Trump goes full blown fascist with new immigration speech



Any idea that Trump was softening his position on immigration was just taken out and shot against the wall he wants to build.

After a staged meeting with the Mexican President, Trump goes full fascist by restating his wall and a new expulsion policy…

Donald Trump: Mexico will pay for wall, ‘100%’

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has insisted Mexico will pay for a border wall “100%”, in a major immigration speech.

He told a cheering crowd in Arizona that he would secure the border, and left open the possibility millions of illegal immigrants could be deported.

Hours earlier, he met the Mexican President Pena Nieto but said they did not discuss who would pay for the wall.

The president later insisted he had told Mr Trump Mexico would not pay.

There had been speculation that the Republican candidate would back off his plan to deport the estimated 11m undocumented immigrants living in the US.

How do you remove 11m people from the US?

In his speech in Phoenix, there were conflicting signals about this. He said their fate was not a “core issue” and that deporting “criminal aliens” would be the priority.

But he added: “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws.”

In a fiery speech, he said he would:

  • Create a “special deportation force” focused on removing criminal immigrants

  • Put the “well-being of the American people” first

  • Introduce “extreme vetting” of immigrants to make sure they adhered to American values

  • Protect the interests of African American and Hispanic workers who are losing out to immigrants arriving illegally

  • Clamp down on people who overstay their visas

…I can’t tell if he’s serious or incredibly desperate? A special deportation force? Can you imagine what that looks like in practise? Armed state forces stopping people randomly who fit the ‘illegal alien look’.

Look at what American Police currently do for race relations in America with their love affair for shooting African-American’s. Imagine that against everyone who isn’t white.

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We’d need a #AllLivesMatterAsMuchAsWhiteOnes campaign.

Yes ALL Lives.

Human Rights abuses and possible inflaming of an entire nation to one side, the cost of roving military units hunting illegals would be astronomical.

But the mention of them, the shadowy nature of the power needed to send these hunting packs out – it’s all very disquieting.

Mr Trump is a by-product of the manifest destiny arrogance that has eyes only for the glory of Amerika, he will purge the US back to its Whiteness Greatness and those who have felt their privilege eroded and culture mocked will cheer as he burns the establishment and any sense of progress to the ground.

A man who only builds walls can never build bridges


  1. Perhaps you taking American politics too seriously, Martyn. After all, it’s only a puppet show, designed to present a façade of democracy whilst “all the important decisions are made by the owners.” (Carlin)

    America is going down and will continue to go down, whoever becomes president.

    This a little dated (2009/10) by nevertheless isn’t far off the mark:

    ‘Suicide of a Superpower’

    • Afewknowthetruth

      This a very relevant link! Brilliant.
      Although I only listened to the first 15min and the last 15 min it is the last 15 at
      least all folks here should go to for Trumps policies.

      Is it that uncanny the solutions there are exactly what Trump is saying and are
      his stated policies?
      No wonder the whole media are against him.

      Below I talk about a Trump Movement with influential people behind it.
      If Trump got killed tomorrow it would continue,world wide.

      The hacking of Soros Open Foundation shows us how the Globalists are actively
      working to bring down our western societies.

      This is ‘Suicide of a Superpower’ BY DESIGN!!

      They are now exposed and if we can’t stop them or somehow negotiate with
      them,the last two moves in their ‘playbook’ is, historically, global financial collapse
      and then WW3.

      Look to early 1930’s collapse and by 1939 WW2. They own both sides.

      My readings have suggested financial collapse soon (after Trump wins maybe?)
      then WW3 by 2022-23.

      But then who knows. Only the TPTB nows, at anytime of their choosing.

      Last 15 mins of your link.


  2. SW US is already hispanic and will continue so. Trump’s BS is like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Except those Hispanics with their hard work keep the SW US economy humming! He’s railing against historic inevitability and it won’t work. Spanish will be the no1 language down there soon.

  3. Instead of the causes (globalisation, capitalism gone wild, neoliberals joining forces with once “left leaning” urban liberals, and with endless hypocrisy by governments who have and no solutions on offer) we seem to be pre-occupied with the shocking symptoms (Trump, Brexit, racism, war, hate of middle class against the poor).

    We will not win with such a strategy, I observe this in other countries, more and smarter solutions are needed.

    Trump will most likely not become president after all, and if he does, will NZ’s government step out of the Five Eyes Agreement and other agreements with the US?

  4. Martyn;
    You keep on bashing Trump like no tomorrow. Do you really want Hillary as
    president or is it just what you read or hear from the Democrat controlled media
    that seems to be repeated here in NZ. As I said before,we never get to hear what
    he has to say without the cherry picking and derogatory comment.

