Annette King stands down – find out the reasons why


Annette King stands down

Labour will elect a new deputy leader after Annette King decided to step down, leader Andrew Little has announced.

TDB pointed out this would happen on Monday and we explained the internal tensions that were building for it to happen…

King has her position as Deputy as part of Labour’s internal dynamics to keep the factions happy, but with Goff, Cosgrove and Shearer gone and Trevor on his best behaviour for Speaker, the Right faction don’t have the muscle or numbers they once had in Caucus.

The factional divisions now are much more Class vs Identitarians and in that battle, Little stared down an attempt by Labour Youth, Identitarian activists and Poto Williams to purposely destabilise his leadership during the last TV poll.

Little now has more power by not flinching over Willie Jackson and Greg O’Connor’s candidacy and Labour’s subsequent lift in the polls as working class voters come back to the Party means Andrew has far more muscle inside Labour. If Annette King suddenly does stand aside out of loyalty for Little and Jacinda replaced her as Deputy, it would be a symbol of just how much more mana Little now enjoys inside the Party.

This matters because having Jacinda as Deputy would give Labour more profile in Auckland, which they are focused on winning if they want to be mid 30s come election day.

…what is now obvious is that the strategic brains behind Andrew Little have not been sitting on their hands waiting for the public to get sick of National, they have been carefully plotting with Chess Master like skills to marginalise the right faction of the Labour Party, manoeuvre working class candidates into place who can appeal to electorates current middle class candidates can’t and perfect their new electorate campaign tactics for September.

The only fly in Little’s ointment was the attempted revolt by Labour Youth and Identitarian activists when working class candidates were brought in for the broad church reforms.

That revolt was quickly smothered and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those attempting to destabilise Little’s leadership become quieter and quieter.

The powers behind Little’s throne are here to win the election, and the sublime moves to date suggest they aren’t going to be polite to factional infighters.

Genuine Left wing value policy is quietly being crafted to surprise and excite the electorate for the election and the promise of a real change of Government seems finally in Labour’s grasp.

Putting a high profile Auckland candidate like Jacinda in as Deputy is the exact move Labour need to make if they want to win Auckland because you can’t win the country if you don’t win Auckland.


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  1. So the steady pulling of rotten teeth comes to an end.

    Let’s just watch what happens before we get too carried away. Labour does not have a particularly good investment of trust; especially with workers…

    • “Labour does not have a particularly good investment of trust; especially with workers…”

      …and National does?

      • What has National got to do with it?

        The debate is about Labour and the neo-liberals within it.

        National has never represented the workers.

        They are the boss thugs that broke up unionism and introduced contracts. I defy you to tell me that that was good for the workers…

        • ((Bugger it) quick copy and past with spelling mistakes and all, but has relevance here, this Te Kotahi Tanga is generalised)

          If I was the Chairman of the TuT board I would greatly like to speak to you in maori but I wouldn’t do anything different from any one else, no matter what I believed, and the reason is I would be under such tight constraints from real crown power I just wouldn’t have any leeway, there are good reasons for that contained in the Ngai Tuhoe Settlement act but instead of going into that, I could go into that but instead let me 1st ask you a question to formulate what should we ought to do?

          I think there are some obvious answers contained with in annual Ngai Tuhoe blue prints for growth and settlement acts which are general frame works in Tuhoe rohe. The settlement process has had broad political consensus and have done so for many many years. Broadly speaking settlement acts continue the protection of government institutions with guarantees for every tax payer in the region and continues a Te Tiriti principle to live with out evil with in recognised boundaries, and then it went on to discuss modalities for achieving this end, discussed most frequently in Tuhoe blue prints that are produced every year. Thats the basic frame work for settlement consensus.

          That particular frame work was challenged in parliament by winston peters and his legislative act was voted down until john key accelerated all these rushed deals that the majority of maori are getting screwed over. That particular bill was supported by act and national and written in part by donald brash, in fact it came up in donalds famous speech in Orewa. There are reasons why national changed it’s position but thats different, the speech was supported by act/nz1st and parts of labour so thats why national had changed tack, alone until the maori paati could put a brown face on it. You can argue about the detail put that is the plausible frame work of settlement consensus.

