EXCLUSIVE: Panic inside National Party Backbenchers

By   /   June 19, 2016  /   45 Comments

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Tip line is running hot with intense power struggles occurring behind the scenes within National.


Tip line is running hot with intense power struggles occurring behind the scenes within National.

The internal polling is showing National in free fall and a sudden fear amongst National’s Backbenchers that they are for the chop next year is spurring many to start seeking alternative offers.

Much of the Leadership were grooming the easily manipulated Paula Bennett for PM post Key, but her meltdown over the last 2 months has dented her credibility. The Judith Collins faction are moving and if they can recruit Maggie Barry who has large numbers of Backbenchers in her pocket, there could be real friction if National’s plummet is mirrored in the public polls.

The Auckland Mayoralty race for the right has broken into a Lusk-Slater faction for Judith Collins fighting the Boag faction for Bennett over who will be in a position to dominate the election process next year.

The cracks within National are building momentum with every passing week.

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  1. Geoff Lye says:

    Nice to Hear and with those two in the Picture national will be in for even BIGGER free-fall i would say.

  2. Mike in Auckland says:

    Boag, that woman from the bog, she was on the Q+A program this morning, of course doing all to defend Paula. I instantly thought, yes, of course you would, as you hate Judith Collins so much.

    Bennett is beyond repair now, a car that lost one of four wheels, and a third one now wobbly as, it is going to come off soon, to crash her into the ditch. No rescue will come for her this time, except perhaps a back seat after another reshuffle by Key?!

  3. fatty says:

    Judith Collins as leader please. She unvoteable. She’s about as charming as the dog-shit I stepped in when I walked to the park this morning.

    Paula Bennett on the other hand could seduce many of the same people who have been seduced by Key. I know that’s gross, but it’s true.

    • Wensleydale says:

      Given that Bennett’s voter base would consist of the blind, deaf, terminally stupid and/or willfully cruel, it simply doesn’t bear thinking about. And Maggie Barry knows as much about what’s best for the country as I do about composting — which is to say, virtually nothing.

  4. Mosa says:

    I would love too see Key put his case for re election next year and be defeated by kiwis for his failures and crimes and deceit .
    The alternatives are frightening and pathetic re Collins Bennett and Maggie Barry having influence in the process is a joke.
    If Key is bought down we could be facing an early election.
    LabGreen have to be ready.

  5. CLEANGREEN says:

    Oh goodie who’s going for call for a “vote of no confidence’?

  6. CLEANGREEN says:

    Music to our ears Martyn.

  7. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Psychotic sociopaths surround the feeding trough, and as soon as one gets pushed out of the prime feeding spot another takes his/her place

    That’s the system. .

  8. mary_a says:

    Seems like the vultures are beginning to circle. Great. Let’s hope the swoop on FJK is soon. Neither of the main bitchfest contenders are electable.

    Now Hone has signalled the Mana Movement is contending the 2017 election, Labour and Greens need to begin moving towards making some positive overtures towards Hone and Mana.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Totally endorse that.

      Mana is the hard edge of the Left. And the stupid thing is they are now the closest thing to what NZ once was – back in the days before Rogernomics – Winston ,… take heed…

      There needs to a place provided for Mana. They have many policy’s that were in place as a matter of course before Rogernomics and ACT . And because of this Winston should get on board as well . Mana is NOT race based. It is for all.

      Just like the Maori party claim they are.

      We need radical movers and shakers to get this country back on course to what we once knew – egalitarianism.

      And a fair days work for a FAIR DAYS PAY.

      After all…whats wrong with having a solid working and middle class to create a stable NZ?

      Isn’t that what is important ?

      • J S Bark says:

        Indeedy little katipo and what’s even better is that I now have a political movement worthy of my vote.
        Hooray for Hone and Mana.

    • Dog says:

      Yeah right….lets have an apartheid state instead.

      • J S Bark says:

        Yeah maybe…
        Or better yet, finally acknowledge that a significant number of people were here first and got seriously ripped off by the settling forces.
        You can aggravate or you can solve.

  9. On Q+A this morning, Boag referred to solving homelessness as “throwing money at the problem”.

    Because as we all know, the homeless should just bunk down at the nearest Marae or in a ute parked up by some handy public toilets.

