How latest CIA Wikileaks impacts NZ as we prepare to give GCSB & SIS even more powers


The latest Wikileaks scandal highlighting how the CIA have managed to hack into almost every single thing on the face of the planet surprisingly has an immediate and powerful impact on NZ.

The Government is currently debating another overhaul of our surveillance agencies after ramming through under urgency new laws that allowed the GCSB vast new mass surveillance powers to spy on NZers and forced technology companies to prepare back door entrance for the spies.

The new legislation is sold as some type of good deal for NZers because it supposedly sets a better standard for warrants, and while that’s only true because the previous system was equally a joke, it is a threadbare win.

The new legislation will allow the GCSB to move from being tech support to organisations with the authority to request their 5 eye powers to an agency that does its own investigations as it sees fit.

The so called safe guards built into issuing warrants by this new legislation is meaningless because it still allows for 24 hour warrantless surveillance.

We are allowing the SIS and GCSB to become the judge, jury and executioner in this new set up.

When the Australians are admitting that their intelligence agencies are getting access to Journalists metadata, and with Nicky Hager’s treatment by the NZ Police, it is time to pause the new GCSB and SIS powers  in light of these new CIA revelations.

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If the CIA and NSA have this level of surveillance over people, how can the GCSB and SIS protect the information they are gathering on all of us safe from the NSA and CIA?

Surely the NZ Government has to assure us the people that the surveillance powers they are about to grant the GCSB and the SIS can’t be misused by foreign spy powers, otherwise everything they are gathering is effectively intelligence for the Americans.

Peter Thiel owns the largest private mass surveillance on the planet, he was granted residency in NZ and his company works for the GCSB, how can the Government assure NZers that the information they gather is safe with Thiel?

The Greens are the only political party (alongside MANA) that is calling for NZ to pull out of the 5 Eyes spy ring and is demanding a rethink of the GCSB and SIS.

With such an enormous concentration of power with bugger all oversight, we are accidentally building a black Government, an agency within the State that holds all the power and secrets. Such a black Government wouldn’t answer to our Parliament, they would owe their loyalty to whatever outside agency provided them with the software and hardware to be digitally omnipotent.

The 2014-2015 budget for the GCSB was $86, 843, 000.

Their budget for 2015-2016 is $143, 568, 000.

We are building a monster.


  1. Even if we despised John Key with his crap, life now under Bull English is so much worse as he will even sell his soul (if he ever had one) and allow us to be spied on 24/7 by anyone whom we are not even aware of English has taken NZ into the darkest deep state of servitude and lack of common freedom of [privacy damn him the evil little creep.

    “The new legislation will allow the GCSB to move from being tech support to organisations with the authority to request their 5 eye powers to an agency that does its own investigations as it sees fit.”

  2. Orwell envisioned that people would have no choice but to be spied upon by their government. That every house had to have “big brother” listening to and watching them. Turns out it was so much easier than that. The state not only didn’t need to force it upon us, WE ourselves bought and paid for the very technology to make it all possible. The “Internet of Things” (aka IoT) is surely one of the greatest scams in history. Orwell’s 1984 didn’t happen by brute force from an oppressive regime, but with thunderous applause from its subjects.

  3. Donald trump is now being deliberately destroyed by the opposition (Obama & his Washington insiders) using of NSA/CIA deep dark black ops in the “intelligence” wars today, so what comes after his deliberately planned demise within his term is unthinkable now.

    Why was Hillary Clinton not investigated for deliberately destroying all the 30 00 emails she left on her cell phone after a court order was made by Obama’s administration???

    It is so fishy that nothing was made of Hillary Clinton’s refusal to hand the phone file and evidence over to FBI and NSA and instead order that it was destroyed instead???????

    • Cleangreen, I think we’ve moved past using Hillary Clinton as a Default Blame setting.

      If Trump cannot stand on his own track record then he might as well resign.

      Otherwise it’s starting to sound like National with their constant Default blame-settings;

      1. Blame previous Labour govt

      2. Blame beneficiaries/Housing NZ tenants

      3. Blame Global Financial Crisis (or similar)

      4. In Auckland’s case, blame Auckland Council and/or RMA.

      See what I mean? After a while it gets predictable and irritating.