    Is Helena right in that we all equate Democrats with the Labour ‘left’ in NZ or the
    labour parties of Australia or UK for that matter?
    Which is why this left/right paradigm needs to be broken because what I am about to show you is a completly different kind of animal.
    With your kind permission;

    First to set the scene, 4mins of your time from Hillary’s Alt media speech/rant we
    did not get to hear on our MSM.

    As someone else has already made the point that unless we live in America or
    my point of keeping in touch with the very Alt media she is attacking, we don’t have a clear picture of what is really going on.

    This is sort of breaking because this doco is being talked about now.

    It exposes the labeling of Trump as linked to KKK and that he is a racist and demonizes minorities when in fact it is something the Democrats have done for a very long time! That’s the REAL story.

    Like accusing Putin as the aggressor, plus other things,but really it’s what America does and seems to be standard psy-op or propoganda of the west.

    This is allowed to happen because the MSM is totally controlled.

    A lot of stuff posted on these Alt sites (and we now know that these sites they want to shut down) are picked up by Infowars,then Breitbart or the Drudge Report and because these sites are so big that then FORCES the MSM to cover them!
    Allbeit to do a proper job of it or to water down with spin or take a different angle with a bit of mis-information. To deflect.

    Remember Hillary has had NO press meetings and looks likes she is trying NOT to have any!
    With all this Clinton Foundation info being exposed,trail of dead bodies, outright criminal behavior and her health issues she must be scared shitless!

    And we have the 3 DEBATES TO COME!!! That WILL be interesting.

    The sites I posted to JaneB on the Daily Blog in Martyn’s article of the 17th BEFORE Hillary came out and attacked those very sites shows that this is real
    information that highlights the whole Criminal Clinton Enterprise!
    Not quite the ‘Labour left’ we are all familiar with.

    These are large websites with huge resources to fully do the investigative stuff.
    By reading or viewing them you will really see the deception of MSM and why now only 6-10% of Americans now trust them.

    America IS on the front line exposing these Globalist’s that want to take down the sovereignty of all our countries.
    To enslave and impoverish us all that then leads to One World Government by the UN!!!


    Prepare for some shocking information.

    And we don’t hear any of this on our MSM.


    Home D’Souza;

    • Can’t put any stock in the rantings of that idiot (Dinesh D’Souza as well). Come back when you have a cogent argument.

      • Iain, no one is cherry picking Trumps comments. He is reported verbatim and we judge him accordingly. If he doesn’t want to be branded a bigot it’s quite simple, he should stop saying bigotted things.

        • Where’s my tin-foil hat?….Gone!
          I’m channeling Sean Hannity……and, yes! The MSM have given it to HRC.

          The laboratories in the bowels of the Clinton Foundation are conspiring with Iran to penetrate our safety lids with a secret server and make us into Zombies who will not even remember…..

          Note to self…BenghaziBenghaziBenghazi… Gum…um…
          What was I talking about….?

    • We are witnessing a new form of McCarthyism emerge in America, and Hilary Clinton is up to her neck in it.

      For those who do not know, the early 1950s, under the Democrat president Truman (a nasty politician if ever there was one), were characterised by ‘Reds under the beds’ witch-hunts that destroyed the careers and even the lives of numerous liberal thinkers, including many Hollywood actors; some even left the country to escape the persecution that characterised America of the times.

      I am not a fan of Alex Jones because he is a climate change denier and is prone to misrepresenting things to further his political agenda. However, his political agenda, of exposing the criminality of the ‘0.1%’ (both Democrat and Republican, because there is no real difference) who have been misleading America for decades, is very laudable.

      I am not a fan of Trump but it must be said that he is very publicly pointing out numerous ‘elephants in the room’ that the American political system has been deliberately ignoring for decades. And at the moment he is the lesser of two evils, the least fascistic of the two presidential candidates the mainstream media focus all their attention on while far more authentic candidates are more-or-less totally ignored.

      America, like NZ, is an oligarchy, and the oligarchs are not going to be deposed without a long and vicious fight.

      Most New Zealanders and most Americans are completely clueless about the fundamentals, of course, just as required by the system and promoted by the system -‘ignorance is strength’. However, the sense that something is radically wrong is starting to percolate through all industrialised societies, and that sense will increase as every aspect of life gets further degraded by those in power.

      The Hanjin collapse may be the shock that starts something big. Or TPTB may be able to hold the crumbling system together for a little longer with a bit more QE and interest rate manipulation ‘duct tape’.

