If NZ workers are lazy stoners – what does that make the 10% of bosses who aren’t giving 170 000 workers written contracts?



This week, in an effort to hide the impact of immigration scams that con cheap workers from overseas to come to NZ and erode the pay standards and exacerbate the housing crisis, John Key unbelievably claimed the reason we need to bring these slave workers in is because NZ workers are stoned and lazy.

Note, it’s not the shit pay, the dangerous work conditions and the lack of dignity that is to blame, oh no, it’s the lazy stoner NZ worker. It’s not the exploitative nature of the immigration at fault, it’s druggie layabouts.


So if workers are lazy stoners, what does that make of the 10% of bosses who don’t even bother giving 170 000 workers a bloody written contract…

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More than 170,000 denied legal right to written employment agreement
More than 170,000 workers don’t have a written employment agreement, despite it being a legal requirement, with casual and part-time workers the worst affected.

The problem is particularly bad among casual workers, with one third reporting they had no written contract, and among part-timers where the rate was 17.4 per cent. Among full-time employees it was 6.4 per cent.

By far the worst industries were agriculture, forestry and fishing, where 20 per cent had no written agreement, followed by construction and accommodation and food services at about 15 per cent.

…once again National are using hateful stereotypes to defend their exploitation of foreign workers and their voting block who a) use those exploited workers and b) hate unions lap it up and love the denigration.

As disgusting as National are to whip up this hate mongering, it’s National’s voting base that keeps rewarding Key’s spite.


  1. Shonkey is the biggest drug pusher I believe;

    Proof s in this; Key has never used his new powers of surveillance tro stamp out the drugs??

    Since he has given himself these powers to stamp out drugs in NZ, then you need to ask yourself why would he just go soft on drugs??????

  2. Nobody is saying NZ *workers* are lazy stoners.

    What they are saying is that most of the 5% unemployed are.

    Despite a multitude of job vacancies, these people can’t be arsed to get up in the morning to go to work.

    I’m sick of carrying them: They should have their benefit cut.

    • Nobody is saying NZ *workers* are lazy stoners.

      What they are saying is that most of the 5% unemployed are.

      Citation for that, Andrew?

      Or yet again, you’re just parroting your usual right-wing bigoted bullshit.

  3. If New Zealand workers actually earned wages they could realistically live on for the work they do that would be an incentive to come off existing on the dole for a decent paid job where you could actually have a chance at having a rewarding life.
    But in NZ that prospect is pie in the sky stuff unless you come under the category of a CEO who is paid what the international market dictates what is the generous going rate for the position, they are never underpaid but are awarded highly obscene salaries and performance targets that often include keeping the wage bill low.
    With no longer the union protection in most cases most workers face the full onslaught of the low wage economy and being given the option “if you want the job”you will sign up as a contractor often on a limited contract of employment with no entitlements like holiday or sick pay and no kiwisaver employer contribution.
    If you work out the hours you must work until the job is done based on a salary the hourly rate is abysmal and you never want to be away sick as you will not get paid.
    It just shows that are forebears were right when they realised that the working person will always be exploited unless they have protection and since the Free Market became a reality and the destruction of the union movement began in 1991 given the opportunity working people will always be exploited and under paid that has never changed which is why the union movement was formed in the first place.
    Any politician promising higher wages in this country has to be taken with a fair degree of scepticism like the current incumbent who deliberately misled the voting public promising voting for National we would get higher wages, never in their history have they come close to delivering that reality.

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