      Aside from which, the attacks on Trump are well deserved (except for two cases which I’ll blog about later), based on his own utterances, tweets, Executive Orders, and the clusterf**ks of his appointed Goldman Sachs/One Percenters/NeoCon cronies. In other words, like George ‘Dubya’ Bush, no one did it to him except himself.

      • No Frank. We will not move on because you come over as a covert Clintonista.

        We would reasonably expect to see the apparatus of the American State hold an investigation about Hillary’s ‘lost’ emails, her ‘Pay to Play’ with foreign powers i.e Saudi Arabia with the Clinton Foundation while she was the Secretary of State and what knowledge she had of the DNC’s usurping of the Sanders campaign to be the Democratic candidate for the Presidential elections.

        On the other hand what evidence of corruption do we have on Trump? The endless allegations of collusion with the Russians without any hard evidence ?

        Currently Trump is being undermined by ‘leftover’ staff of the Obama administration such as Comey, and Clapper and many more players of the Deep State.
        Clearly the unprecedented level of leaks against Trump are the work of the Intelligence agencies from that administration.
        This is the swamp that needs to be drained now.

        In the meantime NZ seems to be increasing it’s intelligence services to aid the US in keeping it’s hegemony over the world.
        Labour must support closing down the 5 Eyes to get my vote.

        • Agree with Cleangreen and Jax. Hillary Clinton IS the reason she lost. The negativity surrounding the nascent Trump presidency is unprecedented. Their is no respect for the office UNLESS their “chosen” candidate is elected. I find it so ironic that all those “left wing” people are taking to the streets to protest Trump’s “anti-Muslim” travel ban, but these very same folks were completely quiet when Obama and Hillary were literally murdering them with impunity.

          • Interesting how Trump’s presidency cannot be validated unless compared to the demonised Hillary Clinton.

            So Trump is unable to measured against his own track record; comments; actions; and appointments? In effect, it appears he can only be validated by his supporters by comparing him to someone else.

            It reminds me of the ‘bogeyman’ in Orwell’s 1984; Emmanuel Goldstein. Citizens were encouraged to engage in a two-minute Hate Session…

            It also reminds me of National’s three Default Deflections. Which, when it suited us, we didn’t care for very much.

          • Their is no respect for the office UNLESS their “chosen” candidate is elected.

            The same opinions were voiced against George Bush. Remember the “Sorry Everybody” website that appeared after his election?

            Soon afterwards, Bush invaded Iraq on the false pretext of weapons of mass destruction. It was an undeclared war on a nation that had had nothing to do with September 11. But by golly, didn’t the Iraqis have oodles of oil?!

            So yeah, many on the Left are disgusted by Trump and his neo-con cronies. Me included. Just as we were disgusted by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al.

            It will take time, but I think you and others will see Trump for the demagogue that he really is.

            By the way, John Key is not as bad as George Bush – but would you still vote for him?

            • I just watched Mike Hosking do a monologue on biased media on Seven Sharp. A surreal moment, that I just can’t wrap my mind around given who was delivering the message. This guy apparently has no self awareness whatsoever. It’s actually somewhat frightening.

              • I watched Hosking on SS last night (International Women’s Day) at a friend’s house. There were four women on a panel; Paula Bennet; Hosking’s, wife Kate Hawkesby; Kerre McIvor (nee Woodham), and someone else I can’t recall.

                All pakeha; all affluent; all upper-middle-class. It was the Aryan Dream of a Very British New Zealand.

                They were about as representative of New Zealand society as a flock of merino sheep. (The sheep were more useful.)

                I just shook my head at the self-irony of the scene. As you rightly pointed out, Nitrium, they had no self-awareness at all.

          • It’s hard to respect conspiracy theorist nutters who send out lunatic text messages in the early hours of the morning. But hey, if that’s how you and Jax roll.

        • Jas, RYC; “Currently Trump is being undermined by ‘leftover’ staff of the Obama administration such as Comey, and Clapper and many more players of the Deep State.”

          Really, Jax?

          Is that the same Comey who is a REPUBLICAN supporter?

