Why Little is attacking MANA + Maori Party and why NZ First is an existential threat to independent Maori political voice


Andrew Little at Ratana today.

Boom, and in rolls Andrew Little with a beat down on Maori that would make the LAPD look liberal.

Bash goes Andrew…

Andrew Little dismisses Mana Movement as ‘irrelevant’

Labour leader Andrew Little has further distanced Labour from the Maori Party while also dismissing Hone Harawira’s Mana Movement as “irrelevant”.

…smash goes Andrew…

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Labour leader Andrew Little has accused the Maori Party of doing nothing for their people

Labour leader Andrew Little has hit back at the Maori Party, saying it has done nothing for its people while “shackled to the National Party”.

…all of which is just the height of hypocrisy coming from a Labour leader.

Who confiscated and stole the largest land grab against Maori in NZ history? Why the Labour Party of course.

Who freaked out about closing the gaps because conservative Middle Nu Zilind didn’t like the Maaaaoris? Why the Labour Party of course.

Who left 175 000 mainly Maori children in poverty for the entirety of their last 9 years in power? You guessed it, the Labour Party.

And that was just the Helen Clark Government, I won’t begin with Rodger Douglas.

So why is Andrew Little putting the bash down? Isn’t he concerned about backlash?

No he is not.

Andrew Little is far smarter than the media have given him credit for and he has read the NZ First tea leaves.

NZ First poses an existential threat to an independent Maori political voice. After the shock announcement of making the return of the Pike River Mine dead a ‘bottom line’ you can almost see the writing on the wall for Winston’s next great chess move – what if he made ruling the Maori Party out of any Government he is part of a political bottom line as well?

The Maori Party have settled on a ‘we are of Government, not in Government’ policy. That means that whatever Party is in power, be it Labour or National, and regardless if their numbers are required for the Government majority, they have an expectation to be invited to the Table as the independent political voice of Maori.

This being at the table rather than under the table seems a tad meaningless when John Key and Bill English have privatised the table, but to their credit, when the National Government have relied on their vote for policy, the Maori party have always reaped a high price for co-operation.

Andrew Little however ain’t having any of that, and his attacks on MANA and the Maori Party at Ratana are an advance move before Winston lays eliminating the Maori Party out of any Government as a bottom line.

Imagine the pulling power NZ First would have in the provinces once it made that a bottom line. Does anyone think Bill English would save the Maori Party or throw them under a bus to get the numbers to form a majority?

As I’ve blogged, in 2017 we either change the Government (Labour + NZ First + supply and demand from Greens = 51% ) or force a changed Government (Labour + Greens + Maori Party/MANA Movement = 51%).

We are not going to get both.

If MANA and the Maori Party wish to avoid being crushed by NZ First, they better have their joint strategy worked out by now.




  1. Yes, the Maori Party betrayed Maori Party supporters.

    And the Labour Party betrayed Labour Party supporters.

    And NZF betrayed NZF supporters.

    And the Greens betrayed Green supporters.

    And if the Maori Party continues to exist it will continue to betray Maori Party supporters.

    And if the Labour Party continues to exist it will continue to betray Labour Party supporters.

    And National betrayed everyone, except banks, corporations and opportunists, of course.

    it’s called politics……the art of lying and betraying while pretending to be truthful and honest and pretending to be working for the common good.

    Fortunately, we won’t have to put up with these wankers for much longer because the whole system is slowly ‘progressing’ towards collapse as a consequence of all the lying and betrayal that has occurred over the past 4 decades.

    Just don’t suggest we vote for any of these wankers, Martyn.

    • I’m with AfewwithNarcissisticPersonalityDisorder.

      By 2013 we won’t just be experiencing fuel shortages there will be a global fuel famine! The entire industrial world will plummet into chaos and millions, nay billions, will die! THE ENTIRE CAPITALIST SYSTEM WILL BE A SMOULDERING RUIN!

      Then the Greenland ice sheet will melt and we’ll all drown whilst being simultaneously fried by global warming and the Illuminati will steal all our childrens toys!

      Here’s a link to Robert Attacks incredibly insightful Oilcrash.com, last post 2012, that clearly maps out our doom!


    • Agree with you collapse is inevitable its not if but when is the question?
      I heard the derivative market could cause another gfc like the subprime market did in 2007.

      • The people who are focused on available energy -especially liquid fuels- forecast serious disruption between 2018 and 2022.

        The people who focus on the environment forecast collapse between 2025 and 2035.

