Do National voters want us to be tenants in our own country?



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The latest on housing unaffordability made worse by speculation. It seems our Canadian cuzzies are on the right track;


Vancouver's property market - foreign speculators - radio nz - housing prices


Which merited this response from me, addressed to National voters;

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from: Frank Macskasy <>
to: Dominion Post <>
date: Mon, Sep 5, 2016
subject: Letter to the editor


The editor
Dominion Post

Canada’s Vancouver has been suffering a mirror-image of Auckland’s runaway housing price boom. Like Auckland, average house prices were past the $900,000 mark. Canadians were being locked out of buying their own home by cashed-up foreign speculators.

Last month, the State government of British Columbia imposed a 15% sales tax on foreign house buyers (Chinese, Americans, etc) and the result has deterred foreign speculators.

Here in New Zealand, National is obsessed with it’s free-market doctrine and is willing to sacrifice our tradition of home-ownership. Foreign (and homegrown) speculators are inflating a housing bubble that is not only unfair to New Zealanders wanting to buy their own home, but is ultimately unsustainable.

Unless we literally want to become tenants in our own country, the sale of houses to non-New Zealanders must be banned immediatly. The free-market doctrine serves wealthy overseas investors, as well as local speculators, but not New Zealanders wanting their own homes.

I urge those who vote National to consider what sort of country they want to live in, and what sort of country they want to leave their children.

If National voters think that money is all that matters, then we truly will get the kind of society we deserve.
-Frank Macskasy

[address and phone number supplied]


Let’s hope the ‘light goes on‘ with National voters…




Radio NZ: Lending restrictions start to take effect on Auckland’s housing market

Radio NZ: Vancouver’s property market slumps after new foreign buyers tax

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  1. National voters have fallen in love with there abusers. How many water born diseases can they put up with before tax cuts have the opposite effect

  2. ‘Do National voters want us to be tenants in our own country?’

    Yes. The whole game is one of concentration of wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many and exploitation of the many by the few, and ensuring there are no mechanisms to prevent it continuing.

    ‘Conspiracy theorists’ would add to that narrative that there is an agenda for complete take-over of the world by banks and corporations via New World Order/UN/ Bilderberg conspirators.

    A better question might be: What portion of potential voters does it take to install a National government? 25% of potential voters? 20% of potential voters? 15% of potential voters? 10% of potential voters…..

    Bear in mind, Frank, that a huge swag of the populace did not bother to vote at the last general election because they couldn’t be bothered or because they now regard voting as a waste of time: whichever party forms the government, policies are essentially the same.

    It might also be worth bearing in mind that voting systems have become so centralised and so computerised that vote rigging is easily accomplished.

    Faith in centralised systems is at an all-time low, not just in NZ but throughout most of the world partly because people are waking up to the fact that it’s all a rigged game.

    Here’s a reminder of the relevant section of results obtained from a study earlier in the year:


    9. Local government – 12 per cent (down 37 per cent)

    10. Corporations and large businesses – 11 per cent (down 37 per cent)

    11. Government ministers – 10 per cent (down 49 per cent)

    12. TV and print media – 8 per cent (down 40 per cent)

    13. Members of parliament – 8 per cent (down 54 per cent)

    • Yes. The whole game is one of concentration of wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many and exploitation of the many by the few, and ensuring there are no mechanisms to prevent it continuing.

      Yep, can’t have rich people without the majority of people being abused and exploited by those rich people.

      The rich the biggest bludgers ever.

  3. Of course National supporters don’t give a flying *&*^ about economic nationalism or social equity. They are so blinded by their greed, however, that they can’t see the groundwork for civil war that they themselves are laying. There are growing numbers of New Zealanders who have lost such hope of ever getting ahead in a rigged system increasingly peopled by foreign overlords, that their only goal is to kill some of them.

  4. Yes Frank they are setting us up right now to be tenants in our own land for sure here.

    And in so many ways that a new government next year will need all opposition Parties support to reverse all the highly corrosive law changes they have been busy amending so Corporates and rich financial overseas interests can take everything we ever had including our homes and all assets, including NZ First.

    Just look at the ( Local Government Amendment 2) Act that is in Parliament today!!!!!!!

  5. Hope is a wonderful human quality Frank. But hope alone without action, courage and compassion is not sufficient.

  6. There is one huge difference between Canada and New Zealand.

    The Canadian Prime Minister is young and very progressive.

    And the NZ Prime Minister is not so young, and very regressive.
    And lacking of brain power along with his so called “kitchen cabinet”

    • The Premier of BC is also a young 50 and leads a ‘conservative’ BC Liberals government for the province. (Christy Clark.) Does crazy things such as raising the minimum wage. Wot a socialist!

  7. By the way, Frank, a natural consequence of the culture of selfishness, greed, stupidity and complete disregard for the future that National so blatantly promotes is the complete breakdown/meltdown of all the geochemical and geophysical systems that make life-as-we-know-it possible.

    With all the alarm lights flashing red and sirens screaming like in a scene from a science fiction film -you know, when the spaceship or the secret facility is in self-destruct mode and the countdown is underway- National push ahead with policies that increase the rate of meltdown.

    We can justifiably say that not only do National (and their supporters) want New Zealanders to be tenants in their own country but they also want to destroy their own children ‘s futures. That’s how thoroughly sick they are.

