Why RNZs 9th floor is less journalism and more advertorial


The problem with RNZs 9th floor series are evident.

They are not critical and they are not a critical analysis of the power wielded by these Prime Ministers, they come across more like Simon Wilson reviewing a very expensive restaurant he’s getting a free meal at or the Spin Off reviewing a TV Show that are being paid to promote.

Punches aren’t just pulled, they are amputated at the wrist.

Allowing Geoffrey Palmer to get away with blaming voter apathy after this party did the most to alienate New Zealanders was unbelievable.

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Allowing Jenny Shipley to get away with the horror and damage she caused was unforgivable.

Allowing Jim Bolger to wash away his Union sins with a catholic confessional was eye rolling.

And allowing Mike Moore to say anything was insane.

This isn’t journalism, they are gentle puff piece advertorials.

These leaders should have been challenged on their legacy, they should have been pushed on the social damage they created.

But what did we get instead?

Guyon giving piercing looks that go no where paid for by the state broadcaster.

Interviews that don’t promote heat or light simply champion shadows and that’s what this series has disappointingly given us. Leaders white washing their past using the shadows of time isn’t holding them to any account.




  1. Absolutely. But have you noticed how Guyon has been a teeny tiny bit more bolshy with his morning interviews with Ministers, and others, since recording these puff pieces?.
    Hopefully these ‘interviews’ are letting him think he’s actually a journalist with some nod towards credibility; that now he’s sat in a room and talked to the grownups he can start to be a little more critical and ask the occasional informed and tricky question.
    Or maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part as I angrily munch on my morning bowl of muesli and bitter coffee…..

  2. As a journalist Espiner’s a fake, a fraud and a National Party stooge.
    His powers of reasoning are irrational and deluded….plain dumb really.
    Very similar to Key.
    Winston Peters calls him out on it all the time and he just doesn’t know how to handle it .
    That’s why he tries to rubbish him at every chance… to disguise his own inadequacies .
    When he interviews English it’s all jokey blokey and full of paffy questions.
    The whole demeanour changes when he has Little, The Greens or Peters in front of him ….nasty and over aggressive.
    He should be sacked immediately from Radio N.Z as his obvious bias is unprofessional and unethical and his interviewing techniques are not of the standard required to do the job.
    The taxpayer, you and I, are paying this clown a lot of money.
    Martyn Bradbury gave a Master Class on Waateea 5th Estate with his in depth wide ranging interviews , teasing the last drop of information out of the interviewee and leaving you much better informed by the end of the interview.
    Somebody get that man back on T.V. pronto.
    There is a dearth of decent interviewers in N.Z

    • Thanks for confirming what I have sensed for a while now.

      RNZ has been muzzled by SS Joyce as he is Nactional government’s own chief Propagandist, and always was.

      Joyce has the total control of our MSM through the MBIE agency who has the media/communication portfolio among it’s web of regulatory control of all the Government agencies under MBIE manipulation.

      MBIE was setup by SS Joyce for this express reason to take over complete control of our total employment services including the NZ Media (and sadly no current journalists have blown the whistle on Joyce’s over-reaching control over them yet).

      Joyce does appear to be manipulating our media in the same exact manner as Joseph Goebbels used his same monster agency “Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda” (MPEP) in 1933.


      One could be cynical and suggest that SS Joyce actually used the same model way back to construct his mega Propaganda agency “Ministry of business innovation & Employment” (MBIE) for the very same planned outcome for a subservient population brainwashed by a corrupt Government.


      No Government should be allowed to use public funding for their propaganda activities as Nactional are doing and the opposition should be mounting a campaign to push back the control and seize half the public media TVNZ/RNZ for their use to inform the public well ahead of the Election in September.

  3. speaking of journalism
    Whats happening to 5th Estate Waatea Martyn?
    It was absolutely the best political program we had
    I see FACE now has the Cameron Slater vehicle”Stirring the Pot”
    I watched it horrified for half of the program,Cameron looking like a badly reconstructed Elvis from the crypt,with the most vile offsider up against patsy panelists of the “left”
    Honestly, the ugliness and bigotry and lack of proper debate.
    It was like looking at extreme cosmetic surgery botches, horrible, but fascinating

  4. Jenny Shipley was truly repulsive. I was especially disgusted by her remarks about she turned on the news and her 7 year old son saw a demonstration where people were threatening to kill her and he was very traumatised by this. As she knew about the demonstration and had just returned from somewhere where her her reforms had had a a roasting i consider it very irresponsible of her to allow her 7 year old to watch the hews when she knew full well what was coming up.
    There were plenty of other ways the govt could have raised money besides cutting benefits .. they could have raised the minimum wage so people were encouraged to leave benefirs and find work etc etc etc,

    • What is truly surprising is that Shipley had such a lack of self-awareness that she had no insights into the harm she and her colleagues were causing. In other countries she might have sparked riots and an eventual over-throw of a government (eg; Egypt’s Mubarak).

      But here in New Zealand, we’re too laid back for that…

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