        The people who focus on the bond markets and sovereign debts forecast collapse between 2017 and 2020.

        However you look at it, the whole system is terminally ‘ill’ and won’t stagger on for much longer.

        What the politicians WILL do over the next few years is sacrifice what is left of the future environment to maintain present arrangements as long as possible, e.g. Antarctic sea ice is at a record low for the time of year, and still has another 6 weeks of melt season to go.


        The wicked weather NZ has been experiencing is undoubtedly related to disruption of the jet streams brought about by record high temperatures, which are cause by record atmospheric CO2.

        Needless to say, you won’t hear a word about the true state of the global energy system or the true state of the global environment in any political ‘debates’, just the ‘need’ for more economic growth (= more CO2 emissions and faster meltdown).

        • Taking various aspects of our dilemma separately may be interesting but is reductionist. The Earth’s systems are interactive and complex so understanding what is happening is similarly complex and difficult to put together.

          Few wider studies have been done as business money is not interested in what they see as “doom talk” so instead they talk in terms of current economics. which ignores the total picture.

          It takes a multi disciplinary team of willing and able scientific minds with sufficient resources at their disposal to form a more comprehensive picture of where we are heading.

          One thing is for sure is that the business world including finance largely control human activity and our destiny.

          We are in deep shit.

    • I’m inclined to almost unanimously agree with you and Jono.

      We’ve all had a gutsful of deceit , apologists and compromise. And where has the origins of so much of these gross deceits emanated from?

      I believe there has always been an element of deceit in politics , however there has been an escalation of it since 1984 and the 4th Labour govt with its Finance Minister Roger Douglas. That’s right – the advent of that despicable ideology , … neo liberalism.

      And despite the advancement of instant communications and the internet, … the public went from being unawares of just what neo liberalism really was , to massive street protests against it , to resigned acceptance that they are now powerless to do anything against it.

      The betrayal of so many in this country by those who claimed that they were ‘Left’ when in actual fact they were nothing more than weak and gutless apologists and compromiser’s for global neo liberalism has bred a cynicism and a reluctance to seriously believe or take at face value anything they have to say.

      I certainly don’t believe the answer is to be found in National , – let alone ACT – but the sight of this sordid , squabbling , petty , divided rabble that have the audacity to call themselves ‘Left’ ,… who battle like small children over minor personal fiefdoms while the land burns and groans under the weight of a dishonest , pernicious and destructive ideology like neo liberalism ,… is more than enough to ensure a continued distrust and hesitancy to take anything they have to say as any value whatsoever.

      In other more mature country’s we see the Left more often than not acting out of consensus and co operating – here we see childish spats and feuds and divisions constantly. And there comes a time when we can no longer conveniently blame the MSM – more often than not its just a direct result of the division and petty ego issues between party’s and individuals within those party’s.

      That and tolerating compromise when they should have been standing strong and in unison against the one thing that they themselves allowed to divide them – neo liberalism.

      Instead they busied themselves with identity politics and figuring out ways to work hand in hand with the very ideology that destroyed them as the people of this country suffered under decade after decade of this insidious ideology.

      And they STILL haven’t learnt the lesson !!!

      There should be zero tolerance for neo liberalism whatsoever , – and until that day when that notion enlightens them , – we are almost certainly guaranteed to see virtually no real change at all.

      We have had decades of social reports from those who have worked in the field who testify not only of massive developing hardship and poverty , … but also commentary’s on a hardening of society’s heart in general and an abandonment of former values and ethics ,… due mainly to the neo liberal ideology’s encouragement of a perverted , soulless and extreme type of individualism – an individualism that would serve someone in a lone ‘survivalists’ situation well – but which is pure destruction if those same principles are then applied to a group such as a community or nation.

      The only way we will ever see forward movement is when there is a genuine consensus , agreement and co operation to unite against this pernicious , divisive and destructive ideology . Then and only then , – will the public of this country start to truly believe again in those who claim they are ‘Left’ , – and are serious about real change and working for the people of this country’s best interests.

  2. as a working man with wife and children I can’t see why voting for labour would help me in any real way.
    Sure life under national is pretty crap but I can’t see labour doing much for me either.

  3. I see NPD ( Narcissistic Personality Disorder ) everywhere I look these days since I found this trump-centric link on Boingboing.net.