          If you want to pursue this consensus seriously then you have to talk about economic relations of an imperial nature of two sovereign powers with in Aotearoa and the modalities to secure it and so on and so forth but that general idea has been a broad Maori consensus for decades apart from european migrants who keep apposing it, not totally alone I mean there are people like Ngahuia Wade who oppose seperatism and other marginal flavours of the act party like hobsons pleadge and nz1st that contain people who identify as maori. Primarily separatism is apposed by secular anglican law, and thats what the commonwealth is.

          Now that has disappeared from history on the assumption of propaganda models. Why? Because the crown is apposed to it. And it’s a logical impossibility that the crown should be apposed to the settlement process, so there for that is gone from history. When the new zealand herald or any academic scholar reviews this, they don’t include this, because this is not part of the settlement process, and thats only one example and there are many others. And thats the general frame work for settlement consensus.

          As far as Ngai Tuhoe is concerned. I think it’s very obvious what ought to happen generally speacking. The settler government has committed major crimes against Tuhoe. Really major crimes. First of all Ngai Tuhoe is one of the most miserable areas in new zealand. It’s an area where crown influence has been enormous for a century. At once that tells you something. You don’t have to figure out very hard what that means. And there are reasons for it that you can look up the details for it. Even constructive crown programmes where actually lethal I mean take the solid energy dam that almost destroyed eel stocks. A lot of what happened was because the crown imposed little dictators and monopoly gangsters and so on if we ever tried to get independence as in TuT. Every once and awhile there are constructive programmes to boost the economy like introducing possums for fur trade, well now possums are a plague until 1080 came along and thats a killer with in it’s self.

          1st of all the fur trade was a completely cynical operation, the fur trade was not instituted because they discovered poor people on the east coast because they new that all along. It was initiated across new zealand because the crown was afraid maori would initiate the separatist model. That means it began as a purely cynical operation. Ok? It showed. The fur trade was designed to impose on Tangata Whenua, and all across the commonwealth an agro export model. Tangata Whenua are supposed to shift production from subsistent crops – to export for the benefit of anglican secular law in the commonwealth market. And that has consequences, for example it means labourers cross Aotearoa are not supposed to harvest birds, eel and kai moana for people locally to eat, they are supposed to farm milk, honey and mussels so yuppies in complex cities can have standard products all year round. For one thing this means Tuhoe are going to have less to eat so we have to import at high costs which is good for anglican secular law, subsidised usually by the kiwi tax payer and now subsidised by TuT and iwi interests. And that food is not going to be equally distributed, it’s going to be distributed to the rich. Further more the production is dominated by the rich because it takes capital inputs to produce the fancy one size fits all mussel for yuppy markets. So there’s going to be land locked peasants. Further more we are going to produce honey and milk, meanwhile locally consumed honey and milk has reduced because sales and marketing moved in and labourers don’t relies there share of the retail dollar is no more than 10 cents so we can ship honey to yuppy markets for skin care products. Thats perfect for the massage industry and rich yuppies in auckland and australia but not very good for tangata whenua.

          Now if you take a look at your favourite economics book or colonisation studies book and they will tell you that anglican secular law prayed for an economic miricle. From a certain point of view it did, gross domestic product (GDP) went up all through new zealand – so did malnutrition. And the reason is obvious, you drive people off the land and up into hills and you take over the land to produce agro business for export to yuppy markets, its good for GDP, it just means the people starve. In fact the savings and loan crises of the 80’s is largely caused by that plague.

          Lets just take rogernomics and its offsider richard prebble who would eventually close most if not all maori jobs in meat works and clothing factories. Of course GDP went up abit but maori in general had to starve. And that doesn’t mean just starve, it means torture and mutilation and molestation helen clark style. Thats serious business, hundreds of thousands of maori was thrusted under poverty at the precipice of something great and in fact large areas of Aotearoa has been largely destroyed. All of this in an effort to block social reform in all free major brown areas that we were involved in.

