Key does a Trump and scapegoats Muslims to justify new spy powers



Folks, here’s the major change in the new spy powers. Under the current law that Key rammed through by urgency, security agencies apply to the GCSB to spy on a NZer. This was controversial because the GCSB is a counter intelligence agency and using those powers on a domestic population is like using tanks to direct traffic.

What the new law allows for is the GCSB to launch their own investigations – can you see how momentous a shift that is? Under current law GCSB is tech support for security agencies during active investigations, under new law the GCSB starts its own surveillance and anyone who alerts the public to illegal government spying faces 5 years in prison.

Can you see the problem and vast expansion of power that law generates?

For an agency so in debt and empowered to and by NSA 5 Eye technology, that is an extraordinary amount of power for an agency with more allegiance to Washington than Wellington.

There is more danger to NZers from cow shit polluting our drinking water than from ISIS terrorism – we should not allow Key to do a Trump and  use fear to manipulate us

Our terrorism is Kiwis living in bloody cars – it’s not ISIS! Spend the extra $100m the GCSB got on feeding kids each year!

The only threat to our democracy is the Police State National are building.

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  1. Spot on there Martyn.

    The major terrorism we should be alert to is within … look no further than the present Key led National government. The home made terrorists and traitors, which are destroying everything good and decent in NZ piece by piece, abusing the nation’s most vulnerable, creating an impoverished social structure with people living rough, which is shamefully about the only growth industry in this country!

    The call for NZ to be aware of terrorism from outside, is scare tactics, used to justify Key’s spy law change.

    And in the meantime, far too many good Kiwi families have no option but to live in cars, sheds, garages etc, while others are being poisoned by a toxic water supply! These issues should be top of government’s agenda to urgently address, not changing and investing in spy legislation to snoop on NZers, who suddenly become “people of interest” at the whim of a dodgy PM

    NZ a first world nation? I don’t think so!

  2. Last century it was communists.

    This century, Muslims.

    Next century? Aliens?

    It seems the Establishment and military/industrial complex can’t function without a decent bogeyman.

  3. I reckon that is why Uncle Sam came ( Joe Biden ) to tell our govt it is time to spy on NZers officially and John key said sure no problem because I have no guts I am gutless

  4. Martyn

    ” we should not allow Key to do a Trump and use fear to manipulate us”

    I still have a lot of respect for your work and could not agree more with your
    analysis on the gravity of the situation.

    I just wish you would do some proper research about this man and not believe
    what the MSM are spewing out with their ‘cut&paste’.
    We are not allowed to properly hear what he has to say.

    He truly represents the only, and probably the last chance, to take back control
    of the Corporate Gvt of America for the people and,by extension, the whole
    Western World.


    • Whatever you are taking is not helping your thinking ability. While the MSM are hopeless blaming them for making Trump look bad is just wishful thinking on your part.

    • Martyn maybe thinks Democrats are a version of NZs left,therefore Trump is the equivilant of Key.
      As you say Iain Mclean more research is needed.

      A hack has occurred on George Sorus emails, he is behind Hillary Clinton and directs her actions ,so if Clinton is made president Sorus will be leading America into chaos, Soros gave $33 million to Black Lives Matter encouraging them to riot in Milwalkee. Sorus has given millions to Clinton Foundation ,in return he gets to tell her what to do .

      The left leaning press in USA is owned by people like Sorus nothing negative must be said about Clinton and Democrats,the news is skewed
      against Trump.
      The Herald in NZ is a National party rag ,Key is a puppet of Democrats in America. Key like Clinton is a puppet of higher forces.
      O Reilly on Fox News tells of Sorus and his controll , not a thing said in MSM.
      Trump is the best thing to happen to America,Lord help the States and the world if Clinton wins the presidency ,it will be President Sorus in charge, hes likened to the Klu Klux Clan in their methods.
      Trumps words are always twisted by MSM ,Check into things a bit more Martyn find the real Trump.

      • Soros gave $33 million to Black Lives Matter encouraging them to riot in Milwalkee.

        What arrant rubbish.

        the Black Lives Matter movement were not “encouraged to riot”, and the violence that took place was outside their control.

        Trumps words are always twisted by MSM ,Check into things a bit more Martyn find the real Trump.

        Not only has Trump been accurately reported, Elle, but he has repeated his comments on several occassions. Your attempt to white-wash his racist, misogynistic, bigotted views is disturbing.

        You’ve been listening to too much Fox News, Elle.

        • You havnt been watching enough Frank.If the Dems say something you take it as gospel.sure Trump puts his foot in it sometimes,but he is not what you say he is.
          The PC brigade is letting hundreds of refugees into USA its been said ISIS members will be among them ,Trump wants everyone vetted to know who they are ,Clinton wants them to vote for her.
          Majority of these refugees are Muslims ,just because Trump wants them vetted properly dosnt make him a racist.
          Trump employs many coloured people and in high places, they all speak highly of him.
          Personaly there are a lot of bigots parading as journalists .
          especially the MSM.

          • I think it’s common knowledge that Soros backs the Democrats, Nitrium. So what? Are the Democrats expected not to have wealthy backers?

            As for saying you’d take an “take the unknown over known quantity any day”, well, good luck with THAT!

            In fact, good luck to US ALL, if Trump ever gets his hands on the nuclear briefcase. On that day, the Doomsday Clock will be put to one second to midnight! data.

