Ummm, did Bill Liu/William Yan just buy his own justice?



Whoa. What? Did this just happen?

Court orders forfeiture of $42.85 million in alleged money laundering case

The High Court has made the country’s single largest forfeiture – $42.85 million worth of assets to settle an alleged money-laundering case.

The settlement is against controversial Chinese businessman William Yan, his wife Wei You and two associates.

Police said proceedings against the couple and associates Yingzi Zeng and Shui Yong Huang had been settled following discussions between the parties and approval by the High Court.

…the 5th most wanted on China’s top 10 most wanted and a huge donor to National and Labour has just paid the cops $42.85 million and he’s off all his charges?

The lack of shame on anyone’s behalf is what is so appalling.

He’s clearly bought his way out, just as he did in Australia  What does he have to  get such treatment? Are we debt collecting for China because we are trying to suck up to them in the midst of a looming trade war or does this man really have that much influence?



  1. Someone rang into Garner’s radio show this afternoon saying this was just an ordinary plea bargain and nothing to worry about.

    Said that the government avoided a costly case, etc.

    But wait a minute. What happened to justice? This guy should either be in a NZ prison or back in China to face charges there.

    NZ government obbsessed with deal-making to achieve outcomes but justice is not done, imo.

    As you suggest, I hope the media are able to follow exactly what happens to that money.

  2. The silence is deafening. I have not yet heard one comment about police extortion, corruption of the justice system or what about plain old that ain’t right. Does Noone know about right and wrong anymore.

  3. Money and wealth give you POWER, it is the POWER OF MONEY and PRIVILEGE, and you can buy stuff, you can also pay for top lawyers and so forth, and that is why the rich get off crime and other “troubles” very often, they can AFFORD to do so.

    Going to court costs money, try taking a government department or Auckland Council to court, you will find out. And being charged with criminal offences leaves a person that is accused with few options. The poor may get a “friend of the court” or perhaps legal aid lawyers to represent them, they do only as much as necessary, unless they have a bit of ethics and a mission.

    Legal aid is so low, it often does not cover the costs, hence many poor from South Auckland and so rather plead guilty and get it over and done with.

    But a man like Mr What is His Name (?), see below, and above, he has MANY names and MANY options. It is all LEGAL what he does, to get off any troubles, so he did just that, he put up the cash, or agreed to the seized assets, to be turned into a kind of final pay-off.

    So he can walk free, and unless the Minister may decide to have him sent back to China (where they have the death sentence, you know), he will be able to develop his future business here, and simply carry on, possibly ripping others off, including the tax department, and get richer again, and send his lawyers, should anybody bother make him new “trouble”.

    “The deal struck with William Yan – also known as Bill Liu, Yang Liu and Yong Ming Yan – is the final settlement in a civil case two years after the police raided his penthouse.”

    Welcome to NZ Aotearoa 2016, the land made of islands where the RICH PRICKS rule, and they even have their own man in the PM’s Office, believe it or not.

    As long as people keep voting as they do, nothing will change.

  4. So $43 million constitutes an “ordinary plea bargain” does it?
    I’m not really informed about plea bargaining but it does seem a bit pricier than your usual bribe.
    Probably less than a year’s income to this man.

    • My understanding of a plea bargain was that you admitted guilt to a lesser charge not that you got off scot-free.

  5. Money talks and buys a lot of influence,not just in NZ but around the world,corruption is the name of the game. read todays Wake up New Zealand to see more bombshells .

  6. So …… how come Kim dotCom is still a prisoner in his own home and fighting extradition to a country he’s never been to?

    • Because, unlike William Yan, Kim dotcom doesn’t have crony political connections with Judith Collins and/or The John Key. Also The John Key has already promised Kim to Obama, so he can’t really back out now.

      • So true. That is the stupid thing about John Key. He makes promises to ordinary NZers that he has no intention on keeping once the votes are counted at election time.
        But he makes promises to his more beloved American bosses that he keeps.
        What a tremendous hyprocrite he(Key)is so showing himself to be.

  7. Bet they won’t let Dotcom pay off his false charges.

    If you are a friend, donor or crony of National you get off aka John Banks and now Liu.

    If you are a ‘political enemy’ not stone left unturned (illegal spying, removing judges, removing funds, tracking people down around the world to testify against you in return for lesser changes) to imprison you with false charges to the USA to deliver ‘justice’.

  8. I always thought there was one law for all, not one law for them and another for the rest of us. Guess I’m wrong then?

