A high five for the protestors!


To say I was disappointed reading Chris Trotter’s opposition to protests against the defence industry and warship visits in Auckland would be an understatement.

Somehow Trotter feels they were mistimed, apolitical and unhelpful because he feels the public weren’t ready for the message.

If New Zealanders in the past had taken his argument seriously we would never have protested against rugby links with South Africa; against New Zealand involvement in the Vietnam War or ANZUS; in support of a nuclear-free New Zealand; in support of gay rights or any such campaigns.
Public protests are always the spearhead for important campaigns where the aim is to provoke community reaction, build public awareness and ultimately shift public opinion to a majority view.

On this basis the Auckland protests should be celebrated by us all.

I suspect it’s Chris Trotter who is not ready to protest US imperialism rather than the public at large not being ready to consider it.

So congratulations to everyone protesting this week in Auckland – all strength to your arms. There are excellent reasons to engage in stroppy protest.

Represented in the war flotilla is the US – a country currently bombing seven countries and using extra-judicial assassinations ( ie murder) through drone strikes as a policy tool.

The US even murdered a New Zealand citizen – Daryl Jones – in Yemen in 2013 but our Prime Minister said it didn’t matter.

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The so-called “defence industry” with their war-mongering expo on at the same time is an affront to all of humanity. Their profiteering from human misery, death and destruction makes them arguably the most depraved human beings of all.

In the last day we have seen US sailors helping out in Kaikoura in a public-relations opportunity they will relish. It helps take attention away from their real job – slaughtering their way around much of the rest of the world to keep it safe for US corporations.

Opposing US imperialism won’t be a popular message for many but getting people to think more widely is critical and public protest the best vehicle to do so in the meantime.


  1. Absolutely! The crimes of the US and its collaborationist NZ sock puppet Government must be kept in the public’s mind. Especially now that the MSM is no longer fulfilling its obligation to inform.

    As for Monsieur Trottoir (who was never a lefty even in his heyday), I suggest we just continue to ignore him. As he gets older and crustier he seems to be wandering further to the right with each passing day. Just let him wander in his wilderness and let the more energetic young carry the torch.

    I am so glad they are there and doing this…

  2. A local iwi in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland NZ, Ngati Paoa is currently rehearsing their part on the waters of Tamaki Makaurau, Okahu Bay for their involvement in the up and coming NZ Navy’s 75th year celebration. Twenty international and New Zealand navy ships will take part in the event, in which Te Kotuiti Tuarua (Ngati Paoa waka).

    A Self-proclaimed, leader, Hau Rawiri decided himself to take part in the event “Operation Neptune” and welcome into the Hauraki Gulf, Waitemata Harbour, the USS Sampson & the Chilean Ship the Esmeralda. The latter ship was used by Augusto Pinochet in his reign of terror he imposed upon the people of Chile in the 1970’s assisted by the US. These are two of more than 20 vessels.
    Both of these ships of death and destruction are not worthy of any kind of celebration or warrant the honour to be welcomed by the waka Kotuiti Tuarua of Ngati Paoa.

    The sad thing john is this; Ngati Paoa’s self appointed Brian Tamaki like leader decided himself to participate in the escorting of the Navy’s Death-Merchant War Ships into the Waitemata Harbour in the waka Kotuiti Taurua.

    This has been disturbing news for many of the elders of Ngati Paoa as the history for Ngati Paoa & the NZ Navy in the firth of Thames is one of death and destruction.

    At the turn of the 19th century the British Navy had relentlessly bombed villages & Paa along the seabird coast, Pukorokoro/Miranda (not far from Kaiaua-100kms south east from Auckland Central) and killed many of our ancestors.

    “Rangipo pa invasion.”
    Which is what most of their tupuna did in 1863 when 850 British Bluejackets landed on the western Firth of Thames, after Governor Grey ordered the invasion of the Waikato. They came in warships, shelled pa’s and villages and swept ashore. Then the Crown took the land and gave some to the soldiers. The Ngati Whanaunga-Paoa village of Pukorokoro was renamed Miranda after one of the warships, HMS Miranda.”
    Geoff Cumming Herald Article, 2012.

