Will NZ Herald do a lead story on this racism or will we have Peter Leitch in a Klan hood for 72 more hours?


Someone has vandalised Murray McCully’s Electorate Office with the following slurs…

…’Traitor Jew Hater’ seems to be a pretty nasty slur and seeing as there isn’t much wriggle room for interpretation, I’ll expect this to receive the same level of media focus as Peter Leitch’s alleged and disputed comments to a 23 year old woman who cried on social media because she felt he was being racist when he said Waiheke Island was a white man’s Island.

This will receive the same level of condemnation won’t it?

In the means time, the Twitter Elites have convinced me I was wrong to be critical for asking if this was just another example of lazy journalism based on social media call outs and they’re right – Peter is a filthy racist – let’s boycott his shops, let’s attack his family in public and let’s see if we can kidnap any of his pets*.

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I think the Peter Leitch is a racist story could go another 72 hours in NZ – as long as there isn’t a big car accident.


*(just so we are clear that was sarcasm. You have to spell it out because sometimes you just can’t be too sure with some of these twitter people)



  1. The “Mad Butchers'” gone Mad!
    From working class roots in Wellington. He left school at 15 in 1959.His first job was as a newspaper “boy” and then he scored an apprenticeship to become a “Butcher” in Seatoun.
    He opened his first Butcher shop in the working class suburb of Mangere. He got his name from a guy in the local pub who called him “the fucking Mad butcher” and the legend was born.
    How the fuck can someone with working-class roots turn into such a c#$t! (Pardoned me).
    Well, I suppose it has taken him 72 years to get to this point and a few million dollars has probably helped?
    This incident involving a young wahine, out with her whanau on Waiheke island over the new year’s period seems to have captured attention on Social Media and LSM, with the exception of Mihi Forbes who broke this story on RNZ before LSM last night.
    Within a few short hours of the young woman’s Facebook short video release. The Herald & TVNZ rushed to the “White Ole Rich Pricks” defense and gave him National coverage to tell his version of what happened! Oh! He says, “it was a misunderstanding. “She misinterpreted what I really meant?” Obviously? “It was just a bit of Banter?” Oh and the drinking shit too thrown in for good measure! WTF!
    His PR spin doctors must have been a bit pissed too!
    What part of “Waiheke is a white man’s Island and she should not be there” is to be misunderstood or misinterpreted as anything other than institutionalised, indoctrinated white man’s racism?
    To make things much worse and is concerning is the speed of LSM coming out in support of him and delivering his Lame-Arse excuse in National Media.
    As a descendant of Paoa-Hura from Waiheke I’d like to correct the ole prick. It’s not a “white man’s island.” Much of Waiheke has been bought up by “Rich White Men” that part is true. For holiday homes and/or to make mega-bucks by speculating in the housing bubble.
    I wonder if he would have said that to Serena Williams the other day when she had visited Waiheke island. You know, if they had bumped into each other? Probably not? He probably would have drooled all over her like a creepy uncle and welcomed her with an impromptu “White Man’s Haka!”
    No excuses, no PR spin. He should be sanctioned severely by the Human Rights Commission, the public & national media. But, I won’t be holding my breath. His spin doctors will continue with the lame arse excuses. He’ll probably now, offer sponsorship of some kind to projects or a “Women’s” sports team or individual. Then the nation will put him back up on the mantelpiece of NZ hero’s?
    He should lose his title of “Sir”? If not. From this point forward be known as “Sir Dickhead – of White Man’s Island” from the colony in the South Pacific, New Zealand, the Land of the Old White Prick!

  2. Peter was indeed brought up in Princess / Horner Streets of Newtown, streets with several large families and money was scarce. A strong Labour supporters area.

    Peter seems to have cut his ties with his family background and prefers to hob nob with Tories.

    Barney Richards who lived just down the road in contrast has become the President of the NZ Peace Council.

    Chalk and Cheese hardly describes it. Barney gets the picture that Peter seems incapable of seeing despite of his gotten gains.after much help along the way.

    Barney has stood for something important and facilitated healing from WWII. A fellow Newtown is immensely proud of.

  3. I think this is issue where neither side is at fault. When I was younger I spent one year living on a pacific island where my father was born. On my return an uncle of the same nationality remarked that I wasn’t a proper coconut because I hadn’t learnt the language. I was deeply hurt but that wasn’t the intention of my uncle. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body, in fact he was kind, gentle and honorable. These types comments and jokes while they may be hurtful to some are not meant with malice nor offense. Peter is a people person. Not because it makes good business sense but because that is who he is at the core. On a totally unrelated incident months ago people called into talk back saying how he goes right out of his way to help many people because that’s who he is. Peter isn’t a racist and Lara isn’t a whiner. It was a joke without malice probably intended to lighten the situation that caused offense. I’ve heard plenty of blatant racist jokes and remarks from others that were sent under the guise of humor. I don’t think that this was one of those occasions. Lets move on and focus on the racial inequality that affects thousands of us every day rather that a joke on a beach. This story is just a headline grabber that the media jump on because it sells. It has about as much relevance as Shrek the sheep.

  4. What was scrawled on McCully’s electoral office wall, was pure venomous hatred. No ambiguity there for misinterpretation, as was the case with the Peter Leitch and Lara Bridger issue!

    When I last looked, NZH had the item on the hate speech directed at Murray McCully about half way down the page. No doubt it will be gone completely soon, to make more room for the next installment of the Waiheke vineyard saga.

    Our msm has really sunk low into the cesspit swamp of pathetic news delivery, tabloid style!

    Thank goodness for the option of alternative media, such as TDB, TS and the like.

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