EXCLUSIVE GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – why I believe Malcolm Rewa is a Police Informant



Inside he is known as ‘The Hammer’.

When Rewa came inside prison in 1998, he was on protective segregation because he had so many inmates wanting to get at him . Guards would escort him to the showers covered by a blanket & inmates would throw bars of soap at him.

It wasn’t hard to find out why.

In early 1992 , I was on the run from Police . I had a “friend” inside the police during this time . He told me he had just heard Malcolm Rewa was stopped one night by 2 constables for acting suspiciously, soon after Susan Burdett’s murder . Apparently Rewa handed them a card signed by a senior police officer & told them to call him . The constables were told by that officer to let Rewa go & ask him no questions.

I believe Rewa was a special informant, who had protection .

Senior Police would have known all about this which is why Police have always had good reason not to have Malcolm Rewa exposed to too many questions. That is why Teina Pora went to prison in the first place and why it has been so hard to get him released.

I sent the above to a media journalist a couple of years ago when Pora was fighting for his innocence. To my knowledge that Journalist never revealed what I told them.

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Arthur Taylor is a prisoner rights activist and TDBs blogger inside prison.



    • Mark, police informants are hardly a “mad left wing conspiracy “. We all know that informants are a common tool of police work.

      So, bearing that fact in mind – what’s your stake in all this?

    • do you have ANY idea how the police operate ?

      a MASSIVE percentage of their convictions come from touts/narks/informants

      lowest of the low …

  1. Thanks Arthur Taylor for that interesting information. It explains the woeful actions of the police, doesn’t it?

  2. The answer Mark is no. And those with a contrary view are often called right wing trolls.

    [John/Dave, please use only one user-name on this forum. – ScarletMod]

  3. I believe Arthur. What he says is fully consistent with events as they unfolded. I had the misfortune to know one of these protected informants. His name was Christopher Paul Bartz. He was protected by the Auckland Drug Squad and got away with far too much. I can supply more details, if TDB is prepared to print them. This sort of thing is far too common.

  4. Sounds very plausible and massively likely. Why not submit this info into the broader journalistic realm ? Take it to the people big time.
    The few good cops are out there but there is a huge lot of them that are as crooked and unethical as the day is long.
    They twist justice and stomp on ethics and use anyone they can for their gain and their sick games.

  5. A cop called Malcolm Burgess knows all the sordid details of Rewa’s relationship with the police,during the time he was raping and pillaging.It’s time Burgess was put on oath and is questioned about this.If he was to be told the truth (which I very much doubt he would,the public would be astonished!

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