If only actual suicide could get as much immediate action as fictional suicide on Netflix


I’m sorry, but I can’t take this bullshit seriously…

13 Reasons Why: Censors make new RP18 rating for controversial Netflix show

New Zealand censors have created a new rating for Netflix show 13 Reasons Why that allows teens to watch the controversial show provided they have parental guidance.

American drama 13 Reasons Why deals with the suicide of a teen and also depicts sexual assault.

It has been criticised for showing the method by which a character kills herself – a practice strongly discouraged by mental health organisations because it can encourage copycat behaviour.

…for the love of Christ, we can suddenly pass new ratings for online content that deals with suicide but we can’t do anything to actually deal with the very real suicide we have in the real world right now.

We lost 579 lives to suicide in the 2016 financial year, almost twice that of our road toll, add in that we may be masking how large the suicide problem really is and we need a determined focus on why so many NZers, in particular young men, are killing themselves at the horrific levels they are.

That won’t happen of course because we don’t want to as a nation understand or ask questions about our suicides.

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We don’t want to ask why they’ve increased since the 30 year neoliberal experiment.

We don’t want to ask how punitive social policy has contributed to suicide.

And we don’t want to know how stress, poverty and depression play into it because we are too busy lying to the rest of the planet about what a clean green God’s own paradise we live in.

We are in denial about how our neoliberal welfare state and free market consumer culture has contributed to the zeitgeist of suicide and we don’t have the maturity to confront our delusion which is why it’s easier for us to slap some censorship on an internet series that talks about it.

It is time to be honest about the social damage our 30 year neoliberal experiment has caused.


  1. “We lost 579 lives to suicide in the 2016 financial year, almost twice that of our road toll”

    These are sobering statistics Martyn and you are right people are ignorant about teenage suicide.

    Thanks for awaking me about this shocking statistic, so why aren’t labour and co screaming out about it as they should be/

    Or are the MSM caught sleeping again?

  2. I watched the show, and imo it was just alright. Nothing in it deserves an “RP18” rating. Most of the “reasons why” were pretty tenuous (for something as permanent as suicide), although I guess the idea is that they all add up.
    The Australian film “2:37” from 2006 is still the best I’ve seen on the subject. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472582/

  3. The system is evil and they want people to kill themselves. It has been structured that way and slowly morphed into a giant machine that can’t be switched off…Why can’t it be switched off ? Because everyone who works for govt dept or councils is a cog in that machine, and nobody wants to sacrifice their job.

    Too many bad changes have occurred that are insane/don’t make sense and people just put up with it or try to rationalise it. (eg allowing mass immigration ) When are native NZers going to wake up to the Truth that government is working against us? And then what? And forget about elections changing anything in the long run, because it NEVER will. Democracy is a fraud. Govt is under directive ultimately of the Rothschilds banks.

    And FUCK Netfix. I wish people would quit watching shit movies & garbage -the only purpose it serves is mass distraction and keep people in a trance removed from reality. Have you noticed how they are pushing it onto the public – for free? There’s a reason for that.. Same reason Smartphones were rolled out. Keep people endlessly busy & distracted- when they aren’t busy just trying to survive.

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