    Silent treatment, love-bombing, gaslighting and other traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder

    Gaslighting is a good one. The madder they are, the more they insist it’s everyone else but them.
    No wonder then that narcissists are drawn to politics like a moth to a lit candle. And no wonder were fucked? And the clever part is that they take away our resolve to react to their behaviour. No one has yet to walk up and throw the first punch at any one of the bastards. Don’t you think that’s strange?
    Read Prof’ Stanley Milgram. It all just gets more weird.
    By the way. I think Little’s correct re the Maori Party. They’ve just National Brown and all bought and paid for.
    And Mana? It IS irrelevant in the scheme of things. No one’s going anywhere near an angry and unpredictable fellow like Harawira with any kind of budget no matter his good intentions.
    Stewie Griffin on ADHD pills.

    Look familiar?

  4. Yeah maybe the Maori party should have made the *smart* choice and sat on the outside as an irrelevancy just like Andrew Little is, as opposed to being in a position of power where they can actually do some benefit.

    • What benefit? This lot in this government have delivered stuff all benefit for the people but plenty for the well off.

  5. Little has a point. The Maori Party have been used and abused and delivered sweet bugger all but can’t see it. Why the hell Mana would want to go with that bunch of sell outs is beyond me.

    Still, National demonstrate the “how to guide” from way back when to manipulate Maori.

    • Mana may do some good in forcing them to recognise their insignificant grasp of principle.
      Mana has some good people following much of what Labour did in the 1930s. A carefully applied dose of Socialism benefiting the forgotten working class as well as laying down infrastructure efficiently and for all.

  6. Andrew Little bows down to Winnie’s ‘blame the migrants’, while he takes shots at Mana.

    Perhaps Mana’s policies are too much in favour of tenants over landlords? We all know Andrew Little is on the landlord’s side.

    Another average Labour leader for a party who can’t recognise its roots. Labour are going to stumble through this election and fail because Little ignores what should be his base. The left can’t keep chasing middle NZ’s votes. They need to empower and motivate their base.

    Let Labour try again in 2020…

  7. So just who the fuck are you advising us to vote for Bomber?


    No fucking way. At least most of us recognise them as the evil empire…


    Never again; I was a voter in the 80s. I don’t support sell-outs. Specially hardcore sell-outs like the current Petrie dish of Labour leaders.


    Middle class wankers who are getting further and further away from political reality and from helping the poor and the working classes. They are as left as a slow tramper on the Tongariro crossing…

    NZ First?

    No fucking way. They are a National Party offshoot (I remember a young Winston Peters on TV ads telling us why we should vote for Muldoon!) and their performance has been to enable National led governments. They are clearly well to the right of TDB and I cannot for the life of me work out why their supporters are even on this blog…

    Maori Party?

    Aside from the fact that I am not Maori, they also represent sell-outs and National government enablers. They’ve also been repeatedly caught with their trotters in the public money trough. Is a brown right wing any better than a white right wing? Not for this voter…

    Mana Party?

    These are whom I supported last time round. At the time of the last election they were the only political force anywhere NEAR left wing ideology, specially with Hone Harawira’s delightfully blunt and uncomprmising delivery; but now they have got into bed with the brown sell-outs. Have they pulled up the Maori Party or has the Maori Party pulled down the Mana Party? I don’t know the answer to that but unless I see something impressive come out during the election run up I can’t see me supporting this stew…

    The Opportunity Party?

    This is a very difficult one for me. A significant part of my gut keeps screaming out “neo-liberal parasite” (and their name reeks of neo-liberalism) but I have yet to hear Morgan voice anything remotely resembling neo-liberal doctrine. Quite the opposite actually; he is a well-known philanthropist, expresses very good seemingly genuine concerns for the future of our planet, and now seems to be the only non-brown politician to actively campaign for proper recognition of the Maori. Certainly from what he has said so far he seems to be further left than Harawira! Watch this space…

    Voting in NZ is utter bullshit and rubbish. The only real answer to changing the government is violence and the gun but that still has to be decided by various subcommittees and experts over tea and small cakes…

    • I’m guessing if you find your perfect party and I find my perfect party then we can be guaranteed that National will remain in power forever.

      Unless that is the point of this.

    • @J S BARK But doesn’t Gareth Morgan have 4 rental properties but does not rent them out because the tenants might spoil the carpet or something?

      But a good sum up of the reality of why 1 million people have decided not to vote.

      The problem is when disillusioned voters don’t vote, the Natz get in.

      So disillusionment or not – you have to vote.

