with Roger Douglas from the beginning of the reforms …and they were never completed. The New Right NEVER GIVE UP! Who have they chosen THIS TIME?
      The average New Zealander can’t possibly know who the next New Right puppet will be, but one thing they can be sure of, is that that person will be saying anything, offering everything to ensure they get elected and once the New Right get into power, it will be 1984 all over again.

      No more “Left” versus “Right”
      National’s Ruth Richardson’s New Right policies were exactly the same as Labour’s Roger Douglas’ New Right policies because they were given to them by the Business Roundtable who in turn had received them from the Mont Pelerin Society, a London based group of the very rich who have descended from the land owning nobles who had peasants farming their lands while they lived the high life, and they kept the peasants in their place by ensuring they never had the means to improve their lot. Unfortunately for them, the industrial revolution gave these peasants the chance to improve their lot, which took a huge amount of power from the ruling class. The aim of this society is to destroy the middle class (or the middle income earner) and bring back the two-class society. The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer is no myth, it is by design and it is happening!

      Keep the New Right out of power
      The New Right have lost their grip on New Zealand since the Election of the fourth Labour Government in 1999, but they have never given up, why would they? They have too much to gain. Out of $15.322 billion worth of privatised former New Zealand state assets, companies connected with the Mont Pelerin Society’s main New Zealand front, the Business Roundtable, bought an astounding $12.542 billion, or about 82% of the total. No wonder they are fervent believers in Mont Pelerin’s “free market” which has so handsomely lined their pockets, while destroying the nation
      The MMP voting system has made it harder for single political parties to have an overwhelming majority and this has made it harder for the New Right to implement their agenda.
      Watch out for new moves to re-introduce ‘First past the post’ voting again.

      Who Is The Mont Pelerin Society ?
      This looting and destruction of the nation-state of New Zealand was planned and implemented by the London-based Mont Pelerin Society.

      In 1947, Mont Pelerin founder von Hayek lamented that the war had drastically strengthened nation-states, which must be replaced, he said, with the classic, anti-state free trade “liberalism” of eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain.

      Many of those continental Europeans present, like von Hayek, carried the prefix “von” before their surnames, signifying that they came from the noble families which had governed Europe for centuries.

      Mont Pelerin shared the same “conservative revolution” philosophy as the Nazis. It also shared some of the same personnel. For instance, Max von Thurn und Taxis was a sponsor of von Hayek and his new society. Thurn und Taxis’ family had founded another society in southern Germany before World War 1, which was composed entirely of aristocrats, known as the Thule Society. Thule in turn formed a special “workers division” known as the “National Socialist German Workers Party” (NSDAP). The NSDAP, into which an Austrian corporal named Adolf Hitler was recruited, later became better known by the abbreviated version of its name, the “Nazis.” In 1989, Max von Thurn und Taxis attended a meeting of his Mont Pelerin Society in Christchurch, New Zealand, to judge, first hand, the results of the “worlds most radical free market revolution.”


      AND , in case you were wanting further proof , – here is a list of Mont Pelerin Society Board members.

      Please note the name RUTH RICHARDSON halfway down that list and the arrow pointing to her name. You will now start to see EXACTLY who these people were and EXACTLY why the did what they did to fellow New Zealanders.

      Be under NO ILLUSIONS about the treasonous nature of Jenny Shipley and her other colleagues whatsoever henceforth.


      Mont Pelerin Society Board Members.

      2016-2018 Board of Directors
      Officers of the MPS

      Peter J. Boettke, United States

      Vice President
      Pedro Schwartz Giron, Spain

      Eamonn Butler, United Kingdom

      J.R. Clark (Jeff), United States

      Executive Committee

      Peter J. Boettke, United States
      Eamonn Butler, United Kingdom
      J.R. Clark (Jeff), United States
      Pedro Schwartz Giron, Spain

      Yuko Arayama, Japan
      Jeff Bennett, Australia
      Gabriel Calzada, Guatemala
      Allan Meltzer, United States
      Nils Karlson, Sweden

      Ruth Richardson, New Zealand <————————————————

      John Taylor, United States
      Margaret Tse, Brazil


      I thank you all for your time.


