Why Queenstown right now highlights the lie that is New Zealand’s ‘independent foreign policy’


This is who we answer to now. 

The pretence of NZ having an independent foreign policy is just that.

A pretence.

When it comes to an independent foreign policy, we have two positions.

The first is our international perception of NZ as a plucky little battler punching above its weight and acting as an agent of good faith around the planet.

Then there is the truth that is apparent and obvious in Queenstown right now.

We can not be an independent country, let alone have an independent foreign policy while we are a member of the 5 Eyes. The Deep State now has access to every and all secrets, our GCSB and SIS answer to Washington, they don’t answer to Wellington.

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It’s Washington that has given them the mass surveillance software and hardware and those systems are completely exploitable by the NSA and CIA.

The fact 5 Eyes are meeting in Queenstown and that they have been meeting routinely in NZ for at least 7 years without any protest by us is an indictment on our collective apathy.

We are allowed the perception of an independent foreign policy because that helps America by having an ally who is seen in that light, but our inclusion in 5 Eyes makes us a tool of American hegemony, it sure as Christ doesn’t allow us to challenge it.

The entire fiasco case against Kim Dotcom is an attempt by America to establish jurisdiction in cyberspace to protect the profit margins of their propaganda arm, Corporate Hollywood and NZ has been a willing and complicit slave in that power grab.

Murray Horton’s public address hosted by the Pacific Media Centre a couple of weeks explored our need to break away from 5 Eyes to guarantee some level of independence, it is well worth reading.


  1. Exactly Martyn. NZ is far from independent on so many realms. U.S. little lap dogs !
    Also, the C.I.A. and the U.S. military complex control most of the
    U.S. MUSIC AND FILM INDUSTRIES. THEY OWN HOLLYWOOD and these criminals are welcome here as our tax money pays for their lavish retreat right now in Arrowtown.

    Kim Dotcom will be proven to be a good and ethical person and an ally of the people and not immersed with these criminal idiots who want to control and own everything. He is all about freedom and protecting privacy rights.
    He has been slandered and misunderstood here in NZ.

    I only wish that the 4 – 8 % ( ? ) of us who are somewhat aware could influence many more who could and should wake up and take back our country.
    I just found out that Bill English owns a lions share of 1080 stocks and how many others do as well and so 1080 continues. Insane.

  2. Our membership in 5 Eyes must surely led us to breaches of international law.
    I’m speaking of the drone program
    The metadata we collect and share with NSA is used to identify targets for extra judicial assassinations in countries we are not at war with.
    At present the US is militarily the most powerful nation, so international law doesn’t apply.But should the US dollar collapse for whatever reason, the endless military spending would have to stop. And at that point the US would face enormous pressure to face up to war crimes.
    Our participation (in what is basically a Mafia exercise in shaking down weaker countries for their resources)does not go unnoticed
    I suggest we have good legal grounds for getting out of 5 Eyes

  3. The yanks have been trying to prise us away from the Crown since WW 2.5, to be continued. That’s why shit TV, msm wankers trying to out cock each other and a cadre of fanatical $-lunatics with the smell of corporate American arse hole on their lips.
    To you morons who think going it alone is a good idea ? Well, no point in me saying ” think again. ” because you couldn’t think to begin with.
    To the even bigger morons who think U$A Boo Yeah ! M F ! is a safer bet than the crown? Well, no class darlings. Off you go to The Warehouse and buy your new plastic frippery. Something pointless and colourful to keep your pair of brain cells occupied until season 897 of The Walking Dead begins. Or better yet ‘ Lost’ ! Perfect ! A show with no beginning, no middle and no end. A kind of white noise for the brains of the ‘ consumer’ society. The USA society. Better a big Plasti-Mall than a quaint village right morons?
    The five eyes ( I mean, wtf? Who came up with that piece of shit? The same intellecshull who wrote Gee Dubja Bush’s war on terror rhetoric?
    Arrowtown has Five Eyes ‘ meeting’ there to discuss important security arrangements? Big old kids with nuclear toys in a dull little sand pit?
    Enjoy now being a nuclear target Arrowtown.

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