          Now thats serious, what should we do? Well first thing we got to stop torturing ourselves by quickly moving through the settlement process so hopefully we can rebuild the damage that was done. I think that’s what we ought to do. Try to find any one suggesting this view on the coast or in mainstream, how ever, you cant express this view not because it’s false, but because it’s true, if you look into it you will find that it is true.

          Now. What should we do. We are fine and free to Act. There are plenty of things we can do. For one thing we can provide aid ourselves, you don’t have to wait for some government agency to finally show up after a few days on hold. The others need it, Badly. I mean the dairy intensification industry which dominates the the bay of plenty economy is going to blow because we spent the last dairy boom on dumb shit, literally. Now the crown is delighted because they don’t have to send ngai tuhoe a penny because they want tuhoe to suffer as much as possible.

          The new zealand citizen is much more independent, Tame Iti raised a few thousand for his art studio from people around the world who are able to think for themselves and aren’t just slaves to power. And those are things that can be done to help Tuhoe survive The Great Anthropocene of human destruction of species. And you can put pressure on local and state representatives by sending them letters and digital communication and to media to do something about this, there are a lot of ways of doing that. And all sorts of other ways ranging from civil disobedience to writing letters to editors and mass popular organisation around tamiti krugers house and TuT, you know they are not going to put you in jail for that, in that sense we are a free country. And that means if you don’t stand up for yourself, you are going to have a lot more responsibilities, and then stand up for yourself in a place where you are afraid you are going to be repressed.

          There is no shortage of things to do. It is a matter of willingness to do them. And the willingness to do them begins with the willingness to recognise reality. Thats the hardest part. I think once you recognise reality you won’t have any questions of what to do because it is all to obvious.

          So the first thing to do is recognise the reality. And thats taken a bit of work, and I think once you recognise the reality, it is obvious what to do.

          The Earth Song by MJ |

            • Only about 10-20% of the blue prints can be said to be true because locals just cant stand to think about or do any other type of work, other than voluntary and low wage work, and job creators act on those whims. Not my whims. That tells you the blue prints are prescriptions for failure and what not to do. So you should be able to notice very quickly obvious answers.

              If you look take a closer look at the blue prints they are elite conceptions of shared interests. Growth can take off in any direction a bit like children can take off in any direction, so i don’t think there are any simple answers for growth, children share some common interests with adults like surviving the destruction of the environment, so detailed plans of what elites deem to be in the best interest of Tuhoe are framed, and they assign every sub tribe functions eg roading, energy, wast, connectivity and other plug in’s for 21st century marea. Less abstract but more numerous examples include long term planning, leadership and inclusive aspirations and this is the long term interest of elites. The 1st time one is served, you get a very addictive rush, once you’ve got your head in the service door trough, its very difficult to get those heads out, and that in no small parts, is whats considered iwi interests.

              Excuse me if this is coming across as abstract, there is a reason, the reason is formulating on the fly is apart of prep time. And that is understanding assets and liabilities by my standards. I’ll come back to why you should never sell income producing assets for cash.

              Whats called iwi interest actually serves to reconstruct colonial interests. Incidentally te ururoa flavel share these colonial interests and so do his policy planing staff, they decided that maoridom is not particularly interested in walking around in piu piu, metaphorically atleast grass skirts should be contained with in a stage. But we are interested in the reconstruction of Te Reo, so we will hand over our most precious resource to colonisers to keep there schools and institutions vibrant, and to exploit which is a term policy planers use. So hand Te Reo over to colonisers to exploit and aid in there reconstruction. And these are my own liberals Im talking about. Hone Harawira was thrown out of the maori paati because he was considered to be to radical for them, well I certainly don’t accept that excuse. Thinking back, actually my position on Te Reo, should never change from that of Māori broadcast veteran Waihoroi Shortland who believes Te Reo should stay in house. And I hope maoridom can learn to embrace our destiny.

              If it turns out to exploit Te Reo under this so called mythical iwi interests umbrella so to speak, to exploit, harm and destroy the others, thats conflict, im in no conflict about what to accept or not. And asking questions of elite power structures, and learning to frame the right questions, as well as understanding the resources involved is vital, if these tactical objectives are not done properly then science stops working properly. This is assets and liabilities by my standards. If exploitation turns out to be the case then its time to tell different stories in search of good gains.