      • Roger Partridge
        Chairman of the right wing think tank The New Zealand Initiative is a also a current member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

        The NZI and Nats cook up privitization schemes together – such as the current Social Bonds initiatve wherein private profit is derived from formerly public mental health services.

        These folk are beyond reproach.

      • Thanks @WK. I’ve never been under any illusions about Jenny Shipley, or hubbie, or Westpac as the gubbamint’s banker. OR indeed Ruth Richardson.
        Did you ever happen to visit Ruth Richardson Limited – the website? – At least a few years ago. Proudly boasting various Sth American governments
        God I’m in awe of her ‘leadership’ qualities, her sense of decency, her modesty, her abilities to impart her wisdom (and inside knowledge) in a way that nobody could challenge the ethics, her abhorrence of cronyism , her ability to ‘network’ and provide such valuable advice to her clientele. She must be very proud of herself having had such a long hard slog. And I know she didn’t get to where she is today ……….. etc.
        NZ is SUCH a better place for having provided a vehicle for her brilliance.
        Just the other day when exercising some left-brain thinking and doing my best to be innovative, I was actually thinking of how I could repay Jenny and Ruth. I thought I might produce a designer calendar of very limited issue with monthly images of the Shipley and the Richardson – the target audience being Mr Choice and mates to wank over when stuck in Wellington and without ‘the woif’ (going forward). Then I realised that even though it might be hugely philanthropic of me and help record an important era in Nu Zull’s short history, it’d be of little value – indeed of “low value” because there’d be absolutely no financial return on my investment.
        I guess I’ll just have to keep fawning all over the pair of them

      • Wonderful stuff Wild Katipo,

        This was an expose of the NZ NAZI PARTY at work here, right now as we are brow beaten by their foot solders like the Godwin police like Gosman who pot us for even mentioning NAZI and report us as engaging in Godwin activities.

        How pathetic is that when they cant face up to the fact that NAZI ideologies and practice is still well & alive here and across the world.

        The President of the European Commission Jean Claude Junker and Donald Tusk are both of “high” German extraction and are now causing trouble over the Brexit by imposing tough impossible restrictions on the UK as they are now plotting the downfall of the Government and punishing UK leading up to the June UK Election.

        So was Jens Stoltenberg General secretary of NATO (born in Norway) of German extraction.

        Yes we are surrounded by NAZIs now WK, as we had some NAZIS here in NZ during the second world war and some went to meet Hitler during the war in Berlin.

        One Kiwi in particular (Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk) was a very close friend of William Joyce after meeting him at the British fascisti Ltd’ Party meeting and he invited Joyce over to Berlin to meet Hitler, and after the war may have assisted Joyce’s (possibly pregnant second wife) to immigrate to NZ after William Joyce was executed in 1946.

        In the Kerry Bolton Introduction to William Joyes bok he said the Joyces funding came from Alec Scrimgeour, an elderly stockbroker, whom Joyce had known since the BUF, and who treated Joyce as a son. Cole mentions that one supporters ‘claimed to be the King of Poland’. This cannot be anyone other than the New Zealand poet Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk who, unlike his many contemporaries who were embracing to Communism, being a Monarchist, embraced the Right, then Fascism and National Socialism, and never recanted. Indeed, even in December 1945, Potocki printed an ‘Xmas card’, the ‘X’ in the shape of a swastika, with a poem that paid tribute to ‘our William Joyce’. As to his eccentric claim to the throne of Poland, it was as legitimate as any other, being descended from a Polish noble lineage. [29]

        Read about him in –

        Read the book above after called “Twilight over England” written by William Joyce, and he reveals this in his book NZ had some connection to his web of deceit and propaganda.

        That name “Joyce” sends up flags as we have one now possibly as the most influential in NZ today?

        Hope you enjoy this history of NZ NAZI activity going on since 1930’s and apparently still today.