          Is that the same Comey who appeared before the senate last November and made the sensational revelation that the FBI had found more of Clinton’s emails and had re-opened the investigation into her unauthorized email account? Comey appeared before the Senate to maker those allegations and it effectively destroyed Clinton’s campaign.

          Is that the same Comey that your beloved Leader Il Duce Trump, praised for reopening the investigation??

          “President Donald Trump has singled out the FBi director who reopened an investigation into Hillary Clinton days before the presidential election for a public thank you.
          Mr Trump said James Comey had “become more famous than me.”

          He called Mr Comey over to where he was standing for a handshake and a hug. ”

          Is that the same Comey you’re calling “leftover staff from Clinton”??


          Maybe you should take a step back from your twisted fantasy conspiracy-world and look what’s happening in the real world. Supporting a crotch-grabbing, homophobic, self-entitled billionaire with his neo-con republican appointees over Frank’s interpretation of things seems to reveal you as a closet tighty-righty. Or misguided. Take your pick.

          • Wow, the closet Clintonistas have crawled out from under their rocks.

            My standpoint is that I am confronted with three evils,
            Clinton , Obama and Trump and I am into criticising all three.

            I would observe that both Obama and Clinton through their pronouncements and actions are very much to the right of the American political spectrum along with Trump.

            Trump did not win the election .
            Hillary lost it with her corruption.

            • Jax, I did not “support” Clinton, as you claim. I supported Bernie Sanders (still do).

              However, we’ve moved on. Clinton lost. Trump won. It is Trump’s policies, utterances, and appointments that now occupy my attention. (And should occupy yours.)

              • Frank,we cant move on.We have two nuclear powers that can destroy the earth,of which Russia is the more powerful of the two, nuclear wise.So, we have a faction in the U.S comprising the Democratic party,Republican neocons like Mccain,the military-industrial complex,and the Intelligence Deep state that are hell bent in stopping Russia threatening the U.S hegomany over the Planet.For the last three years in particular we have had endless provocations from The U.S/Nato unholy alliance,including a U.S instigated coup d’etat in Ukraine, and surrounding the Russian borders with military bases.There is a real threat of nuclear war!The one saving grace of Trump is that he has appeared to recognize the threat to all our existences and appears to want to get on with Russia..Call me selfish,But I have no wish to be blasted to kingdom come.So,compared to this,Frank, the question of transgender toilets or a few women being groped doesn’t cut it.It will be thousands of years before transgender cockroaches have to resolve the issue in the ruin of our civilization that was too stupid to get their priorities right.

                • all me selfish,But I have no wish to be blasted to kingdom come.So,compared to this,Frank, the question of transgender toilets or a few women being groped doesn’t cut it

                  That’s a truckload of injustice involved there, Pete. In effect, you’re telling us that a US president can engage in any attack on a minority; any sexual abuse; any degrading of the environment because you percieve he might not launch WWIII?

                  So Trump can be as bad as he wants, as long as he doesn’t spark an atomic war?

                  I think that’s been the rationale of a lot of regimes when they conduct degrading, dehumanising, and violent policies; “Hey, it could be worse”!

                  In fact, I believe that is the excuse used by the Israelis to oppress the Palestinian people; to prevent “Islamic terrorism”.

                  You’re buying into the “We can do anything we want, to prevent WWIII/terrorism/etc” meme from politicians all too willing to manipulate public opinion and manufacture consent.

                  You’ve just given Trump consent, based on your fears. Now we get a glimpse why our American cuzzies keep electing militaristic Presidents.

                  • Frank, lets have a body count.Trump so far is responsible for killing 6 or 7 people,enough people to fit comfortably in a phone box.Obama and Hillary have with their regime change in Libya and Syria,and their support of the rabid Saudi genocide in Yemen,and the illegal coup in the Ukraine,been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, enough to fill a very large football stadium!Go tell the relatives to move on! Nothing to see here!

                • Pete – So you’re willing to trade away other peoples’ rights on some vague fear of impending apocalypse?

                  Tell us, which one of your rights are you prepared to sacrifice on the altar of slavish devotion to your Leader, in return for peace and security?