              To tell a different story of growth, lets turn to manufacturing and producing commercial off the shelf systems, based on scientific data, collecting data is perhaps the most difficult part IMO and should be the sole driver of growth. This is by no means a simple task. I’ll come back to this.

              I truly believe investing in children would be far more productive use of time. Subsidising the interests of students is the corner stone of any system of education capable of creating commercial off the shelf systems, it isn’t as hard as it 1st sounds. Collecting data is the most difficult bit.

              The Morgan Foundation has some successful examples of formulating policy out of data. With radio tracking to find out migration patterns of wild cats and surround key hot spots with a wall of traps. Micro Chipping, radio tracking, traps, are just 3 examples of commercial off the shelf systems that conformed to their independent survey of migrant patterns.

              The hard bit is noting when targets of observation start to move out and at what times, then referencing that data with 2 other independent sources for example 3 volunteers could canvas an area and survey whats observed, obviously it would go a lot smother with financial backing, in place of mana badges.

              Once you have collected some data and put in a business study and pitch it via things like lobby government, Go Funds or send it straight to the Morgan Foundation or other investment models, immediately you will get offers, choose offers that most suit what you are interested in. And this is growth by my standards.

              So collecting data is key to viewing the world properly. These loyal gains won’t lie. That should convince you of what ought to be done.

              Over view of Morgan Foundation pest management system |

      • Wasn’t aware they breed horses in Morrinsville and pig farms left that place along time ago. They do, do a nice mushroom, tegal chicken and denim overalls. Scare Crow seems a beter fit, dave, comes with a post aswell.

        There is funny and then there is just poor execution

  2. I see it ! I actually see what’s happening! OMG !

    12 years ago annette king’s office sent the cops after me on a trumped up allegation after I asked her is she thought neoliberalism was a production line for dysfunctional behaviour.
    Her office sent my email, less the critical paragraph explaining exactly why I asked that question, to the local cops insinuating that I was complaining about a lack of policing in our trading precinct.
    In my opinion, she’s a shady old House or Cards-esque game player and good riddance to her.
    Sadly, while she’ll swan off to some nice house on a decent retirement package after years of $-six figures plus entitlements, the homeless she waddles past will still be there and winter’s setting in. Nice one annette. Go you. And the further the better.

    • Yes,… all sentimentality aside … King MAY have achieved a few good things , and she May have displayed ‘ leadership ‘…. but what of it?

      She still was and is now , … one of the early neo liberals that have caused so much destruction to our country.

      I dont care what a person professes they believe in ,- if they endorse and support neo liberalism they are automatically out the back door in my book.

      No exceptions to the rule.

      Hopefully we will now start to see the slow purge of these type of characters from the Labour party – 33 years after Roger Douglas used that party as a platform for theft , fraud and treason.

      Anyone who professes that they stand up for the best interests of the people of New Zealand and yet at the same time endorses / supports that ideology’s furtherance is a liar.

      National sovereignty , egalitarianism , wage equity , wages in keeping with the costs of living , public health , education and welfare supported by a progressive and fair taxation regime – and neo liberalism – are as far apart as chalk is from cheese.

      For 33 years we have had to endure liars in the Labour party that aided and abetted the continued economic and cultural /community rapine of this country along with their fellow believers , National . So lets not start getting all sentimental just because a familiar face is stepping down.

      You can almost get used to any crippling ailment if its been around long enough , – but that doesn’t mean to say that you should .

      As for Ardern ?

      She BETTER get it bloody right.

    • Yep, to be treated with utter caution, that King woman. I have watched too many Parliament TV broadcasts of Question Time and so, where the biased Speaker Carter gave her winks and smiles, and signals that he seems to get on quite well with her.

      Parliament has a strong element of theatre and stage show, behind the scenes there are pollies from both sides on rather friendly terms, they are all in the game of misleading us to vote for them, so they can carry on with the endless BS and the gravy train for themselves.