          • I think CLEANGREEN is alluding to the fact that right wing apologists – like Gosman in particular – have more than a normal aversion to fearing comparisons being made between Hitler and Nazism.

            They fear it for very good reasons.

            For example CLEANGREEN has often mentioned the Bilderberger Society.


            Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was a noted co founder of the Bilderbergers.

            ” While at university, Bernhard joined the Nazi Party. He also enrolled in the Sturmabteilung (SA), which he left in 1934 when he graduated.[4] The Prince later denied that he had belonged to SA, to the Reiter-SS (SS Cavalry Corps), and to the NSKK, but these are well-documented memberships. ”

            Bilderberg Group – Wikipedia

            Prince Bernhard – pathological liar, Nazi background … –


            Then we have family’s such as the ‘ Bush’s’…

            ” George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.”

            How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power | World news …
   › World › Second world war

            Prescott Bush: The Nazi-Bush Connection – Exposing The Truth


            And in the example I gave above you can see clearly the individual called ‘ Max von Thurn und Taxis ‘ ,… whose family had created the Thule Society – which still exists to this day.

            Furthermore, this individual started the ‘ workers division’ of Thule ,- the NSDAP , – which later became the NAZI party.

            This character ‘ Max von Thurn und Taxis ‘ then not only sponsored Hyeks Mont Pelerin Society , – but as an elderly individual observed the 1989 conference of the Mont Pelerin Society in Christchurch , NZ.

            To which Roger Douglas was a key speaker.

            It is not that very hard at all to see the direct links with many of the same types of philosophy’s and ideology’s that the NAZI’s held.

            Simply because so many of those who originally created the vehicles for NAZISM were in fact , – the same individuals involved decades later in the financial and political takeovers on unsuspecting democratic nations such as NZ.

        • Your comparison of right wing neoliberals like Douglas, Richardson and Brash with Nazis has some flaws, they do not base their capitalist ideology on racism and nationalism. That is where this is flawed, what you write, they are actually mere radical capitalists, who serve their own interest and that of the others in the elite, they do not care about whether you are white, brown, yellow or whatever, they are wanting to rule the world by applying ruthless capitalism, which we know is bad enough, but not Nazism.

          • The direct correlation with a hallmark policy of Nazism , ie : racism is not present most definitely , – but as I outlined, – the original people who supported NAZISM were among those who created the Thule Society , and the Mont Pelerin Society.

            Remember the name Max von Thurn und Taxi , and how a workers division called NSDAP sprang from the Thule Society , – which as we now know became the NAZI party under Hitler.

            We have already seen the motivations of the Mont Pelerin Society and their elitist thinking , – which goes a long way in explaining the ruthlessness many of their founders and advocates display to towards society- including New Zealand .

            Another way of putting it is that a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  4. Great summary .
    Shipley was extra dangerous because of her lack of IQ as Winston Peters pointed out in his interview with Mitch Harris on Radio Live.
    Being dumb and a megalomaniac is a lethal combination!
    She also had zero knowledge or understanding about Kiwi culture or other cultures around the world.
    One graphic example among many was the catastrophic decision to lower the drinking age to 18 because her daughter thought we should be more sophisticated like France and be able to drink from a much younger age… the naivety was breath taking .
    Taking advise from a teenage daughter …. really bright…
    The surrogate age for drinking then became around 14 and our young people now have some of the worst alcohol related problems in the Western World
    Now that’s leadership for you!
    Yep , like Key and English she was no visionary…just another unworldly lightweight opportunist reeking long term havoc .

    • @ CASTRO. In shipleys case, why do that to the poor guillotine. Would never get the taste off its blade. Something like boiled sheep heads and cage raised bacon.

    • Oh CASTRO,

      You are priceless, as you made me burst out laughing for the first time today in this drag world under Nactional is leaving us under a cloud of doubt and pain.

      Keep it up please.

  5. “That New Zealand’s ballooning deficit could have been addressed just as effectively – and much more equitably – by lifting the rate of tax on middle- and upper-income earners, was a proposition that Shipley would not (could not?) countenance. Doing the “right thing” in the eyes of this deeply conservative rural politician meant chastising the poor for the unforgiveable sin of expecting their fellow citizens to support them in times of adversity.”

