Key throws all NZ workers under a bus to defend his immigration scam






Key throws all NZ workers under a bus trying to defend his corrupt immigration policies…

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Immigrant workers needed due to NZers’ work ethic, drug use – PM

“But go and ask the employers, and they will say some of these people won’t pass a drug test, some of these people won’t turn up for work, some of these people will claim they have health issues later on. So it’s not to say there aren’t great people who transition from Work and Income to work, they do, but it’s equally true that they’re also living in the wrong place, or they just can’t muster what is required to actually work.”

…there is so much that is disgracefully vile in Key’s comments, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Firstly, the work conditions these bosses provide are what turn NZers off from working them. The pathetic wage, the de-unionised work, the safety issues, the lack of benefits – this is what turns NZers off from working these jobs, yet here we have Key defending bringing these workers into feed the business interests that fund his Party because NZers are too drugged and lazy to do them.


Secondly, Key ignores his own self interest in keeping the student and work visa scams going because his Party needs the pressure those extra workers generate in housing to keep the property bubble inflating which in turn keeps the rental speculating middle Nu Zilind in his pocket.

It is National’s immigration policy that keeps flooding our country with a cheap, un-unionised labour force and the fake growth of over crowding. It is not because NZ workers smoke dope and are lazy, it’s because National have skewed the playing field for the bosses, and not the workers.

Our immigration crisis is driven by unscrupulous bosses who are bringing foreign students here under the falsehood of job security and exploiting them. This isn’t about NZers being xenophobic, this is about allowing large scale exploitation of young foreign students, many of whom have no idea of what their rights are.

Key and the National Party have built this mess, just like their counter-productive and punitive social policy is producing homelessness, their exploitative immigration policy is hurting local workers, feeding a property bubble and exacerbating the housing crisis.

To then have Key blame NZ workers for being lazy is insult to injury.

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  1. Interesting that we now have a Prime Minister who slags of New Zealanders. He must feel supremely confident or desperate. Is he actually race baiting?

    • Key is using Hitler’s old “divide & rule” policy, as we know he studied Hitler greatly before!!!!

      So welcome to the new NZ of fascism, as key is an advocate this this system.

      • The capitalists have always been advocates for fascism. Capitalism is also the sole reason why societies fail.

        • The term fascism was not invented until the late 1920s (Mussolini).

          The main reasons societies fail is because leaders become detached from reality and because the systems adopted by the society destroy the capacity to produce food.

    • Perhaps he can start with himself… he spent around over half his adult life offshore in other country’s… is the man what we would really call a New Zealander anyway?

  2. You couldn’t have put it better except to add that little hitler prick Key should be done like a dogs dinner for wreaking this country
    Next it will be a full on police state to get his corrupt shit on full

  3. I agree, this is a new low for the PM, if he hasn’t already reached it. Its defamatory and insulting. The work conditions, health and safety conditions, the employer attitude towards workers and non respect from them is enough to turn any decent person off wanting a job in this country. I have good knowledge from colleagues and friends of employees being driven to depression, being bullied and belittled by their heads of departments and the morale in some offices is so low its beyond the endurance of what should be a normal work place.

    Work attrition is the norm and when one staff member leaves in utter despair or takes an early retirement then their role is then divided up among the rest of the department and a staff of 60 will end up 40 – and still going down. We are back in Victorian times with serfs and bosses. It needn’t have happened, we can still have a better work place for New Zealanders if bosses and “unions” (I hate that word) – workers’ advocates is a better one, could sit down and nut out how to make a happier work force and still make a profit at the end of the year.

    Of course bosses are going to prefer immigrants from third world countries coming in to do their grape/fruit picking, these immigrants are used to living on slave rates – the employers are lazy and are just not prepared to pay a living wage and its never going to change because there will always be some rotten bosses and greed will always prevail. There is a complete lack of respect between the divides (classes) of society here in NZ and that’s how the PM likes it.

    Just because the PM is filthy rich it does not give him any mana, any manners or consideration for other people and corruption wafts about him like after shave. Its always the way “all hair oil and no socks” as my old Granny used to say. You are judged by the company you keep and he keeps company with some disgusting people, I rest my case.

    • 100% Whispering Kate well said and shared as I see the some loss of hope in many now Key is forcing people to desperation now.

