Three and a half years jail for growing cannabis



We have just blown about a million dollars in arresting, prosecuting and jailing a cannabis grower.


Who is going to grow the cannabis that people like Helen Kelly desperately need for pain relief?

We acknowledge the demand and turn a blind eye but will burn a million dollars in imprisoning a man who has fallen on hard times and has grown cannabis to feed his family.

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Why will locking this man up in prison for 3 and a half years solve anything?

While there is much to celebrate about those who manage to leave the country and fly back in with prescription cannabis, this loop hole is open to those who can afford it and it ignores the continued criminalisation of those involved in growing it and those who can’t travel.

If we are serious about reform, then this judgemental spite has to be part of that reform.

We need a regulated market that begins with Cannabis clubs and clinics to avoid the huge retail problems that occurred with the synthetic drug market.

Continuing this punishment and war on drugs crap when we know it doesn’t bloody well work is embarrassing as a citizen. We are supposed to be adults and recognise the truth when it is staring us in the face.


  1. Poor bastard

    Obviously it is still a crime in this commie country for a bloke to make money

    I voted for some change and it’s kinda strange
    Now it’s all I got in my pocket
    I bought a few LED’s, now I’m growing some trees
    And it’s a sweet fucking hustle don’t knock it

    I told y’all before I would break the law to put food in my baby girls belly
    Coz the senator man took a bribe in hand and went and shipped my job to New Delhi

  2. Poor sod!! If only he had a million or two he could have bought himself a plea bargain and avoided going to jail. Where is the justice in this country?

    • Money would have made no difference in the outcome of this case. With only a charge of cultivating cannabis there could have been no plea bargain.

  3. A “war” on anything doesn’t work. The beehive talking heads know it and we know it. Follow the money trail from beehive talking heads to TPPA corporations Big Pharma/Monsanto. The talking heads know we know and a jail sentence is the warning labelled “BE AFRAID” cause you’re next.

  4. Top analysis again Martyn.

    I held off on this one yesterday because surprised about the lack of comment.

    Your good spot in your August 20th article,including the brilliant BBC link ‘US to end private prisons’ generated just 3 comments and one of them was a recipe !!
    Why so few ?
    This should have been front page news considering our very own problems with
    Serco. Although RNZ covered it breifly here;

    I suspect the alcohol,medicinal and private prison lobby would be for the status
    quo as they did in America.
    Probably that American import the Sensible Sentencing Trust would be sticking
    their nose in where it’s not wanted again as well.
    Time people woke up to this type of NGO set up as a pressure group especially
    to get law changes to the detriment of our society.

    Change will come. It is happening world wide. (The Globalist want it so)
    But the last thing we want is the Gvt-Private partnership model where the likes
    of Monsanto (or whomever they sell to because of the litigation mounting against
    them globally) are just waiting in the wings to weaponize the natural product
    like they have done to seeds,food and pesticides.

    Regulated market that begins with Cannabis clubs and clinics an excellent start.
    Models like this are working well overseas.

    The high cost to our society and dollars saved are a nobrainer.

    It’s all about moderation and education,like all things in life, and of cause R18.

    But the one for me is the South Australian law.
    You are allowed to have no more than 1oz on your person and 2 plants in your
    The sky didn’t fall in.
    And proven NO gateway to the harder drugs by dealing with gangs etc
    That is pure myth. The reefer madness adds of the 50’s & 60’s.

    The pressure is mounting and this should be an election issue next year.
    If only the MSM got in behind.

    Cannabis is good for you. Look up the real medical research.


  5. Feel sorry,like others, about his mans situation and family, but looks like he did
    get caught three times.

    An officer once told me the jail part is not so much about the product but the
    fact that you are not paying taxes on that income.

    Maybe he should have declared his business venture with the Tax Dept.
    I believe other illegal business have done so in the past. It is supposed to be all
    confidential. Maybe he might have avoided jail.

    But in todays world yeh right? Decriminalize.

    My sympathy.

  6. Cannabis was originally declared illegal through nefarious buisness and political dirty dealing by oil companies and crooked senators, etc., in the USA in the 1930s. Ever since reactionary MPs have taken it as gospel, that a medicinal herb, used safely and effectively for millenia by vast populations worldwide, is a “danger” (mostly to the alcohol and tobacco industries). Whenever will we smarten up and face reality?

    • Don’t forget that the same arguments being used against illegal drugs today were originally used against alcohol and to justify prohibition.

  7. “Continuing this punishment and war on drugs crap when we know it doesn’t bloody well work is embarrassing as a citizen. We are supposed to be adults and recognise the truth when it is staring us in the face.”

    Well I think you’ll find that there are plenty of people on both sides of the political fence who agree with you on that.

    Problem is getting things changed. The government won’t do it because they don’t want to be known as a “stoner” party, even though ironically the majority of us want things changed.

    The only option is for a minor party to push the changes through and give the government the pretence that they, the government, didn’t have a choice.

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