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  1. New Zealand elderly are denied medicinal cannabis for pain but Fentanyl is ok in New Zealand hospitals …why? …questions must be asked of the medical profession and politicians ( are they New Zealander’s friends?…are they friends of New Zealands’ elderly?)

    …there needs to be a Commission of Inquiry as to what is happening to New Zealand’s elderly…where are the statistics on heart attack deaths in patients and in the elderly after being given Fentanyl by doctors?…and in taxpayer funded state hospitals ?…as well as the private rest homes)

    Fentanyl is a deadly drug causing sudden heart attacks and death, especially so in the fragile elderly.

  2. Saudi Arabia on the UN Commission for women’s rights is surely an abomination –a triumph for globalisation and neoliberalism…but a disaster for Western women who have fought long and hard for equal rights and liberty

    ( Note Hillary Clinton who was a good friend of Saudi Arabia received millions from the Saudi government for her bid to be US President)

    Belgium ‘regrets’ helping elect Saudi Arabia to UN women’s rights panel

    …”UN Watch, whose coverage drew attention to what may otherwise have been a quiet backroom vote, called on other democratic states that voted for Saudi Arabia in what was a secret ballot, to reveal their decision, and follow Belgium’s example.

    “Saudi Arabia may have a large part of the world’s oil wealth, but their contempt for the basic rights of women should never be legitimized by UN bodies or by liberal democracies such as Belgium,” said Neuer. ”

    ‘UK government refuses to deny voting to put Saudi Arabia on the UN Women’s Commission’

    …”The country ranks 141/144 for gender equality in the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Gender Gap report – third place from the bottom. Women cannot drive and need permission from a male guardian to travel, work, marry, access healthcare and even leave prison.

    Why has the UN made Saudi Arabia responsible for gender equality?
    But it gained the approval of 47 of 54 countries on the UN’s economic and social council in a secret ballot earlier this month…

    Rothna Begum, a women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, told The Independent Saudi Arabia’s ascension to the commission was “shocking”.

    • Yes RED,

      If putting Hillary Clinton up as the “Model” Paternal type to attract us all to her party, it was the biggest mistake Democrats have ever made as she single handed lost the election.

      As it was her’s to loose and a very steep climb to see Trump win.

      So yes the bitter Democrats need to take stock of now, and next time step away from all their Corporate buddies and put up a kind faced woman we all can grow to like and trust.

      Hillary was an example of a tied bitter antagonistic woman no one could grow to like.

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