Trumpism as diet Fascism: The great unravelling of America and how the Left are helping it




Sure, Hillary Clinton was a neoliberal war hawk whose platform wouldn’t do anything for the white working poor, but she was no fascist.

There seems to be little question left that Trump is an actual one.

Claims that Trump is moderating himself are wishful thinking when you look at the political circus freak show he has already appointed to his cabinet. A white supremacist, A black voter suppressor, An Islamophobe and naked nepotism combine with a President elect who owes his win to no one other than the hate and anger he unleashed at the ballot box.

This all adds up to a fascist police state in waiting.

We need to acknowledge that Trumpism is the new Fascism and that the only thing holding Trump back is convention.

He doesn’t give a flying fuck about convention.

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The Left in America however are not helping.

Putting Clinton up as a candidate was a terrible failure of imagination, and Democratic Party elites killing off Bernie Sander’s candidacy didn’t help.

Screaming racism when many of Trump’s supporters in the Rust Belt voted for Barack Obama twice before isn’t helping.

Screaming sexism when 53% of white women voted Trump isn’t helping.

Screaming and rioting when that’s exactly what the Left were claiming Trump supporters would do isn’t helping and is hypocritical.

If Progressives in America can’t look beyond their cosmopolitan elitism and understand why white working people would vote against neoliberalism, then they’ve failed as a movement.

Sure there are some Trump supporters who are racist and sexist arseholes, but Trump didn’t win because of them, he won because white working people being crushed by free market globalisation voted for him.

He will reward that support with a jackboot to the face.


  1. Trumps Attorney General nominee is Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. This man is an enigma.

    To quote CNN “He had denounced the 1965 Voting Rights Act and had labeled the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP “un-American” and said the organizations “forced civil rights down the throats of people.”

    “A black Justice Department staffer said Sessions had called him “boy” and claimed he had thought the Ku Klux Klan “were OK until I found out they smoked pot”, apparently that last one was a joke!

    And of course defended Trumps travel ban on Muslims.

    But on the other hand Sessions thinks differently again: He’s broken ranks with Republicans, as well, voting against the bank bailout amid the 2008 economic collapse.

    And from his website “”Senator Sessions is committed to immigration reform that serves the national interest — not the special interests — and that curbs the unprecedented flow of immigration that is sapping the wages and job prospects of those living and working here today,”.

    Now that last one especially is in COMPLETE contrast to the John Key’s of this world, the text-book Neo-Lib government that sprung up here and in the UK, Australia etc and was expected to carry on in the US. The-pump the country full of cheap labour-scenario and to hell with its citizens, the same one we have been getting here for the last 8 years.

    Strange unpredictable times, but I bet it is one our current government is very uncomfortable with but for reasons of their own self-preservation!

    • Neo-liberal corporatism can do just fine without international freedom of movement. One of the few “free trade agreements” that guarantees the same freedom of movement to humans that it guarantees to capital is the Closer Economic Relations deal between NZ and Oz, which was negotiated by Muldoon, hardly a darling of the neo-liberal elite. The only other one I’m aware of is the “Common Market” (EEC), which was strongly influenced by the human rights thinking that was influential in Europe post-WW2.

      As we saw in the 90s, worker protections (eg right to unionize, decent minimum wage) can be attacked just as easily by allowing high unemployment and casualization of formerly secure jobs, as they can by increasing the labour pool through immigration. It’s a lot easier to keep workers in sweatshop conditions when they can’t emigrate to countries with better worker protections. Freedom of emigration and immigration are basic human rights, ensuring that the borders of countries can’t function as the walls of open-air work prisons. Blaming immigrants for the bad behaviour of corporate-dominated business is not principled opposition to neo-liberalism, it’s nationalist socialism ie fascism.

      • You can export your production to cheap labour sweatshops in the case of here, the US, etc and you can make a bad problem even worse by importing that cheap labour back into your country, to drop standards even lower and turn your country into the same. Only the few win here.

        Aus and NZ were like for like as was a large part of th EEC. Third world and NZ is not although give John and team time to win the fastest race to the bottom.

  2. Great post Martyn. Trump is much more a failing from the left than a triumph of the right imo.
    Love or hate him Russell Brand has weighed in (and is worth a watch):
    Jon Stewart too (the guy is wicked smart):
    And also this guy’s rant is on the money:

    “The Left” is not going to win by constantly insulting and disparaging “The Right”. The whole “us vs them” mentally is exactly how we ended up with Trump (and why we actually deserve him).