    No apology from the Crown has been made or offered to the people of Ngati Paoa to this day.

    Hau Rawiri likes the limelight, show pony stuff and negotiating the shittyest treaty settlement ever for the people of Ngati Paoa!

    However, there’s a fly in the ointment …. me!

    • ” The latter ship was used by Augusto Pinochet in his reign of terror he imposed upon the people of Chile in the 1970’s assisted by the US. These are two of more than 20 vessels.
      Both of these ships of death and destruction are not worthy of any kind of celebration or warrant the honour to be welcomed by the waka Kotuiti Tuarua of Ngati Paoa.”

      Takere, excellent post, and I am being monitored, my browser tells me, we are being watched by SIS and GCSB here, these nasty bastards. Let us spread the truth, under this rotten dictatorship we have in NZ.

    • The one who is offensive by defending the war mongers, that is you, dear Dave.

      While I agree we need effective defence as a nation, we should follow the Swiss or other nations, who rather be non allied and equip and train their own for defence and civil emergency purposes, not boot-lick the US or any other major power.

      But as so many have become accustomed to send off the few professional soldiers to risk their lives on foreign soil, and go home and enjoy the leisure of their pampered middle class lives, we will probably not have many volunteer to go bush and do some training in the hills.

      One day it may all backfire, as mercenaries are not the best defence there is.

  3. All power to the protesters for making a mark on US imperialism.

    US doesn’t like others practicing imperialism so why should we all accept US imperialism?

    Doesn’t make sense as US is run by global corporations that want war to make money from it.

  4. I am glad John Minto wrote this, but he should include all warships from all major powers, that we should protest against, including the Chinese, Russian and so forth.

  5. The greatest expertise of SIS and GCSB and governments is to isolate and label dissidents, so they are driven to extremist groups, such that may favour this, and while I write this, I note the slow motion of my writing on this browsers, meaning this is being recorded, word by word:


    You are as reader here exposed to the same surveillance and control, you are deemed a threat to this corrupt system running this country, and I have enough ammo to take this goverment down, for their lies and corruption, problem is their own “watchdogs protect them:

    Post link (online):

    Link to anonymised request letter to the OAG:

    Links to Maria Rawiri’s letter in response, dated 30 Oct. 2014:


    Link to Ombudsmen’s Office Annual Reports page (contained in Maria Rawiri’s letter):

    Link to response letter by complainant (also anonymised), also with second request, dated 04 Nov. 2014 (please note the link has the wrong date, i.e. 01 Nov.):

    Links to Maria Rawiri’s second letter in response, dated 17 Dec. 2014:


    Link to third request by complainant (also anonymised), dated 30 Dec. 2014:

    Link to document with report held by Transparency NZ (contained in letter):

    Links to Maria Rawiri’s third response letter to the third request for an inquiry and review, dated 09 April 2015:


    Link to the complainant’s anonymised response letter to the above third letter by M. Rawiri, his one dated 23 April 2015:


    Link to the complainant’s anonymised Privacy Act request to the OAG, dated 07 May 2015:

    Link to the Acting Auditor General’s reply to the Privacy Act request by the complainant, also partly anonymised, dated 20 May 2015:


    New Zealand is one of the most brainwashed and controlled countries and societies in the western world, sadly the government gets away with murder, while most people are asleep and dreaming, and falling for endless lies, even the Ombudsman is in the pocket of a corrupt government here.

  6. Congratulations to the activists who opposed the War Industry Fair. The money that is dished out to war corporations is obscene. The world should be concentrating on the serious threats to civilization, to all of humanity, extreme poverty and climate chaos.

  7. All this celebration of war will amount to nothing good, for anyone but the few. It is so apparent these days, who and why wars are started, and why NZ sadly supports and partakes in such ‘money makers’.
    Yes congratulations to the protesters! May they only grow in number.

  8. It was good too see that some New Zealanders still care and arent prepared to be silent and do nothing.

    Proud of all those who took part.

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