    Well, this goes to the core of the issues that face New Zealand to this day, the issue of social injustice, and the arrogance of many in the middle class towards the less fortunate, the patronising approaches always taken, which is what actually “empowered” Shipley and Richardson in those years of the early to mid 1990s.

    They had enough votes under the then election system to rule, and people put up with it, even though many disagreed with what went on. It is the same shameful behaviour that the unions, or some unions, showed, when the Employment Contracts Act was being brought in. Some betrayed the others, and opposed the general strike that others had planned.

    This disunity in this country, in this society, that is also what keeps this present government in power. Too many are silent and cowardly, to be bloody honest, to let things go on as they have, and rather hide in their little suburban or rural homes, and duck, rather than take a firm and vocal stand.

    That is what the Nats know and always exploit, the lack of unity, the division and fear of the one half or more of the population, not wanting to appear as “trouble makers” or “bickering moaners”.

    Shipley was only able to do what she did, because of this.

    The whole shit that happened to beneficiaries, the bullying that also Paula Bennett dished out to dissenters (revealing private details of two women who “dared” to criticise her and the Nat’s policies), that was possible, because the middle class did not want to be seen to defend the rights of the less fortunate.

    This is symptom of a profound class system in NZ Inc. that exists, and which has been reinforced over the last two to three decades, where those doing ok or even better do not want to be seen with “shirkers”, “bludgers” and “lazy” people, and rather focus on “getting ahead” for themselves.

    Hence we have the housing speculation and exorbitant rents charged by the property owners to those that desperately need a roof over their heads, as they cannot afford their own homes.

    Hence we have people work on low wages, and also new immigrants with not so high qualifications being allowed in to work in jobs that the “to do better” lot frown upon doing themselves.

    We should be angry at those enablers, the self serving lot within society, and not just at Shipley et al, who did the dirty job they condoned, I am still waiting for that to happen in this shallow society, of too many cowards, some with big mouths about this and that, but never walking the talk.

    It is time to damned well grow some guts, and stand up and fight such crap and such persons and policy, where are the fighters though?

    • I agree Mike. The worry I have is that the longer it takes people to wake up to having been conned and shat on, the more violent their response is likely to be.
      Having today watched a documentary on the LA riots of 92? and where we are 25 years later, “on the back of” (as the market analysts would say) the riots in the 60s, there don’t seem to be many learnings going forward.

  6. Jenny Shipley the great moral leader.

    Is that the same J. Shipley that chaired Mainzeal to bankruptcy.

    Or the J Shipley that gets to chair the committee that will organise the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Endeavour before it was advertised. (and $28,000 for about 20 days)

  7. Shipley is an over blown arse, and so full of her own ego.
    She is a joke.

    There are people who should never be allowed to have influence over others, and she is one of those.
    A truly awful person.

  8. “how often she uses the word “leader” and “leadership”. It’s what you might call a verbal ‘tell’ ”
    Yes – an idea of heroic leadership where the leader just absolutely knows what the ‘right’ thing to do is and their primary task is to get others to stop vacillating and ‘buy in’ to the leader’s ‘vision’.
    An anti-democratic and authoritarian antithesis of what really useful leadership might look like – if there is such a thing.

  9. Spot on Chris, especially this: “Shipley and her government were the standard-bearers of a middle-class counter-revolution against the greatest achievement of the twentieth century…” This does not include the whole of the middle class, but mainly its social climbing faction, also represented in Margaret Thatcher, the Blairs and the Clintons. These people are no friends of those parts of the middle class that actually know how to do stuff, like engineers, doctors, dedicated teachers, etc. Their main accomplishment, apart from looking and speaking the part, and networking their way into positions of power, is their ability to unflinchingly make the “tough decisions” that harm others and benefit themselves. What they actually represent is callous, vulgar self-interest, which they try to present as a form of maturity.

