Should we rename ‘Labour Youth’ the ‘Purifiers’


30 months of unity folks.

30 months.

The jaw dropping naivety of Labour Youth, the Identitarians and the Professional Wellington Outrage Clique to ruin that unity over Labour’s broadening of their appeal to the working classes Labour need to win is just surreal

It’s middle class identity politic aesthetics vs the reality of how you win an election. It’s almost as if these people would prefer to purify the Party than win the election.

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Catriona MacLennan’s extraordinary attack on white men and the working classes in the Herald this week in the wake of the attempted destabilisation of Little’s Leadership highlights just how deep the resentment runs.

Audrey Young pulls no punches…

Rating the start to the political year, Bill English scores 8 out of 10; Andrew Little 2.

Little started higher, after his state of the nation speech, held jointly with the Greens.

He spruced himself up, and delivered a good speech at an event that went off flawlessly as a piece of political theatre to show a sense of cohesion on the centre-left.

But the rebellion over Willie Jackson has damaged Little and Labour in a way that won’t blow over in a week.

Little’s greatest accomplishment as leader – successfully instilling the need for party discipline – counted for nothing, and the chips weren’t even down.

The rebellion has three consequences: after all that hard work, Labour again looks like a party divided, Little looks like a leader who cannot lead his own party – which is all the more damaging when his attack line against English this year is that he is a prime minister but not a leader – and it alienates voters who identity with Willie Jackson.

It says to them that if Willie Jackson doesn’t belong to Labour, nor do they.

New Zealand First and Winston Peters and Shane Jones will be the beneficiaries.

but Jackson puts in a strong interview with Clare Trevett

“The average person doesn’t know about all the intricacies of what’s happening. They just know I’ve put my hand up and I’ve been really encouraged with support on the street, people ringing and asking how can they help.

“You might be surprised but it’s been an encouraging week given what’s happened.”

…the middle class Labour Youth (The ‘Purifiers’), the middle class Wellington Union Comms cliques and the Identitarians won’t like it, but working class men and urban Maori who have felt alienated by these types see Little staring that faction down and pushing Willie Jacksons candidacy as a new welcome mat into the Party.

If the tiny but incredibly vocal Labour Youth, middle class  Wellington Union Comms cliques and the Identitarians don’t like it, they can go vote for the Greens while Labour appeals to the far larger urban Maori and working class men voting blocs who have stopped voting altogether.

By refusing to back down to this middle class rebellion, Andrew Little looks stauncher and more secure than ever before.

Watching Identitarians online now claiming it was a ‘process’ problem within Labour and that it wasn’t their outrageous response is bullshit. Virtue signalling and outrage Olympics don’t win elections, welcoming more people into a Political Party does.


  1. Quite. As far as MacLennan is concerned, there are no working class white males, but rather all white males are rich and the devil. Then again, the WAGESLAVE Labour Party hasn’t been of the Left since Roger Douglas. Hell, Clark even signed the Free Slave Agreement with the largest dictatorship on the planet.

    • She isn’t working class.
      As a barrister, she can afford another 3 years of extreme neoliberalism under National.
      Many people, men, women, Pakeha, Maori and Pacifika, who do not enjoy the same wealth and privileges, cannot afford the luxury of Labour arguing publicly over such matters.
      When you can’t afford a house to rent, food to feed your children and clothes to dress them, you need a change of government.

  2. I’m surprised to hear Labour Youth exists? Because they don’t in my town, nor at my university.

    Labour are a party for landlords and a party who continues the student loan scam. Most young people think they’re a joke, and basically the same as National.

  3. Not often is state capitalism said clearly like this.

    “The real threat to peace and security, of course, was the system of slavery itself and a Christianity that countenanced it. The problem wasn’t the faith of the immigrants, but the injustice that they encountered on their arrival in a new land.” – – this article touches on the travels of English privateer Sir Francis Drake as he goes around 16th century ports and deals with freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

    The principle clash of civilisations between 2 of the 3 great monotheism’s (ie Alah/Muslim/Islam vs Christianity/God/ect) brakes down when the 2 largest Muslim countries (ie Saudi Arabia and Indonesia ) are allied with the 2 largest Christian countries (ie UK and USA) Saudi Arabia is fundamentalist but not fundamentalist enough for the people in it, we don’t try and undermine all that because they sit on most of the last cheap to extract oil. So there’s no clash of civilisation. –

    Saudi Arabia is a family dictatorship that the west keeps in power so none of the economic benefits go to people in the regions instead flows to London and New York Stock exchanges. So there’s no clash of civilisation there. –

    Those are state fundamentalism. Individual fundamentalism, by far the worst if ISIS who are tearing the Middle East to pieces, but where’d they get there power from, it turns out they got it from the west, aided by Saudis and Turkey (not western countries) I use these notions loosely because the west is in fact destroying there own weapons systems. But its nothing we did Because we are only wonderful people ( ) So there is no clash of civilisation here. –

    Indonesia has the largest Islamic population and they pay worse than China but we don’t undermine Indonesia like we undermine China for paying low wages but we don’t do anything about that. –

    I think this is a farce. Not a total farce because because there must be a new paradigm so liberal/identitarian/academic charlatans have something to build careers around and write books and so on and so forth which can then be turned into devices of controlling people and that part of the clash of civilisation is true.

  4. One hopes the brains of some in labour youth is not indicative of our future.
    These people protesting about Willie Jackson need to realise by creating division is in know way helpful to getting labour elected.
    The only way to change things is to be in power first.

    As for Maryan Street mouthing off does she think that will be helpful to the new candidate in Nelson.

  5. Labour has repeatedly demonstrated that it has nothing to offer the youth of New Zealand, other than more of the same. And we already know that more of the same -more of Fractional Reserve Banking, more of charging of interest on money created out of thin air, more of reliance of fossil fuels, more of consumerism, more of population growth etc.- causes the hole we are in -the catastrophic predicament the next generation is on- to be made deeper.

    We can only hope that the feature writers at TDB will wake up to reality at some stage and recognize that the PROBLEMS WE FACE ARE SYSTEMIC and will NEVER be fixed by any political party that operates within the framework of the dominant banking and industrialism paradigms.

    Until current dysfunctional systems are abandoned everything is certain to be made worse.

  6. These toxic “Identitarian” amoebas are trying to escape the Petri Dish of University culture. To do this, they must find a new host to infect.

    If they can jump over to the Labour Party, then there will be a brief flush of fever, chills and fatigue, follow by spasms, coma and finally death of the patient.

    With Labour’s already lowered immune system, frankly I don’t like their chances of shrugging this off.

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