  4. Yes this fallacy that New Zealanders are lazy dope smokers serves as an excuse to bring people here to fill jobs that kiwis won’t do. In Timaru there’s no better example the Japanese owned juice factory that employs Jactive (employment company) Malaysian, Japanese and Vietnamese students on three month working visas to run the factory through the winter carrot juicing season. These workers are expected to work six days on one day off 12 hours a day on the minimum wage. They also pay a finders fee to Jactive and are expected to stay in a motel complex in Timaru. They can’t find other cheaper accommodation as their employment will be terminated. There’s also no extra pay for night shift and there employment is classed as casual. No carrots no work, minimal notice. Two shifts of 20 odd workers are expected to clean up after lazy NZ workers in a nice control room earning $23 an hour. These working visas imports do out standing work in cold condition. Someone deared to question working conditions one season and the whole lot of them got told your work here is finished sacked the whole lot of them. The reasoning for employing these people was NZ workers don’t turn up in weekends etc so we have no choice.

  5. As usual, MSM response has been to practically ignore it.
    Just imagine their furore if Andrew Little had said that.
    What an apathetic bunch of stenographers the news media in New Zealand have become.

    • Bloody right Mike the leftie, key hates us like no one I have ever seen to the point that I am wondering if he is sick in the head or just an evil anti human kind.

  6. …. The big picture to this immigration scam is , John Key and His National Party are using these new immigrants as his Election Voter`s Booster…

    They become illegible to vote in the next upcoming elections and you all know who these new immigrants will favor(after the Electoral Commission has deleted 20,000 people or more , off the electoral roll)

    If John Key / National Party can`t find the numbers to win the next election …They will FIX IT to win!!

    Beware NZ ….

  7. Guinea pig hypothesis:

    International bankers, corporations and behind-the-scenes globalists need a small, isolated, uninformed, and easily manipulated populace to experiment on. They attempt to impose what would normally be regarded as outrageous policies on the NZ population and observe the response.

    If the populace does not vigorously resist, the policy is then adopted and imposed in other parts of the world.

    If the populace does vigorously resist, the policy is put in a drawer for a few years and then resurrected when conditions are deemed suitable for a second experiment, to see whether NZ society has been sufficiently disempowered for the outrageous policy to not generate resistance.

    Thus, international bankers and globalists are able to impose, via stealth and attrition over a period of time, policies that could not be radically imposed on a cohesive and well-informed society that is capable of resisting.

    Also, over a period of time, older folk who knew different die, and the populace become increasingly dominated by people who have grown up under increasing levels of corporate consumerism, increasing levels of dumbing-down and increasing levels of employment insecurity, and have never known anything other than corporate consumerism, dumbing-down and employment insecurity -the baseline shift phenomenon.

    Aldous Huxley postulated in the early 1960s that populaces of western nations would eventually become so dumbed-down and conditioned they would ‘love their state of slavery’.

  8. Oh yeah, I heard someone say, oh, yeah, I heard the employer down in Otago say, oh yeah, I heard the employer near Blenheim say, oh yeah, I heard the employer in Hawke’s Bay say, oh yeah, I heard much hearsay, so it must be true, right? Yeah right, it must be true, it will be put onto a Tui board near you soon, that is if the “news” on TV have not already “reported” on it:

    And the numbers are “increasing”, so I heard:

    “The social development minister at the time, Paula Bennett, lauded the policy as a success when, in the first 12 weeks, only 22 tests were positive – or about 1.8 each week.

    But according to Official Information Act responses, a year after the scheme began, there was an average of 2.3 failures a week. In 2014, there were 134 failures, or about 2.6 each week.

    Only one person failed both an initial and follow-up test.

    Information from the ministry showed less than half of these cases resulted in sanctions. In 2014, benefits were cut in half for 33 cases, including twice for families with children. Another 27 times, allowances were fully cancelled.”

    “In a letter to Dr Van Herck this week, Work and Income principal health adviser David Bratt said the department was very aware of doctor-bullying. “It regularly gets brought to our attention – usually in smaller provincial areas.”

    Oh yeah, “doctor bullying”, what about Dr Bratt’s “sick bullying” then? He is a true hatchet doctor, their Principal Health Advisor, he probably instigated this whole “scandal”:

    • My crap browser keeps playing up, so some text is missing that I had put in there. I wanted to refer in the second and last part of that comment to Judith Collins repeatedly going on nearly ten years ago, how doctors were allegedly being “bullied” by beneficiaries, who wanted them to sign certificates so they could go on the benefit.

      That was also based on hearsay, and two doctors were then quoted by media, one of whom appeared to be rather hard-line and biased. So while the media went on about that, we later learned how Dr Bratt, MSD’s Principal Health Advisor, was likening beneficiaries to “addicts” to drugs, who needed to toughen up and get a job, as work was “therapeutic” for them.

      With his presentations, see my comment above, he then resorted to nothing less than beneficiary and sick bashing.

  9. Immigration, yes, the truth behind much of it:

    Do some search on the web, there are enough reports on what really goes on, but the “media” report what our “Esteemed Dear Leader” says, yeah right, he must know.

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