    The following item provides a dire, yet nevertheless overly optimistic, view of the future:

    ‘Dan Laffoley, IUCN marine adviser and one of the report’s lead authors, said: “What we are seeing now is running well ahead of what we can cope with. The overall outlook is pretty gloomy.’

    In 2017 everything will be worse than in 2016 because they will have been made worse.

  8. The government and its voters, who tend to be property owners, they do in their majority not really care that much. Of course some will be concerned about the increased homelessness and unaffordability of homes for many, but when it comes to the crunch, they all rush to protect their vested interests first.

    This is not just a New Zealand problem, it is similar in many countries, and we have the haves (I include the small property owners, including owner occupiers) make up enough in numbers to ensure conservative or neoliberal governments hold the power.

    They go out and vote, and they have an interest in those falling behind giving up all hope and not vote.

    Greed is the essence of their “survival”, greed is what motivates them, and greed is based on divide and rule, as like with a casino, with lotto and much speculation and gain, not all can be winners, to the rush is there to belong to the privileged.

    National voters want to keep their homes, their investments, their businesses and what comes with it. Some may wish for the poor to be housed well also, but National voters will not like to pay extra taxes for it or make any concessions for this to happen.

    That means we are stuck in the status quo. The market is in their eyes the mechanism to use and “solve” the present crisis, but we know, the investors and developers are also selfish and out to make a profit, they will maximise returns per home rather than build for the poor with no gain.

    And for the rest, almost nobody is addressing one major issue, that is immigration. We can see how Winston has just shot himself in the foot again, opening his mouth too wide, and then having to accept a wealthy immigrant business man donated to his party, while he ranted on against the supposedly ethnic based ‘People’s Party’.

    The MSM love it, do their part, cause much frustration and anger, and hopelessness, so immigration remains the topic nobody dares going, as they get punished right away, rightly or wrongly, the MSM can unleash emotions, and people fall for the manipulations.

    As long as we have such significant gains in immigration, we will have NO chance of getting affordable homes for decades to come.

    New Zealand politics is dirty, dirty and ever so more dirty, and most are too gullible or ignorant to even get it, so they continue to reinforce the status quo.

  9. Maybe, Frank, National voters are feeling just a little queasy with the mess National has made of New Zealand. The websites filled in with comments by tourists extolling the beauty of New Zealand are easily found, but we’ve all been tourists and we know we just have to lift the rug to see what’s really underneath. This link came in today and it’s worth a look ’cause what’s really going on here and worldwide has been so so so carefully planned :
    It’s time for Unity and just say No More, thank you John Key.

    • I think u maybe right Helena. Very scary. What worries me is this plan we are on cannot be changed by the opposition parties…

  10. Frank;

    Bloody well done. Bravo.

    And look at those ‘Who do New Zealanders Trust’ statistics . !! Wow.

    Jonky’s on the ropes!! THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES !!!

    The MSM discredited.
    We’ve caught up with the rest of the world.
    What a difference a year makes.

    Now for the follow through and it can’t involve the Rino Establishment Parties.

    Key will know the worm has turned. Keep alert for any false flags.(Search term
    on if you are unaware. Can take many forms)

    It’s time for,



    • The fifteenth anniversary of the biggest false flag scam in history is only a few days away.

      And almost 15 years after it happened the vast majority of people are totally unaware it was a false flag scam or even what the term false flag means.

      The MSM have been extremely successful in keeping the bulk of the populace trapped in ‘The Matrix’: blue pills all day, every day. (Of course the bulk of the populace would be just as clueless about the red pill/blue pill reference as about false flag operations.)

      Therefore, I question your statement: ‘Key will know the worm has turned.’

      Sure, many of the ‘natives’ are getting ‘restless’, but only over the symptoms and never over the causes or the fundamental deceits that characterise western societies -everything from the phony religious systems to the phony financial systems.

      Understanding the causes of the current predicament requires information the masses never bother to access, and requires ‘outside the square’ thinking they are incapable of.

      I believe that around 20 years ago Jay Hansen postulated that the portion of society that would understand what is going on would never exceed 0.5%, and 20 years later that postulate seems to be proven correct.

      … in the first place, I put forth a general inclination of all mankind a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death. — Thomas Hobbes, LEVIATHAN

      The destruction of the natural world is not the result of global capitalism, industrialisation, “Western civilisation” or any flaw in human institutions. It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation. — John Gray, STRAW DOGS

      …it may be time to recognize the maximum power principle as the fourth thermodynamic law as suggested by Lotka. — H.T.Odum, 1994

  11. Personally, as a non-Aucklander, I don’t give a toss about people wanting to buy houses in the Supercity. I only care at this point about affordable rental availability for those who can get into any kind of house.

    You want to own a house? Leave town and revive the rest of the country.

    When rental costs are under control (and this requires an attack on speculative buying: foreign buyer blocks is part of that, but so are empty house penalties and high rent surcharges), house prices will no doubt also fall, but the social goal is to provide housing, not just to make asset acquisition easy.

    The dream of ownership as an end in itself is a petit bourgeois concern par excellence. This desire to own your own house in Auckland is a first world problem and can wait.

    • Is it wrong of me to laugh all the way to the bank. It’s not like nobody has been warning NZ since 1984 Lel 🙂

      The tears are sweet. I drink it up

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