  9. Not too long ago we heard this guy spent almost the same amount at the Auckland Skycity Casino as what Bill English supposedly made in a Budget ‘surplus’. And so Bill English can ONLY make enough of a Budget ‘surplus’ that a Chinese Money Launderer can spend just as quickly gambling. Wow…. that certainly shows up Bill English doesn’t it? He gets applauded by Key for making a small surplus.
    Now in regards to this criminal called Bill Liu/William Yan and goodness knows how many other aliases he has onboard this shows that if enough money is paid to bribe the Police then charges are dropped. If a mere little NZer with absolutely no money like what Liu/Yan has did something like rip off people in NZ he/she would be sent to prison for the next 5 to 10 years.
    I am getting the impression the Police were ‘advised’ by the government to accept a ‘donation’ which probably will find its way into the National Party thanks to the Minister of Police and them turning a blind eye from now on.
    But then will we ‘suddenly’ be told that a couple of Pandas will be arriving in NZ and the exact of those those two breeding Pandas adds up to $42.85million?
    Or will that money go to the Saudi businessman in the matter to do with the abbatoir in Saudi Arabia? Watch this space as the money has probably been earmarked for something else that even the Police will not get much out of.

  10. its exactly dirty money like his that has stuffed the housing market for ordinary citizens who go out and work every day earn an honest living and are ending up on the streets in cars jk brighter future is for crooks like multi name yan

  11. This reeks of bribery and corruption. Grubby money all the way through. Now where will that money paid for justice go?

    Be interesting to see if Opposition are up to challenging Key, Collins, Adams or English as to the destination of the huge multi million payout! Doubt any strong challenge will come from Labour though. It already has been a grateful recipient of Liu’s “generosity.” So I guess it will be up to NZ First or the Greens to put the pressure on government, seeking accountability. That amount of money would go some way to assisting the growing homeless population in NZ, or sorting out the contaminated water issue in Hawke Bay and God knows elsewhere!

    The old cynic in me is thinking Liu’s payment might be another political donation, to get him off the hook, preventing him from being extradited back to China to face his crimes!

    He’s paid for something.

    So the message here is quite clear. The extremely wealthy are able to buy their way out of criminal offences, particularly if they have generously donated to National and Labour in the past, buying favours! Meanwhile the rest of us (Kim Dotcom included) ….. ??!!

  12. One simple, clear-cut and only decision to make. Send the corrupt, little bugger home to face the music!!

    Perhaps, the long-forgotten, cow-boy, Dover Samuels could keep his ‘mate’ company on the trip back to China. You know…. put a hand on his shoulder in support…. just like the photo showing his support when poor little …whoever he is…. had some issues gaining citizenship.
    Is it any wonder why he had troubles!!!!

    Would love to know how much Samuels pocketed for that support. You can bet money changed hands.

    That is the way China operates. Everyone has a value and every situation has a value. It is called manipulation to achieve a favourable result.

    Gaining citizenship in a naïve little backwater (NZ) where his wealth would mean power to influence, etc, etc, I can assure you, would have not come cheaply to Mr….whoever he is. Perhaps Dover could expand on the ‘pay-off’ issue. From memory Cunnaliff was another MP ‘backing’ Mr …… whoever.

    Why should NZ put up with this type of immigrant… and there are plenty more like this fellow.

    Solution concerning all immigrants :

    Any criminal conviction / issue within 10 years of arrival, citizenship cancelled and repatriated to their ‘home’ country. Who cares regards any issues they may have regaining citizenship in their country of origin.

    These people need NZ more than NZ needs them.

    If only we had politicians who refuse to be ‘bought’ and be ‘dazzled’ by the ‘moneyed immigrants’.

    To Key & his ‘power-brokers’, LOL, this will be a test of your leadership and resolve to protect NZ from such vermin.

    By the way John, you may like to flick this vermin back to China and ‘bank’ a few ‘brownie points’ with your Chinese mates.

    It would seem you are more than keen to flick off government supply contracts to China (& now we hear about the Northern Motorway extension being give to a Spanish? company).

    You really do need to harden-up and become a leader and just forget about the power trip and popularity stacks. Nice, wishy-washy guys are not winners.

  13. “Barfoot & Thompson agent Aaron Hughes allegedly made two property transactions in which investigators say he personally benefited by more than $850,000.”

    He could face up to seven years in prison if found guilty.

    William Yan, one of China’s top 10 most wanted pays a settlement of over 42 million to make his case “disappear”

    Yep National and N.Z. is now officially corrupt!

  14. Its now confirmed as if it wasnt already that a state of financial apartheid exists in this country.
    Those with money can break the law and engage in corrupt activity and use the power of the state to enforce it and now bring charges against you with a five year prison term to stop you speaking out when armed with the truth all overseen by the den of criminals in the beehive.
    The longer they stay in the worse it will become and thats nothing to what they have done thats not been made public, it is bad from the outside but a hell of a lot worse behind closed doors.
    John Key and his government are not and never have been accountable and with their possible re election next year they will continue their abuse of power and enforce their apartheid system even furthur making us a corporate elite dictatorship with a mandate.
    Someone in the National party needs to stand up and say enough is enough, the last time was 23 years ago and two MPS did just that in the face of Nationals extreme lurch to the right with Ruth Richardson and her policies.
    Or will kiwis finally wake up… its still not to late.

  15. Did Bill Liu/William Yan just buy his own justice?

    Yes, he bought his way out and must have a hell of a lot stashed away that he could afford to lose that many millions in the process.

    What an awfully corrupt country New Zealand has become under dirty John Key.

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