      • +100 …I would prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton any day….at least he has a sense of humour …she is pure fascist wolf in sheeps clothing

        ….and I know it is bad of me but when i heard his speech after his meeting with the Mexican leaders i laughed all the way home in my car at his jocular bluffing and hectoring …and their adamant steadfast sober refusal to pay for the wall

        …Trump is pure comedy ( I hope)

      • I’ve been saying the same things for a while now. While Hillary is a known quantity, she through and through represents EVERYTHING wrong with America. Trump is a wildcard, to be sure, but I’ll take that any day.

    • So iain, are you saying we should disregard whatever Trump says?

      Please tell us how we should assess his policies and temperament, if not by his own utterances?

      Just askin’.

    • How right you are Iain,this am on Fox, reports Hillary answered questions about the FBI interviews , her answers were , Cant remember, Dont recall, I never learnt that ,Did not take notice of that,and i had concussion, Relied on staff to tell her what to do, If her memory and compentance are that bad as secretary of state,what sort of POTUS would she be?
      The Department of Homeland Security which is virtually owned by Dems wants to have charge and controll election in USA, to stop hacking , the recent hacking was believed to be a false flag to do precisly what DHS
      is planning to do, controll the results to give Hillary on behalf of Globalists the White House and controll of USA.
      Have you never heard of ONE World Government Martyn? thats what you are wishing on USA and eventually the world .Of course they wont succeed,its against the constitution for DHS to control elections , but they will try.
      Clinton is sick and incompetant the real person in charge would be George Sorus she has been his sock puppet all along.Clintons were given $10.000 donation by the KKC,she dosnt care where the money comes from.
      Everytime on Tv interviews, Dem spokespersons smile big cheesy smiles and talk over the top of everybody else and deflect to Trumps tax returns ,(its not illegal to with hold tax returns while under audit)most of what Clinton does has been illegal and and a threat to security.
      MSM in USA is the Herald plus 100% ,in the tank for National in NZ and in the tank for Dems in USA,obviously thats where you get your info from ,MSM never prints any negatives about Clinton,because they are owned by globalists who want the outcome favourable to them ,a POTUS they can control.USA has been Democratic party owned for so long because of MSM.
      Be careful what you wish for ,you might get it and Lord help USA and the rest of the world if your wish is granted.

  5. Of course Hillary Clinton must be the next President …she has the endorsement of the Bush family (sarc)…and look how much money she is drawing in for her campaign from the wealthy

    ‘In the money: Clinton amasses $143 million election war chest in one month’

    From the film archives (1988) and Rolling Stone…an analysis corruption in USA politics

    • Yes Chooky and they will have to nail down the valuables,(she pinched them last time) and lock the bedrooms of the White House or the Clintons will rent them out again,its all money, money,money with them ,they dont mind giving the Power to the globalists as long as they keep the money.

  6. A special deportation force? Can you imagine what that looks like in practise? Armed state forces stopping people randomly who fit the ‘illegal alien look’……..Yes, sadly I can imagine and remember exactly what that looks like. We did it in New Zealand from 1973 under Norman Kirk through to the early 80’s under Rob Muldoon. The Dawn Raids involved special police squads targeting Pacific Island overstayers right here in Aotearoa

  7. Those who are a bit masochistic, here is Trump’s speech on video, in Phoenix, AZ, 31 August this year:

    He goes to Mexico, calls the president a friend, and goes back home to the USA, and slams Mexicans, like Hitler, who promised he would never start another war, and would not attack Poland, and soon enough he did just that.

  8. “As I said before,we never get to hear what
    he has to say without the cherry picking and derogatory comment.”

    I call bullshit on that, Iain.

    Trump has been loud and clear in his statements. Unless you’ve been living at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, he’s been accurately and fairly reported by the media. In fact, he’s received about a billion dollars worth of free publicity from the media, through his comments.

    What you’re attempting to do is whitewash his unsavoury, neo-fascist views. That’s just not going to work.

    Epic fail, mate.

    • Well you wont know what Hillary says or does she never gives interviews or moves without her dr and minders . her record of achievments up to now has been abysmal,but you Herald readers wouldnt know because you dont do any checking just go on what Herald says via MSM.
      Trump isnt perfect no president ever has been ,but Clinton is dishonest and hides away to avoid critism,Trump is out there speaking openly even putting his foot in it but at least he dosnt hide out and tell lies.

  9. This reply was originally to Afewknowthetruth,
    “However, the sense that something is radically wrong is starting to percolate through all industrialized societies, and that sense will increase as every aspect of life gets further degraded by those in power.”
    “Please tell us how we should assess his policies and temperament, if not by his own utterances?”

