Andrew Little is showing real leadership against Trump’s #MuslimBan – why can’t Bill English?


Bill English – the Prime Minister who won’t go to Waitangi Day because it makes him cringe, but who will do topless Hakas like a drunk 18 year old on a London pub crawl.


Why on earth hasn’t Bill English, our Prime Minister, come out and criticised Trump’s Muslim Ban?

Murray McCully has made some measly mouthed comments, but still Bill English refuses to comment.

Seeing the greasy crap our Ambassador was saying to the Trump establishment, I guess our position is whatever Trump tells us it is.

Considering what a far right Christian Bill English is, does our PM support banning Muslims?

Personally I think Bill English hasn’t condemned Trump’s Muslim Ban because like ‘Feminism’, Bill doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘Leadership’, or ‘Compassion’ or ‘basic human decency’.

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We’ve got to get our Prime Minister a dictionary.

Meanwhile, Andrew Little is showing real leadership against Trump. Why can’t Bill English?



  1. If you expect a gutless wonder like Bill English to condemn trump’s racist Muslim ban, you’ll be waiting a verrrrrrrry long time. The Nats are not noted for their moral stance on anything. Not unless theres a buck involved somewhere.

  2. Matua Bill is MIA when an International Crisis is Happening!No comment of the persecution of Muslims being denied to go home to the US!

  3. How the fuck did the double dipping Dipton dribbler become our Prime Minister ? And Big Bouncing Bennett as deputy ??? W.T.F. ?
    Trump as President of the U$A and Little Billy is….. (little bit of sick!)
    The price of political ignorance is death.
    I think it’s time to dig in and hole up.
    ( I really can’t believe that fucking muppet’s our prime minister… No disrespect to actual Muppets. )

  4. He hasn’t banned all Muslims, just a few countries. All the Muslims I’ve met have been homophobic, violent or refused to speak in my presence, so because of my experiences I have very little sympathy.

    I’ve also been punched in the face by a Muslim before. I’m yet to be quoted anything from the Quran which states the Muslim religion is peaceful or loving towards non-Muslims.

    They are one culture to leave out of the multi if you ask me! All these people protesting are totally naive.

    • Maybe its just you? You dont appear to be a very nice person with what you’ve written here. How long did it take you to make this judgement, minutes, days, weeks, years? How many people have you met to pass a judgement like this of a group of people that are in the 10’s of millions?

      • I’m just telling you my experiences. If you believe Muslims are tolerant to homosexuals and support woman’s rights, well I’d have to disagree.

        I’m sure many Muslims, while refusing to associate with non-Muslims don’t commit assault and only oppress woman a little bit. Unless they are needed skilled workers, let them stay in a country which shares their religious values and laws.

        • If you believe Muslims are tolerant to homosexuals and support woman’s rights, well I’d have to disagree.

          Zack, if you look carefully enough, you’ll find plenty of intolerance to homosexuals and women within Roman Catholicism, fundamentalist “christians”, mormons, Judaism, etc. Intolerance is not the sole preserve of any one group. The Hillsboro Baptists are fairly notorious by now for their public displays of outright bigotry. And it wasn’t so long ago that a young Sth American girl raped; made pregnant by her attacker; and then given an abortion suffered humiliation and excommunication (along with her doctor) from the church – whilst the Church took no similar action against the rapist.

          Humans can be a bigotted bunch and use whatever religion is available to claim a god is on their side to justify intolerance.

          (Except my god, Thor, who is a cool dude, and fairly accepting of our LGBT cuzzies.)

  5. I guess the lily livered Blinglish’s silence on this issue means he must agree with Trump.

    Read in NZH today that Murray McCully stated actions such as Trump’s recent move would not happen in NZ.

    BTW where is “honest” John hiding out these days? Same place as Jason Eade perhaps? Now I wonder what the real reason was he resigned so suddenly???

  6. What the fuck is Groser thinking?

    Trumps government is not a natural hand over from any previous US administration, it’s not far off from the early 1930’s Nazi Party, before it got into its “final solutions” and invasion of Europe.

    Trumps dangerous and illogical Muslim ban does not include the most unhinged of all such Nations, Saudi Arabia, the one nation most linked to 9-11. It is pure racism based on exploiting ignorance. Yet Tim and by extension the National Party and by extension New Zealand thinks that is shit hot.

    Then there is the insane, entirely racist wall building to keep Mexicans out; clearly Groser thinks that is brilliant.

    Bulldozing native Americans rights in Dakota for oil, well fuck you PC brigade, eh Tim? And who has share holdings in that I wonder?

    This is only the beginning and any fool can see this will end very badly. And yet I could picture an idiot who looks just like Tim Groser licking Martin Boormann’s shiny jack boots back in 1934 for a trade deal.

    Should there be a change of government that gigantic imbecile has to be the first to be removed, the following day, to save us a lot of embarrassment and being party to this insane US government.

  7. NZ’s ambassador to Washington Tim Groser is Muslim. His wife is Muslim, originally from Indonesia, a nation with a strong Muslim influence.

    So if Trump is determined to clamp down on people entering the USA from Muslim countries, where does this move leave the Grosers and others like them?

    Not that I give a damn about Groser, because to me, he represents everything that’s so wrong with this world and his religious beliefs have nothing to do with that point.

  8. I heard English on RNZ this arvo. He said he “disagreed” with Trump’s muslim ban. When asked if he’ll condemn it, he said he had “by disagreeing with it”.


  9. Bill English is probably as weak and gutless as any other former recent National pm of New Zealand.
    English has built up a reputation of being a Double Dipper. And from memory he even did the dirty on the late Alan Hubbard about 2011.
    We have a pm who is totally untrustworthy and thoroughly manipulative. But he must obey the great master that is the United States over common sense.
    And in regards to Tim Groser. Well like many of his ilk in this government are nothing short of opportunistic self-serving ratbags.
    National MPs live on ego, greed and self-serving actions. They do not mind whose reputation they can destroy along the way to being the richest corpses in the cemeteries.

  10. Little is showing himself as a twat. English did as Little suggested then Little said he should have been stronger. I know trying to undermine your opposition is part of the game but if they do as you suggest then you cannot then say they got it wrong. I give little months before he gets the boot.

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