  3. Martyn is sadly deluded as to Greg O’Connors appeal.

    O’Connor doesn’t appeal to the “working class”, he appeals to the authoritarian red-neck element, the very same people that Martyn, ironically, spends a good deal of time mocking. These people exist in the right wing every bit as much as they exist in mythical left wing working class.

    • Kia ora Richard, thank you for your comment.

      I think you are half right here. Yes O’Connor does appeal to the angrier elements of society who like their police to bash first and ask questions second, but I think you miss the very real concerns of violence and crime from migrant NZers and second, 3rd, 4th generation migrant NZers who own the shops and dairy’s that are the frontline of the tobacco black market war.

      For those NZers, law and order advocates like O’Connor aren’t the mouthpiece of a frothy anger fuelled on ignorance and media crime porn, they are real and valid safety concerns akin to any worker.

      Beyond O’Connor’s appeal to that nation wide electorate is his appeal in an electorate as unique as Ohariu. O’Connor can appeal to a wider range of that electorate than Dunne can and seeing how close this election will be, winning that electorate is crucial to any change of Government.

      Making Labour a broader church so that it appeals to more segments of society is crucial to winning, and we need to be welcoming to those segments rather than alienating.

      But I also believe there is a wider debate to be had around this and I’m going to write one today.


      • yeah I’m not a fan of O Connor he Maori bashers too much for me but he will appeal to the red necks in that electorate of which there is plenty

      • I honestly can’t vote for Labour now in good conscious with Greg “all cops should be armed” O’Connor. I haven’t decided how I’ll vote this year, but I’ll vote against Greg and everything he represents every time, that much I know. I’m leaning NZ First, and that’s something I never thought I’d say… ever.

        • Are you actually in the Ohariu electorate?

          If you aren’t your can’t vote against O’Connor.

          If you choose to vote NZ First history shows you will be voting for the National Party.

    • What economic or social class do you think “authoritarian rednecks” belong to? I think you’d probably find them in every class, thanks in part to the decades of propaganda kiwis have been subjected to by the corporate beneficiaries of the security-industrial complex (eg foreign-owned Armourguard pocketing $80 million of the Ministry of Social Development budget). Whatever his flaws, at least O’Conner didn’t leave the cops to set up a for-profit security services like Mike Sabin (MethCon), and Kirk Hardy and Glen Dobson (Drug Detection Agency).

      • What economic or social class do you think “authoritarian rednecks” belong to?

        The answer is plain to read in my previous comment, it’s pretty much in line with yoour viwpoint.

    • “Leadership” within Labour at present is a bit like permanent “management” of caucus and membership, on the terms of, who moves first will lose. Just keep your mouths shut and say only things that can mean either or, neither here nor there, but nothing of substance. Pretend endless harmony, keep the lines tight, and keep a low profile if you believe in any real values.

  4. “Genuine Left wing value policy is quietly being crafted to surprise and excite the electorate for the election and the promise of a real change of Government seems finally in Labour’s grasp.”

    Genuine left wing policy? I look forward to it. We’ve been waiting decades.

  5. “Genuine Left wing value policy is quietly being crafted to surprise and excite the electorate for the election”?

    Huh? Didn’t they already try that David Cunliffe? What am I missing?

    • I thought Cunliffe didn’t move left at all on policy. I thought he talked left, but stayed more of less where Goff and Shearer were. As a result the base of Labour had no steam in the election.

      I don’t see where or how Little has shifted left. These Labour leaders don’t even offer state housing schemes during a housing crisis.

  6. I suppose I and others have to swallow that fly in the ointment, the not so convincing Jacinda for the Jacinda Effect, now promoted by the MSM. It proves to me, that the last say in politics in NZ is always coming from the MSM. Once you get a candidate or MP on the front page of the NZ Women’s Weekly, you are near to winning the next election, period.

    But the downside is, with lack of clear and firm policy, the status quo of economic and social affairs in NZ will be cemented, for another three years, no matter who will run the government. Once Jacinda and her boss Little may move a little too far off the allowed track, the MSM will destroy them, as the ones paying the MSM, for advertising and so forth, they will demand it of them to act like that.

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