                  Or is it just other peoples’ rights you feel comfortable sacrificing to a fascist who promises you safety??

                  Your pseudonym is a misnomer. You’ve learnt nothing from history, my fearful friend.

                  • Otto,unfortunately it is no vague fear.I can only surmise that you have a rather limited knowledge of the events concerning Russia and the U.S/Nato since 1980.Among those who are extremely concerned with a nearness to world war 3 are Professor Stephen Cohen, a foremost authority on Russian studies in the U.S,and John Mearsheimer [same],Malcolm Fraser a previous Liberal Prime minister of Australia,and two previous chancellors of Germany,Gerhard Schoeder and Helmet Schmidt.I have done meticulous research.Have you?

        • How can Trump be “undermined by ‘leftover’ staff of the Obama administration such as Comey, and Clapper” when Comey released a statement during the campaign that the FBI had found more of Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s computer? That all but destroyed Clinton’s chance to win.Sorry that makes no sense.

          It seems, Jax, and Nitrium, that your both blinded by demagougery to the extent that you ignore inconvenient little facts.

          If Trump is being “undermined”, it’s by himself alone and his crazy texting. Blaming Frank and calling him a “Clintonista”? What next? Crazy shit.

  4. ” The Greens are the only political party (alongside MANA) that is calling for NZ to pull out of the 5 Eyes spy ring and is demanding a rethink of the GCSB and SIS.”

    We need these Greens.

    Winston ?… we need the Greens. And Mana . Be nice to them or I will not give you my vote.

    Mind you , I refuse to confirm or deny which party I will vote for this coming September general election.

    The world of human beings… we think we run everything , yet right under our noses is this … and just like the Panda was … ‘ undetected’ for many years until recently … and so is this :

    Cracking the Bigfoot Code (ThinkerThunker) – YouTube
    Video for cracking the bigfoot code thinker thunker you tube▶ 8:49

    Sasquatch Genome Project Press Conference – YouTube
    Video for sasquatch genome project▶ 2:13:09

    But , on a more ( serious? ) note and slightly more on point ( L0L ! ) this increasing ‘ surveillance creep ‘ under this govt needs to be put to death.

    Notice I said ‘ put to death ‘ … not ‘ put to bed ‘ or ‘ put to sleep’.

    We are STILL a sovereign country despite what certain globalists would like to think. And I would hope that the incoming Labour govt and its coalition partners would take appropriate measures to prune right back this sort of deep state invasiveness.

    This is New Zealand.

    And we are not a vassal state for the USA.

    Despite what John Philip Key tried to turn us into. And now he has stepped down.

    And that leaves just Bill English , – and he will lose this upcoming election and cause the National party to devolve into fractious infighting in their defeat for a good many years.

    Therefore we need planners for the future that will determine the sort of society we want to be. And a surveillance society is not one of them.

  5. This minuscule amount is spent by the Government’s Social Welfare arm EVERY DAY! The GCSB’s budget pales in to insignificance by comparison.

    • Rogert, why don’t you complain about tax evasion/avoidance instead of worrying about Social Welfare?

  6. What will happen is that
    The people who are attacked and intimidated by the spies and who have their lives and careers wrecked will just go after the spies personally, hunting them down and slitting their throats.

  7. It is time for questions to be sought on these following issues in regard to John Key’s (a Parnell resident and minister of the GCSB, Ministerial Services and the National Security and Intelligence) association with Peter Thiel whoses reported first domestic property purchase was also in Parnell in Auckland, New Zealand;

    GCSB Minister 19/11/2008 6/10/2014
    Ministerial Services Minister 19/11/2008 12/12/2016
    National Security and Intelligence Minister 8/10/2014 12/12/2016
    NZ Security Intelligence Service Minister 19/11/2008 6/10/2014

    Why would Peter Thiel have had purchased property in Parnell where the Prime minister also resided when his business interests in Plantair are based in Wellington…the same city as the GCSB and other NZ spying and intelligence agencies, and Peter Thiel’s latest domestic purchase is in Queenstown?