    Took some time to research an answer only to come back and see many comments with links attached. I have read and watched them all (incl Trump speech,good) some good,some not so good.
    It certainly takes time. So this reply is to all above.

    I believe if we want to understand what Trump is all about,with all bias aside,
    please read or watch links provided. I hope to shine some light, in the shortest
    amount of time, on what appears to be a grass roots movement ( think Brexit )
    to try to take back control of their Gvt from the hands of the unelected Oligarchs/Globalist’s. The same position NZ and others are in.

    Trump was approached to go on this ‘Suicide Mission’ by a group of influential people that could see that this may be the last chance to do so.
    He said no to start with but finally agreed.

    This is not a left/right paradigm as he has had to fight both sides of the spectrum.
    ie the Establishment. (Same as here)
    We are living in truly historical times. The tipping point has arrived and through
    the internet the world has awoken. The dam has burst and the TPTB narrative
    is crumbling at every pillar.

    Some background;

    Just like Key that hired some top media people,with big increases in salary,
    knowing the power of the MSM, Trump has some big guns around him now but
    they are not the MSM. He knows they only worked against him. In fact he has
    expelled them from his rally speeches when all they did was twist and lie and a
    new company has been set up (The Right Side) to cover them.
    There has been a coup at Fox News (Murdoch) and the chairman Rodger Ailes
    stood down and now on Trump team plus ex-General Flynn who said in an interview on Aljazeera that Obama ordered the military to deliver arms to ISIS.
    The same group of military that refused to be ISIS air cover ( Book Military to Military – S.Hursh)

    You can see that Trump may have had some training as his next speech after the
    new line up was acclaimed by both sides of the political spectrum.
    Jump in polls;
    First ad;

    Farage (Brexit) joined Trump for 6min speech. No air on our MSM.

    Now you could not get a better analyst than this guy.
    Ex CFR and special ops. Check out ‘about’ or Wiki.

    So hope this provides some real insight. I could go on and show the massive
    crowds he is generating while Hillary is lucky to draw hundreds. She is dead in
    the water,folks.

    All thats left is to ponder this;

    And this is a MUST SEE.! Right to the end. ( Put aside any Texan persona bias)


    • +100…thanks for the links …and I do hope he wins

      “Trump was approached to go on this ‘Suicide Mission’ by a group of influential people that could see that this may be the last chance to do so.
      He said no to start with but finally agreed.”

      The fact that General Flynn supports him is important

    • Some excellent points in those links, Iain.

      Neuro-linguistic programming. How many people in NZ know what it is, how it works and why it is so important? 100? 1000? 10,000? I very much doubt the number would be much more than that. So we have 4+million people in NZ who are neuro-linguistically programmed and are totally unaware of it.

      We have come to the end of another week and ‘the system’ has made everything that matters somewhat worse than it was at the beginning of the week. And next week ‘the system’ will make everything that matters even worse.

      Sadly, there is no stopping the relentless raiding and degradation of the commons, nor is there any way of stopping the relentless transfer of wealth upwards, because the general populaces of all western nations are neuro-linguistically programmed to reject truth and seek safety in the ‘slave camp’ that the controllers have constructed. 17 years after ‘The Matrix’, the bulk of the populace is still trapped in it, and is totally unaware. Even when it is explained to them most still don’t get it.

      Thus, we know exactly where we are headed as a species: self-inflicted extinction (taking down most of the extant vertebrate species with us).

      What we do not know is the exact route we will take to achieve our extinction, though we DO know it involve overheating the Earth via extraordinarily high anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, energy depletion and collapse of the biosphere.

      And so the choice between Clinton and Trump is simply a matter of which particular political route America will take over the next few years of its demise. Neither Clinton nor Trump has mentioned anything fundamental that will actually determine the future (fossil fuel addiction and depletion, Ponzi financial arrangements, environmental degradation, overconsumption, overpopulation etc.): that particular conspiracy of silence remains intact (just as it does in NZ). The entire political narrative of the industrial world is predicated on NOT mentioning the fundamentals and NOT addressing them.

      Although Trump has come to close to identifying the corporate gravy train that keeps people like Bushes and Clintons snouts in public feeding trough, Trump’s so-called policy of making America ‘great again’ via a resurgence of manufacturing is just another fantasy and is mathematically impossible.

      Life at the End of Empire on the Planet of the Maniacs.