  10. I remember shipley, unfortunately. I was hoping drugs and alcohol had done a decent job of lobotomising that particular memory.
    She was the person who condoned a ‘ Dob in your neighbour ‘ initiative emanating from Social Welfare at the time. It encouraged people to peer over their neighbours fence and call the appropriate authorities for their relevant misdoings. Like growing weed, a single parent having a full contact sex-person stay more than three days etc.
    I must confess, I couldn’t listen to the interview. I hate her with so much passion that I feared for my transistor radio and my kitchen window. I saw her lumber past with her Ox shaped ‘ partner’ in Ashburton once and my girlfriend at the time had to hold me down because all I could see me doing was driving my Converse sneaker up her vast arse.
    She is precisely the argument for saying “ Fuck it. Enough’s enough.”
    Instead, she’s like any Right Wing toxin. They just keep bouncing back like a bad smell. She looks like a bacterium under fluro lighting with bad hair. Those piggy eyes and that jutting jaw…. She looks like a piranha wearing a frock made of curtain material. Jesus wept.
    She’s the poster girl for what happens when you allow creatures like it take the control they crave.
    I remember our friends suddenly living in fear, our other friends not coping on the meagre money she deigned to allocate them and the mass unemployment and societal harm that changed NZ forever. He poisons have polluted our hearts and minds irrevocably and the prisons are over stocked thanks directly to her and her ilk. She, in fact, should be in prison for treason at the very least.
    ( Ruth richardson ! ? Good God almighty ! )
    There is another alarming thing about creatures like shipley. They’re found, thriving in rural sectors as farmers who are often also found heading up local governments i.e. Councils and are drawn, by their insatiable lust for power, to various boards and committees where they walk, unfettered, over their more human but less power crazed neighbours. When our farm was being foreclosed upon after the manager of the bnz in Timaru who swindled my ageing and infirm father and mother out of their property, the first to line up at the real estate office were our National Party voting neighbours. The person who bought our 3000 acre free tenure property for $ 310 k in 1989 ( after 22% of compounding interest on $40 K, gee thanks donny brash )was a close friend of the bnz’s manager and as Blue as a porn stars balls.
    See, there in lies the rub. And nothing lies and rubs like shipley. NZ Farming is infested with shipley-ites. The Old and White land grabbers who now infect our parliament to swindle those lessor farmers of their product because? Beats wading through mud after a lamb in spring. Better to get the meat and wool off the dopy cockie for fuck all via the shipley-esque polluted producer boards THEN swindle the money. Hey presto ! Piles of money and didn’t need to raise a sweat. A permutation of that greed and criminality are the psychiatrically sick in the head people, like shipley, who have time and funds on their side to play with their lessors for their ego and to sate their narcissism.
    We, all of us, must become more able to recognise ‘them’ and get rid of ‘them’ before they do the terrible harm the likes of shipley has done to us already.
    Shipley is a dangerous, evil woman. And I use the term ‘ woman’ advisedly. And she’s not the only one. There are many more out there, scheming and plotting because hey? Fun, profit and a blood sport all rolled into one! Whoop !
    ruth richardson? What belfry is it hanging from these days? Her eyebrows? Like a pair of wire brushes riveted to a weasel’s arse. Remember her hairstyle? Like the roof of a thatched double garage over a crate full of dead eels. And she was smart and evil too. A dull mind creatively but cunning and determined. I remember her suits. She wore power suits like a german sausage wears it’s casing. And she’s tiny. A short vicious little sociopath with the smell of other peoples money in her gusting nostrils. Ruthless Ruth Richardson subjecting us to ‘Ruthanasia’.
    I have a question: Why are those rats rustling in the wood pile? They seem to be desperately trying to justify their criminalities and down right psychopathy. You’d think, like all Right Wing soon, that they’d be desperately trying to keep their heads down lest we twig on, which we are? I might be excused for thinking that something’s afoot?
    The strongest chain’s only as secure as its weakest link so who’s the weak link that’s going to break first? What’s that strange emotion I feel…. ? Why? It’s…? It’s excitement ! Oooooooo !