    Gibven what has been brought to light recently about Peter Thieland Plantair it is no wonder that John Key contoversially chaired the committee scrutinising the spy agencies

    With John Key being Minister for the GCSB and National Security and Intelligence, and Ministerial Services how could it be possible that John Key and Peter Thiel had not meet at high level negotiations about the purchase and funding of the Palantair spying hardware, software which appears to have been trialed and with the existence of Palantair companies in Wellington, and NZ’s continued 5 eyes partnership is most likely to be fully operational in New Zealand.

    How long will it take for such software to be used against the most vulnerable in society such as persons receiving services from MSD, & ACC , and a host of other government services with the ongoing expansion of permitted data sharing provisions that has been underway and condoned and supported by the Privacy Commission since National came to government, with “big data” becoming such a revered asset.

  8. I forgot to mention that with Thiel’s all seeing Palantair Eye….what is now coming out, should have well been risk assessed by the 5 eyes partnership months back….could these current leaks that are coming to light, have been foretold to our previous prime minister by the very agencies that he was or had been overseeing? If so 2016 would have been the best time for the National Party for Mr Key to have resigned?.

    I think that opposition parties should ask this of Mr Key, since by all accounts the reports of John Key possibly leaving parliment before the election seem timely in the current circumstance so that the hard questions cannot be leveled at Mr Key during question time.

  9. What comes next is a massive attempt to buy the next NZ election as occurs in the U.S.,financed with funds from the mega rich who have flooded into N.Z recently.Solution:all contributions to political parties to be funded by the state.This will stop NZ from being white-anted by the U.S Fourth Reich!

  10. they are already spying on NZers using their own TVs when are many NZers going to stop being so blasé about this issue. Our privacy has been eroded never mind that stupid nothing to hide nothing to fear crap it doesn’t wash

  11. Martyn;

    “……surprisingly has an immediate and powerful impact on NZ.”

    You are right and what many people may not understand.

    To paraphrase what Dr Steve Pieczenik Phd says below.

    “The Neo-Liberals/Cons (same) have been defeated.”
    “The Liberal Left is in the cemetery.”
    “Just the flowers to attend to and walk away”

    The New Reality.


    Situation as at 7th Match 2017. A Defeat of Status Quo?

    Eisenhower’s famous speech. Jan 1961:

    He also has stated “The CIA has a legacy of ashes”

    John Kennedy’s famous speech. April 27th 1961
    “JFK – The Speech That Killed Him”

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”

    The release of Vault 7 by Wikileaks, approx 9,000 pages, is only 1% of available information.

    Steve Pieczenik describes as ‘2nd Coup’ against Deep State. (Hillary/election 1st)

    It now seems clear that Julian Assange/Wikileaks and Edward Snowden/Whistleblower are both part of this Patriot Movement behind Trump to take back control of Government from the Multi-National Corporations.
    Dr Steve Pieczenik was ‘contracted.’

    Let us now hope that all the people named and accused of serious criminal treasonous acts against the Nation State can now be held to account.

    This is truly a historic moment in time. Tuesday 7th March 2017.

    “BREAKING: CIA Documents Admit They Spy On Everyone.” David Knight.

    “NATIONALISM Vs GLOBALISM” Steve Pieczenik – Micheal Snyder.

    “Rand Paul Reveals The Battle To Destroy Obamacare” Rand Paul.

    “Expert: The CIA Has Gone Rogue And Out Of Control.” Jerome Corsi.

    “Insider: Deep State Scandal Biggest In History” Rodger Stone.

    “CIA Is Using Technology To Subvert The Constitution” Ex-CIA Whistleblower.

    “BREAKING LIVE: Facebook Announces Ban On Vault 7/Wikileaks News” Alex Jones.

    Resource: “This will be a day long remembered.”
    “Full Show – Wikileaks Vault 7 Dump Blows CIA Wide Open – 7/3/2017”

    “Internet Kill Switch Activated On Facebook” Carl Sagan – Censorship – Agenda 2030.
    20th Century Fox has set up 100+ Convincing Fake News sites for disinformation.

    “How can you tell the CIA is lying? Their lips move.”



    Micheal Snyder;


    Trump was not silly in his tweet on Obama tapping his phone.

    Robert David Steele(ex-CIA spy) and Wikileak’s VAULT 7 Dump;


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