  10. The liberal medias obsession with Trump is astonishing and facile. The focus is on what a terrible leader he will be and what a racist he is etc, etc and on and on. The Huffington Post, Alternet, the Independent, the Guardian, the Standard and the Daily Blog as well as the MSM sing from an identical hymn sheet when it comes to Trump.
    The hymn sheet is so identical as to raise suspicion.
    While much of what is said may be true it is also irrelevant – none of it speaks to the reality of how screwed over the average US voter is. While every one is focused on Trump there is no discussion about the real impact of policies in the US. There are no discussions about healthcare, inequality and war. Corporate tax evasion, military spending and the failings of the free market economy. Thanks to Trump these issues are off the table and it leaves the more modest reality of both candidates completely off the table. It doesn’t matter who wins because neither candidate will do anything to improve the lives of ordinary voters. And that’s exactly how the political and business classes want it.
    Articles like this – from normally intelligent and insightful individuals -serve only the status quo because they prevent anyone thinking about the real issues and they turn the election into entertaining soap opera.

  11. Loved Drake Bailey’s take on what’s going on in America (in between the belching and coughing a real hillbilly joy).
    ‘I hear’ Trump will be elected and then stand aside for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to take the reins with Gen Dunford (?) as VP.
    RV/GCR is underway as a precursor to NESARA/GESARA

    • Helena;
      You have posted some very good links recently which I have read.
      But a word of warning,and it’s only my opinion of cause.

      I am led to believe some of this ‘New Age’ stuff can be what’s labeled
      ‘Controlled Opposition’. Sounds good,say all the right things but can be sprinkled
      with mis-information and could be ‘Predictive Programing’ to get people to think in
      a certain way.

      Example; David Ike. I learned quite a bit from him initially as to how the world
      really works that was later backed up with other sites but when he then goes on
      to ‘lizard shape shifters’ (maybe it’s meant to be an allegory) and then that the
      elite are talking to ‘alien entities’ etc I am sorry. I just do not believe in aliens,
      regardless of all the Roswell stuff, and more likely being used as a ‘cover’ for
      the elite to say ‘we communicate with aliens, with all their advanced technology
      eg flying saucers,and they guide us,similar to past elites communicating with God
      saying the same thing.

      The distances are just too great. None here in our Solar System or we would have found them already. Next closest star 4.5 light yrs(approx?) and our radio
      signals,what 100yrs old, have hardly put a small dent in that distance.
      And forget about time travel,it cannot exist. Just pseudo-science put out by MSM.

      Any sightings of strange craft could well be real. Anti-gravity could scientifically exist (electro-magnet Universe I am convinced is real) The latest research shows it to be so.
      The Elite have historically always kept new technology from the masses for 50 to
      100yrs? Think the silencing of Tesla 100yrs ago.

      Late 1800’s,early 1900’s research was showing we are,in nature ,surrounded by
      electricity but it was shut down promptly with the rolling out of Einstein,another
      false prophet like Steve Hawkins today. These are theoretical mathematicians.
      They are not real scientists that do empirical science.
      Just blind us all with maths nobody can understand.
      There are no Black Holes! They are fakes!
      This particular Pillar of the TPTB narrative is well and truly crumbled already!!

      Another example was the woman (Mary or Margret) that was high up in the financial industry. Went to her bosses with tales of massive fraud and corruption
      and was persecuted that led to loosing her job.
      Very credible story that I believe was true. Toured the world to try and make a difference. But to then say she believed in Cone Heads,that were living secretly
      somewhere in the north latitudes just ruins her credibility. Same as David Ike.

      I believe these people are sort of controlled opposition. The Elite now this info
      is out there,in the public domain, so they are like a ‘Psy-Op.
      A shill that 90 or 95% of what they are saying IS correct but the lizards and
      cone heads part then discredits,to many,everything they have previously said.

      ‘I hear’ Trump will be elected and then stand aside for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to take the reins with Gen Dunford (?) as VP.”

      Don’t believe any of it. Trump is a Movement. Read my two posts above,with links. This again is media mis-information. Throwing everything they can at him.
      Sure he will put the right people,in the right places,very quickly indeed.
      But they will not be any of the Establishment,the very people that helped rig the
      very rigged system in the first place. He has said so.
      Some people may well go to jail.

      So please don’t take any offence. I applaud your effort. Hope to help.
      Again it is just my opinion but I believe backed by extensive research.


      • +100 IAIN MCLEAN re “I believe these people are sort of controlled opposition. ”

        ….The credibility of a 95% spoken truth can be ruined by a spokesperson(s) or advocate(s) that then start(s) to talk preposterous fantasy hence ruining their credibility and eroding the real truth…(I also think Ike is one such)

        It always pays to keep one skeptical hat on and be prepared to admit one was wrong

  12. This is excellent. Now we have all the nutters in the same place ………..Hey Hillary, tell Obama to green light that Drone!

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