Labour will lose Central Auckland (again) and the Greens should give Chloe Swarbrick her chance


Wow, what a mess Labour have made in Auckland Central.

When Laila Harre was a possible candidate, they had a chance of winning the seat back from Nikki Kaye, but her not running has meant Labour are reliant on two total unknowns for a candidate – lawyer Helen White and educationalist Shanan Halbert.


Labour are putting up two names with no recognition in the crown jewel that is Auckland Central? It makes no sense and seems bewilderingly stupid. Not only will they lose the electorate again, but I see a total collapse in the Labour Party vote in Auckland Central.

What is a Labour Party blunder however is a Green Party win. With such lacklustre Labour Party candidates, a candidate with the passion and strength of Chloe Swarbrick has the opportunity of winning the seat out right for the Greens.

Swarbrick’s incredible run in the Auckland Mayoralty proves she is a unique political talent, her real test will be the internal Green Party conclave that makes these decisions. If the Greens put in Denise again, they won’t win the electorate, if they put in Chloe in, they could win it.

The decision to run Mt Albert is a disastrous one for the Greens, they could redeem that by selecting Swarbrick for Auckland Central.


  1. Maybe Labour need to call Helen Clark in again, to run for Auckland Central this time? I wonder, is she preparing for a political comeback, after her resignation from the UN Development Fund?

    While I was somewhat disappointed with the Labour government up to 2008, she would be the one who could ensure Labour wins this year, with Little and his choice of front bench, and Labour’s new candidates, that is not so certain at all.

    Chloe Swarbrick would stand a chance for the Greens, I think, but she supported the recommended and voted for Auckland Unitary Plan that favours the developers, investors and property speculators, that makes me apprehensive towards her.

    At times I wonder, do Labour really want to win the election later this year?

  2. It’s probably a good idea to have Swarbrick contest Auckland Central, though I don’t think the Greens have anything to “redeem”.

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