      My gripes with the current parties are this,

      Natz – corrupt stupid arseholes clinging onto power by bankrupting the country with debt and selling land and dodgy degrees for citizenship even if the migrants offer nothing to the country apart from working at minimum rates (or below) without saying boo. As well as the setting up the next generation of taxpayers to pay for welfare and super to another 1 million people who may not even live in the country for most of their lives.

      Labour, at least turning the corner on neoliberals by jettisoning out Goff and Shearer and eventually being against TPP. Yes they still have baggage but best bet for middle NZ whoever that is.

      Greens – Agree with sliding towards Middle class wankers who are getting further and further away from political reality but I think the danger is that they seem to have lost the big picture on the environment and have (been manipulated who knows) onto flags, transport options for the Shorite youth and unitary plan support which helped the Natz. Saying that the earlier work of the first Green politicians still shines through as being the best policy for the ‘lefties’.

      NZ First – I actually like how Winston can call out the Natz and I like Tracy Martin too, but not sure about the rest of the NZ First MPs! Happy to see them in coalition with Labour and Greens and between them all could turn this country around.

      The Maori Party – a joke! Feasting at the table while 99% of Maori are worse off. Still going on about the foreshore with Labour but did the Natz give them to the foreshore and seabed? At least Helen respected them enough to not lie to their faces.

      Mana party – huge loss to parliament – like Winston, Hone Harawira could keep Parliament ‘real’ but for the poor and actually wants to improve conditions for everyone especially those at the bottom and not just talk about it. I hope a deal is done with Labour not TMP and Hone is back!

      The Opportunity Party – while Morgan is a much welcomed breath of fresh air – if he gets in I can see him going into coalition with the National party. Also note, a financial transaction tax does not seem to be on the cards, or any criticism of the rotten to the core financial industry. Maybe a conflict of interest as the owner ex owner? of Gareth Morgan Investments?

      I agree slim pickings.

      • “But doesn’t Gareth Morgan have 4 rental properties but does not rent them out because the tenants might spoil the carpet or something?”


        We should vote for parties based on policies – let’s stop thinking about politics as a popularity contest, or a based on the moral behaviour of individuals. Morgan’s policies will hit him and other property speculators in the pocket – he’s made that clear.

        See TOP’s first policy.

        Every politician in the Labour Party is very rich compared to me, but again, that’s irrelevant. Vote on policies please

        • @Fatty, so if TOP gets in and props up the National party for a 4 th term you are ok with that?

          let’s stop thinking about politics as a popularity contest, or a based on the moral behaviour of individuals….

          actually I’m concerned at the moral behaviour of individuals before I vote for them!

          And if you are concerned about speculation then the first place to start is via financial transactions – that is where the big money is made and disappears before being taxed, property is actually that paper money being laundered into physical assets that we are currently experiencing in NZ that is competing with the majority of people who use housing as housing.

          The UK which has every tax under the sun for middle classes find their citizens can still not afford to live there because the land and housing is open to the global market and their government believe like the NZ government that this is fine as foreign capital is building more houses and ‘investing’ in the country. Whether current citizens can afford the resulting houses or the resulting infrastructure price hikes is something that the government is unconcerned about. Brexit has followed.

          The only tax the UK government seems reluctant to implement is the financial transactions taxes that will tax that global money and those who earn nothing but control billions.

          • Financial and housing markets are different beasts, ones an asset class, the other is a liability. And we’ve been incentivised to throw money into liabilies instead of fundamentals ie community/jobs/ect.

            We’ve been living in fantasy for to long. We’ve maxed out our property market and we need to take that borrowing and put it into productive capacity.

            An FTT won’t do that

            • So the financial industry keeps telling us!!!

              From Sanders to Corbyn anyone who mentions the possibility of a financial transaction tax – the holy grail of banks and .01% – seem to be undermined…!!

              • With rising interest rates the response should be different. I’d actually go the other way from a financial transaction tax and automate international money flows and shrink wire transfers to near or zero in a risining interest rate environment as one example.

                But it’s still the banks we want to specifically shrink because they don’t buy anything. Hedge funds are a different beast because they don’t for lose on houses with fiat

  8. Labour leader Andrew Little has hit back at the Maori Party, saying it has done nothing for its people while “shackled to the National Party”.

    That’s actually pretty diplomatic…

    I would have thought the truth is more

    The Maori Party has betrayed Maori with it’s quest for personal power while shackled to the National Party and helping them get some of the worst outcomes for Maori through legislation in parliament and prop them up for 9 years.

    Maori party are the enablers!!!

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