    @ ANDREW. You’re going to have to try harder Bruv. And isn’t it interesting? The harder the likes of you try, the more dopy and devious you look. Gone, are your good old days andy. If I were you, I’d cash up quick and get out of here. Because we’re coming after you. I used to write on fabulous Tumeke? ” Hear that scratching on your kitchen door fuckers? While you lounge on your white carpet and eat your nice foods while your brothers and sisters lie hungry in the gutters? Hear that scratching? That’s the Truth. Here comes the Truth. It’s gonna getcha. Here it comes……. ”
    TDB/ Johnny Cash.
    Gods gonna cut you down.
    “ What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light”

    On a lighter, more wet Sunday shipley-antidote kind of a way.


    Bambro Koyo Ganda

    Time is the enemy.



    Booty Swing.

    Now, this makes sense.

    • COUNTRYBOY !!!!

      You are just GOING to have to write a book !!!

      The colossal amount of hilarious truisms you express are a true Tour de Force critique of the obnoxious scum that have wormed their way into NZ politics over the last 3 long decades!!!

      The above had me in fits of laughter not just with that razor point imagery but the recollection of so many ludicrous yet serious things these people did to us !!!

      Seriously ! – you wouldn’t even need a different title for the book. Just call it the ‘ Various musings of a COUNTRYBOY on the state of things ‘ ,… or something to that effect.

      It’d be a literal book store smash !!!

  11. Time to sell my Genesis Energy shares! With somebody as manic as Shipley at the helm, it is bound to end badly for the company.

    • FINITE:

      Genesis is a rat shit company now so with her there it is liable to fail and burn down with her bumbling lack of constructive help!!

  12. You can bet your last dollar that National have never given up on gutting the shrinking middle class of any sort of assistance. That was what Bolgers first term almost established. If English and Joyce can get away with user pays health care and education they will do it, be rest assured! It’s just a matter of how.

    Scarily, Shipley still has plenty to do with National and this almost sado masochist fantasy she and others have for sinning New Zealanders, their dream and vision, is only ever the next election away.

    Never forget, its not the vague campaign slogans the Nats put out that we should be worried about, it’s their obscure double meanings and what they don’t declare that should we should be afraid of!

    • If you take note of Ruth Richardson’s current position as a director on the Mont Pelerin Society board ,… and also that Roger Douglas was a MPS board director formerly … and that the neo liberal ideology emanated directly from the MPS ,… we can make sense of why they were so vicious.

      It was the Mont Pelerin Society that spawned Milton Friedman.

      And as we read above it was Max von Thurn und Taxis who foundered the Thule society – which went on to form the workers division – the NSDAP- or NAZI party.

      And it was Max von Thurn und who attended the 1989 meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society to which Roger Douglas was a key speaker.

      Basically we have been dealing with pseudo Nazi’s all this time – just using various labels to foment confusion as to who they really are.

      And that goes a long way in explaining how these people could do the things they did to us without so much as even a twinge of conscience.

    • And thank goodness,… just like the other one – this one was kicked out of office as well.

      Now for our version of the Nuremberg trials to start , – and said Fuher being held on charges of economic sabotage and grand theft of the Commons wealth.

      • This can’t come soon enough. Part of starting afresh is purging the system of disease, and the likes of Shipley, Richardson, Key, et al are a disease.

        A public reckoning is necessary to acknowledge the harm that has been done and set the example to the rest of the snakes lying in wait that the People… the Commons… will no longer allow or enable themselves to be harmed in such a way ever again.

  13. There I was, a young boy of not even 10 years, when the Jim Bolger Government took power. I was dealing with the effects of severe hypertension and was on a cocktail of pills that persists to this day.

    Jenny Shipley struck my parents as cold and arrogant, aloof and lacking in compassion. 27 years since the Bolger Government took office, she still has that air about her. During her first few years as Minister for Health, I spent most of a year in and around hospitals or other medical facilities as doctors scrambled to find out what was the cause of my blood pressure spiking in September 1989 to numbers so high the diastolic machine they used could not intially record it and 240/190 was the first solid reading they could get.

