It’s not who spied on Key or the All Blacks that matters – it’s the GCSB spying on us that matters



I despair at the media and the politics of this country.

The All Blacks get spied on and it’s a major story.

The Prime Minister has a ‘me too, me too’ moment and claims he’s been spied on in NZ. and that becomes a major story.

What doesn’t become a major story is that the GCSB is about to gain powers to launch their own investigations and spy on all os us, and it gets a ‘nothing to see here, move along‘ by the mainstream media.

As a nation we are so easily manipulated by distractions.


  1. I remember the teapot affair, and to what lengths our Esteemed Dear Leader went there:

    Is our Leader now paranoic, did he make it up, or has he reason to worry about? His trust in Obama and other state leaders may be proof of being a bit gullible, as they will certainly spy on what he does and says to others he talks to in confidence, friend or foe, Angela Merkel had to find that out some time back:

  2. MSM is carefully controlled. The rabbit hole is very deep. GCSB is at the top of this hole. What’s the macro level? The deeper one’s research goes the blacker and more evil it becomes. Most cabal government heads may well have been forced to sell their soul to the devil just to survive. The best thing for all of us is to stay in the LIGHT … be kind, generous and loving to all, including the Earth and its animals. The truth is slowly surfacing and soon we will learn just how evil the 1% and their minions have been for thousands of years. (They’ve even used the human species as their food. Unbelievable but disgustingly true.) BUT … we gave them our consent. Consent … word magick …. con …. sent. It’s a word but DO NOT AGREE TO THE CON SENT. Look at the Georgia Guidestones : The statements of the 1% intent is carved in stone. The 1% were obliged by Universal Law to give us a warning. We continue to ignore their warning. Even the word government is word magick … govern = control ment = mind = mind control
    We will learn that our Galaxy is populated with trillions and trillions of humanoids and other species but this truth has been withheld from the peoples of earth. The 1% (whose overlords have now been removed) and their minions are in SERVICE TO SELF and this system needs slaves for it to work. Humanity has been encased in a bubble for thousands of years and we have been used as slaves (to generate money for the 1%, for food, breeding/cross-breeding and medical/genetic experiments). No more!
    Do the research, the info is there to educate ourselves into knowing how to give government dictates, spymasters, and the poisoners Big Pharma and Monsanto the flick and take back our sovereignty.
    Our day to shine and overcome has arrived. Celebrate the happy moments contained in every day, laugh, love, and be joyful.
    Gee … I’m glad I shared this.

  3. PinoKeyo’s fantasy. Being a bit of a voyeur, he often has fantasies when hes pissing in the shower and wonders who he’d like to share the moment with? Ritchie MCaw? Paul Henry? Mike Hoskings? Pullah Benefit or even Crusha Collins? All the above he says as he drys himself of with a few hundie dollar notes.l

  4. I caught the end of a One news item in which Dong Liu paid the NZ govt $43 million and charges were dropped against him; the Pike River’s boss Peter Whittall, who was charged agreed to pay “$3.41 million payment to the families of the 29 men who died, and the two survivors.

    Whittall had proposed voluntary payments on behalf of Pike directors and officers be made, if charges against him related to the November 2010 explosions were dropped”

    Is this ‘Chequebook justice’, user-pays legal system? Rather than go through a lengthy trial, lawyers, stenographers, hotel bills (if it’s a jury trial), the alleged guilty party stuffs money into a canvas bag and leaves it at a Post Office box to be collected by the SIS? Have any of the MSM media questioned this?

    It’s absolutely similar to the media’s one-blue-eyed view of the GCSB spying on citizens, and the media’s unquestioning loyalty and fear of National.

    After offices were raided to get the “teapot tapes”; John Campbell was ousted resigned from Mediaworks; after Nicky Hager’s private bank accounts were opened up to police and his computers seized, it’s no wonder that the media here are gun-shy of criticizing the Govt.

    “We need full and truthful information. And the truth should not depend upon whom it has to serve. We can accept only the division between the unofficial information (for the Comintern Executive only) and official information (for everybody).” Vladimir Lenin (1921).

  5. You people just cannot stand to have a safe society under National and its coalition partners. Tree-hugging loonies, just grow some will you?

    Lots of money has nothing to do with this issue, it’s an issue of protecting democracy. We don’t want to end up in a left wing dictatorship do we?

    • No we don’t, From The Right Bank. Let’s just be a right-wing dictatorship. Anyway, what democracy? If voting were good for us, we wouldn’t be allowed to vote.

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