      • The three links I posted basically cover the entire range of feelings I have about this whole thing. I just can’t understand why almost no one on the left seems to “get it” and is STILL asking “how did Trump happen?”. Have you been living in a fucking cave for the last 10 years? What happened seems blatantly obvious to me and Trump’s victory came as no surprise whatsoever. Ultimately “we” did this to ourselves. Now we have to man the fuck up, and move on.

  3. I think we had a lucky escape from Hillary. Her no fly zone would have led to WW3 pretty quickly.

    If Trump picks up his war machines and goes home to wreck his own country the rest of us might be better off.

    I’m not confident though. Fascists need someone to blame and kill.

  4. “I’m not confident though. Fascists need someone to blame and kill.”

    History has proven you correct, Chris.

  5. re “Trumpism as diet Fascism” …well to this one could argue “Clintonism is diet Stalinism”

    really the Democrats were soooo bad and soooo corrupt that they did in Bernie Sanders a real lefty who could have beaten Trump

    …lets face it , Hillary is in the tradition of Kissinger, Albright and the Bushes…a warmonger and a very dangerous mad one

      • thought the point would be clear….not a fascist, not a racist, not a misogynist…at least by his own account and in this interview

        …so has the mainstream Clinton neolib media misrepresented him?…as they have misrepresented many others

          • From ‘Zero Hedge’ :

            ‘What Liberals should like about Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Strategist’ by George Washington

            “I’d never heard of Steve Bannon until Trump named him as chief strategist and senior counselor.

            I soon learned that Bannon is executive chairman of Breitbart, which the media labels an “alt right” news source (I’ve only read a few articles on Breitbart, when linked from other websites).

            I’ve also heard a lot of accusations that Bannon is a racist, sexist and homophobe. If true, that’s despicable.

            Indeed, Democrats are so upset by Trump’s naming of Bannon that the Senate Minority Leader (Harry Reid) has demanded that Trump rescind Bannon’s appointment.

            But there’s one reason that liberals should applaud Bannon’s appointment. The Fiscal Times explains:

            On Tuesday, BuzzFeed News released a transcript of remarks Bannon delivered to the Christian conservative Human Dignity Institute in 2014. In a lengthy discourse on the causes and aftereffects of the 2008 financial crisis Bannon, himself a former managing partner at Goldman Sachs, blamed the financial crisis and subsequent recession on the “greed” of his fellow bankers and expressed anger at the fact that no bank executives faced criminal prosecution.

            “Think about it — not one criminal charge has ever been brought to any bank executive associated with 2008 crisis,” Bannon said. “And in fact, it gets worse. No bonuses and none of their equity was taken. So part of the prime drivers of the wealth that they took in the 15 years leading up to the crisis was not hit at all, and I think that’s one of the fuels of this populist revolt that we’re seeing as the tea party.”

            He continued, “[T]he underpinning of this populist revolt is the financial crisis of 2008. That revolt, the way that it was dealt with, the way that the people who ran the banks and ran the hedge funds have never really been held accountable for what they did, has fueled much of the anger in the tea party movement in the United States.”

            Some of Bannon’s remarks sound as though they could have come not from the close aide to an incoming Republican president, but rather from liberals like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders or populist Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

            Among other things, he discussed what he sees as the need to limit the activities that financial institutions are allowed to engage in, such as forcing commercial banks to focus on lending, and blocking investment banks from trading in securities.

            Bannon criticized steps taken at the outset of the financial crisis to prevent widespread failures in the financial services industry, arguing that the burden of paying for the bailout was on taxpayers while the benefits flowed to “crony capitalists.”


            Here’s how capitalism metastasized, is that all the burdens put on the working-class people who get none of the upside. All of the upside goes to the crony capitalists.

            “The bailouts were absolutely outrageous, and here’s why: It bailed out a group of shareholders and executives who were specifically accountable. The shareholders were accountable for one simple reason: They allowed this to go wrong without changing management … And we know this now from congressional investigations, we know it from independent investigations, this is not some secret conspiracy. This is kind of in plain sight.”

            Bannon described an alliance of law firms, accounting firms and other influential players in Washington who collectively pressured politicians and prosecutors to look the other way as, in his telling, the same people who caused the crisis in the first place benefited lavishly from the efforts to repair the damage they had done.
            But it was his promise — made nearly a year before Trump declared his candidacy and almost two years before Bannon became CEO of his campaign — that will likely cause the most concern in Wall Street boardrooms.