    The doctors tried their best. They really did. None of them appeared professionally driven by anything other than a total desire to help me. They were not driven by the money oriented Crown Health Enterprises of the mid years of the National Government. They were driven by that most humane ethos that all good doctors want to be remembered for: looking after their patients.

    Its what ya do.

  14. Why use Shipley in political interviews, particularly on Winston Peters. As history tells us, Shipley was crap.

  15. Its been well discussed over at The Standard but worth pointing out again that Ms Shipley who cringes at middle class welfare is a major trougher with ongoing state pension and travel perks.
    Great to see the loathing New Zealand has for her when reading the comments on Stuff tho 🙂

    • She’s our very own Dolores Umbridge. A smirking, haughty ‘mother-knows-best’ ideologue with all the human warmth of a glacier. We’re well rid of her.

    • Nah , – shes a paragon of human warmheartedness and empathy for the plight of her fellow human beings – when she takes off her jack boots and peaked cap and puts aside that bullwhip.

      The problem is – she sleeps in her clothes…

    • Yep Jack she is a cold hearted back stabber so Bully English watch your back, Opps!!! no big loss.

    • yeah Jack she needs to eat some of her own medicine the beneficiary soup she tried to force on others nasty woe-man

  16. I barely remember that old witch. Recall being pissed off at how she unceremoniously back-stabbed Bolger… which of course all but guaranteed National’s election loss (so that was the hidden bonus). Thankfully she disappeared like a fart in the wind.

  17. Shipley embodies . the deeply embedded cancer that exists in the national party. They were born to rule. Rulers are leaders.

    Rulers do not have to worry about the non elite that do not share their same sense of entitlement to power.

    The national party is easily cosy with with the agricultural sector that despises soft lazy townies.

    Corporates and small businrss traders love cheap powerless labour, it saves the cost of having to buy a robot.

    Shipley was always the head prefect of a girls boarding school.

    I have often pondered Key’s entrance and departure and thought he was a “plant”, and definitely phony and a puppet.

    Wild Katipo’s post gives me more to wonder about the national party.

    No I am not prone to conspiracy theories.

    OBTW I think Shipley still behaves like a girls school head prefect.

  18. Jenny Shipley is a hypocrite and was instrumental in lowering the drinking age she tried to introduce beneficiary soup when she probably should have been eating it herself. To say she doesn’t like receiving a subsidy when she goes to the doctor is a joke when she jumped the que for her heart op.
    I see she benefitted hugely from the chch earthquake 1 grand a day nice for some she needs to shut her big fat nasty mouth when talking about leadership when she wasn’t much of a leader herself and only become pm by kicking her mate Bolger to the kerb who appeared to be getting too soft on Maori and then along came nasty Jenny and rolled him ( Bolger )

        • Very similar type of temperament except that Bennett is one who uses the smiling ‘ Westie’ act to cover her basic oafish self interest.

          Whereas Shipley smiled less and had the advantage of recent proximity to Douglas and Richardson as her fascist colleagues and immediate mentors.

          And while both equally as loathsome women , – Shipley was the more dangerous and psychopathic of the two.

          • pull the benefit has been kicking her own people (Maori) people to the kerb and that is where they need to kick this b….h to the gutter where she belongs she has done so much damage and her days are numbered

    • Excuse me . She is neither desirable or delicious. Please take your perversions to another blog.

  19. Jenny Shipley and people who think like her are the “enemy within ”

    The fact that they were elected three times in a row shows how evil , vindictive and self serving our fellow kiwis can be that they supported these policies.

    The current government would love to finish the neo liberal assault but can’t thanks to the last Labour led government’s families package and other measures Joyce and English can’t touch.

    That is the Clark-Cullen legacy right there.

  20. Repeat post, deservedly for damned Shipley, the Traitor of the Nation:

    Easy when Whaleshit and even Farrar’s shit Kiwiblog do not even get listed, the fight must go on, full steam, full steam radical:

    Do not waste your time for false tolerance, there is NONE that is allowed towards radical right wing shit we are inundated with.

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