            Your faith in a billionaire who demonises muslims and mexicans, and who has made seedy sexualised comments about his own daughter, is sadly misguided.

        • Sorus emails were hacked and it stated he gave $33 million to black lives matter,he has an agenda ,i wont go into the details but the riots were organised.

          • “i wont go into the details but the riots were organised”

            Really? Source please! You’ve just made an allegation against Black Lives Matter and you’re not prepared to state your source?

            I’m calling you on this, Elle. Back it up or its BS

            • Priss google matterproduced by george sorus

              Also scroll down Wake up New Zealand to George Sorus a Psycopaths Psycopath, lots of info about Sorus.Please excuse me not having time to put the link on before,im not used to being called on by people like you .Happy now ?

        • In support of Elle’s comment.

          Elle maybe confusing the $33 million in the founding of BLM to the
          Fergesson Riots.

          Proof of Soros founding this group is found in the Foundation’s
          tax returns.

          I am sure you are aware that Provocateurs are usually placed
          inside these protests no matter how genuine they may be.
          eg Libya,Ukraine,Syria etc that Soros has admitted.

          Looks like Hiilary may have some serious health issues in the
          related articles and the end of the link.

          Rest,relax and contemplate.

          The real world on the other side of MSM.


          • Iain you are correct ,Sorus funded both riots Milwalkee and Fergusson riots,but thanks for the support.

            Sorus ive read wants chaos and so does Clinton , although Clinton is guided by Sorus,so its maybe his idea to have all the immigrants arriving in America.
            With chaos that gets out of hand Marshal law can be enacted, easier to control populations then.
            Sorus is a proponent of One World Government along with other nasties.

            Arthur Schopenhaer (1788-1860) proclaimed.

            All truth passes through three stages.

            First, it is ridiculed.

            Second ,it is violently opposed.

            Third it is accepted as being self evident.

            This will probably apply to Sorus.

            • Iain you are correct ,Sorus funded both riots Milwalkee and Fergusson riots,

              Elle, you keep making that allegation, but without any actual evidence.

              Do you not think that if that were true, that US law enforcement would be breaking down Soros’s (not “Sorus”) door by now?! FFS, cops were killed in the riots. If Soros had funded the violence, he would be on the FBI’s Top Ten most wanted. He would either be in prison or on a mortuary slab somewhere at the Bureau’s HO.

              If you’re going to make claims, show us the evidence.

              Otherwise you come across as a tin-foil hatter barking at flying saucers…

              • Check the links i gave to Priss it has all the proof there.
                Sorus controls so much he is like the Clintons who get away with everything.
                Dont you realise the democrats controll justice, fbi cia ,Lorreta Lynch covers Clintons
                problems , the police are powerless to touch anything unless they are told to by Clintons Sorus controls Clinton. You need to take your rose coloured glasses off.

    • Iain, you wrote, “He truly represents the only, and probably the last chance, to take back control
      of the Corporate Gvt of America for the people and,by extension, the whole
      Western World.”

      Are you for real???

      You think a racist, bigoted, womanizing billionaire like Trump is the champion of ordinary people? If that’s the best chamption you think we have, then it’s like choosing Darth Vader as the champion of peace and tolerance.

      This isn’t about wanting ” you would do some proper research about this man and not believe
      what the MSM are spewing out with their ‘cut&paste’, because Trump himself has been quoted verbatim, and we’ve seen him on our own screens spouting his hate messages.

      we aren’t fools, you know. We can see and hear perfectly well.

  5. You know I don’t have any problem with spying powers being used for the right reason: and that is to thwart criminal gangs who organize drug rings, child pornography rings, burglary rings, animal fight rings, etc. Who would have a problem with that?
    But I do have a problem with spying powers being used to harass your political opponents on the grounds of national security. McCarthyism relived.
    You are completely right Martyn, what we have to worry about here is P epidemics, free-flowing alcohol, government selling off what is left of its assets, government abrogating its responsibility to make sure its young, aged and vulnerable people have enough to eat and somewhere warm to sleep at night. When a government thinks that its greatest threat is from people who want to speak the truth then you have descended to the level of Putinist Russia.
    But no, we have a government that is apparently convinced that we have a local ISIS chapter operating here under our noses. Perhaps they are masquerading as a Rotary or Lions club chapter?
    This is not some South Seas American satellite country here, this is New Zealand a (supposedly) independent self-governing nation that prides itself on doing what is right for ITS people, respecting people of different cultures and religions and standing up for the underdog.
    That doesn’t happen anymore and apparently only a minority of us care.

  6. Great post, and spot on, solve poverty for a safer more prosperous NZ, than waste billions on security supposedly for Muslims – while we try everything including sheep farm bribery, to try to get more Saudi Muslim money and Muslim’s into NZ, go figure??? More double speak, double actions.

    I more frightened of terrorism by National, US bureaucrats and the out of control spies trying to get more business and funding, than I am of Muslims.

  7. I find the Left’s denial of the crisis presented by Islam to be most strange.
    I’m not talking about the numerous jihadist terrorist attacks because they are in reality only pin-pricks to the West. I’m talking about the swelling numbers of Muslims in the West who believe in Sharia Law and the general denigration of women that goes with it.

    You claim to be in favour of progressivism, feminism and human rights yet you look the other way when appalling human rights abuses occur in the name of Allah. I’m still scratching my head to understand how you all painted yourselves into this corner.

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