            “And they’ve never been held accountable today,” Bannon said. “Trust me — they are going to be held accountable.”

            Bannon’s statements mirror what top liberal economists (and top economists from across the political spectrum) have repeatedly said.

            For example:

            Prosecuting Fraud

            Another Nobel Economist Says We Have to Prosecute Fraud Or Else the Economy Won’t Recover
            Top Bank Fraud Expert: ALL of the Big Banks’ Profits Come from FRAUD
            Settling Prosecutions For Pennies on the Dollar Is a Type of Bailout
            Real Free Market Capitalists Demand that Financial Fraud Be Prosecuted
            The Government Has It Bass-Ackwards: Failing To Prosecute Criminal Fraud by the Big Banks Is Killing – NOT Saving – the Economy
            30,000 Criminal Referrals Led to 1,000+ Felony Convictions In Major Fraud Cases During the S&L Crisis … Not Even a SINGLE Prosecution Today, Even Though the 2008 Crisis Was 70 Times Bigger


            6 Years After the Financial Crisis Hit, The Big Banks Are Still Committing Massive Crimes
            Is Greed “Good” … The “Root of All Evil” … Or Something Else?

            Disgorging Ill-Gotten Gains

            Top Fraud Prosecutor: The Criminals Can Be Forced to Disgorge their Ill-Gotten Gains INCLUDING Bonuses

            Popular Anger

            The Occupy Movement Is Protesting the SAME THING that the Founding Fathers Protested at the Boston Tea Party

            Banks Should Be Limited to Banking

            Wall Street Angry that Trump Says Restore Glass-Steagall
            “Too Big To Fails” Have Stopped Being Banks
            Volcker: Financial Innovation is Worthless, and Banks Should Be Limited to Traditional Depository Functions
            Former Chairman of Citigroup: Restore Glass-Steagall


            The Federal Reserve Is Bailing Out FOREIGN Banks … More than the American People or Economy
            The Government Lied When It Said It Only Bailed Out Healthy Banks … 12 of the 13 Big Banks Were Going Bust
            BIS Warns that Bailouts Could Damage Financial System
            IMF Warns of Revolution if Another Round of Bailouts Is Handed Out
            Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong

            Crony Capitalism

            Fed President: Too Big Banks Are Just Crony Capitalists
            Protesters Worldwide Demand An End to Crony Capitalism
            Capitalism, Socialism or Fascism?
            What’s the Difference Between Fascism, Communism and Crony-Capitalism? Nothing

            Benefiting from Wrongdoing

            It’s Not the “Great Recession”. It’s the Great BANK ROBBERY
            Psychopaths Caused the Financial Crisis … And They Will Do It Again and Again Unless They Are Removed From Power

            So whatever you think of Bannon on a personal level, he could – if his statements reflect his real beliefs, and if he champions them in the Trump White House – help fix our broken financial system …”



  6. He is a fascist, for sure:

    I watched the shit NZ news, kiddies loving the war ships visiting our ports and all this crap, NZers are one of the most brainwashed people on earth, I am absolutely sure of this – you follow the US and are totally committed to fascism now, in the coverage of capitalism.

    What a shocking disgrace, where is the moral compass of NZers, it no longer seems to exist, be very fucking ashamed, New Zealanders, you are flirting with fascists.

  7. this tweet is good ..from Dabooda

    “BERNIE SANDERS would be a genius choice for Secretary of State. A kick in the teeth to the Clintonistas and the neocons, an olive branch to liberals of good will, and a hilarious end to the American civil war that the MSM and Soros are trying to drum up. Bernie’s foreign policy was the only thing I liked about him.”

  8. Sure, Hillary Clinton was a neoliberal war hawk whose platform wouldn’t do anything for the white working poor, but she was no fascist.

    neoliberal war hawk, Your statement is ludicrous of course she’s a fascist for f’s sake have you left your brains in a lost luggage compartment!?

  9. You were right to label Hillary a neoliberal. You were mistaken to label the Democratic Party (and by extension, Hillary) as ‘left’. The Democratic Party hasn’t represented the left in many many decades. It is a centrist party that pays lip-service to the left for campaigns, but once in power leans right.

    USA needs to learn ‘third parties’ are not ‘spoilers’, they are in fact the only way to save democracy in America.

  10. In fact many voted for Trump because he was a voice rejecting the fascism of the Politically Correct who were trying to silence dissenting voices.

    Most Americans were sick & tired of the shrill cries of the Social Justice Warriors silencing rational debate on matters such as race, gender and Islam.

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