    Meanwhile, $26 million for a flag referendum or $11.5 million to a Saudi businessman for a farm in the middle of the Middle East desert is not “throwing money at the problem”. Those are ‘investments’.

    In the next breath, Boag shed a couple of crocodile tears saying, “we want to be a compassionate society”.

    Well, actually, many of us already are compassionate.

    It’s Boag who seems to have trouble with the concept.

    • fatty says:

      The only good Boag is the one you blow from your nostril into a tissue, and then throw in the bin.

      Someone should discard Michelle Boag to the ideological trashcan that she crawled out of.

      She’s such a lame commentator. Bland and predictable. Spouting the same old tired neoliberal rhetoric. People like her are why I’ve given up on shows like Q+A. Why don’t they just get a robot to replace her and programme the thing to talking like a Tory from the 80s.

      She’s such a sad excuse for a pundit. In a way it’s not her fault, we all do bullshit jobs and Nose Boag is just another lifeless hack without a personality. I blame Q+A.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      I heard her praise the “community spirit” of the people at the Marae, and suggesting the government would not be good at doing much, as it failed in the past.

      Nothing new from and old staunch National Party demagogue.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        Nothing new from a neo liberal is more to the point.

        Neo liberal = economic and national incompetence.

        Vote the useless bastards out in 2017 !!!

  10. CLEANGREEN says:

    Bloody well said Frank, I picked that up the silly woman, she would regard compassion as a weakness and that we should be thrown to the lions as her forbearer’s did no doubt, she is a savage beast all right.

  11. Mosa says:

    To quote my wife Boag should climb back in her coffin.

  12. Grant says:

    Bennett is thick and arrogant .
    Parata is thick, ignorant and arrogant.
    Collins is thick, ignorant , arrogant and corrupt.
    Bridges is thick, ignorant , arrogant and talks likes like a frog with laryngitis . Unlistenable.
    National is in a parlous state.
    Expect the Hosking , Henry, Smith ,Williams propaganda machine go into absolute overdrive as the wheels fall off and the approaching shit storm reveals it’s ugly underbelly.
    Boag looked lame and sounded pathetic and childish up against the much superior intellect of Laila Harre on Q@A this morning.
    National have no answers to the absolute mess they have created and it’s going to take a long long time to sort out !!

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Oh… and lest not forget the manipulative architect behind destroying the free press , Stephen Joyce.

      Joyce…with his puerile giggling fits… a real Hermann Goering if ever there was.

      He even looks like him.

      And acts like him.

      Joyce… with his behind the scenes ‘ contacts’ in the media. Strip away the media and what do we have?…simply an incompetent shell of a party . The ‘ do nothing ‘ party.

      And Joyce was the ‘ minister for everything ‘ ?

      Well… that couldn’t have been too hard… as to date… this govt HAS DONE NOTHING .

      Want proof ?

      Read this yet again… and ask yourselves … whats really changed barring gotten steadily WORSE?….


    • Mosa says:

      Love your analysis Grant.

  13. Here is Mike Williams in the Hawkes Bay Today backing Collins (as he seems to be fond of doing) for Nationals top job, actually he seems to be quite fond of English’s prowess on financial matters as well, as he points out in other opinion pieces in the same newspaper.
    Notice also his oblique plug for Collins Serco prisons in the article, which he is also, it seems, quite a proponent of.


  14. Pete says:

    It might be mindless fun but is it reasonable to caption that photo as a “Cowterie at National Conference”.

  15. WILD KATIPO says:

    ‘The Auckland Mayoralty race for the right has broken into a Lusk-Slater faction for Judith Collins fighting the Boag faction for Bennett over who will be in a position to dominate the election process next year.’


    Well….. this is interesting… the ‘ Lusk – Slater faction… the original wannabe American dirty politics boys … and their Dirty Politics Mama Judith Collins versus ‘smear em til they drop ‘ Bennett…

    Let them fight it out… better yet… give them a mud bath to wallow in as they claw the shit out of each other… and just like the mainstream, no one gives a shit because its all just a bawdy sideshow.

    Two fat cows wanting to be Queen Bee… and both of them disgusting self centered bitches.

    Who gives a shit about Paula Bennett or Judith Collins anyways these days… both of them have shown their garbage as far as being a PM. And the only reason Key stays in power is because of a compliant media and a certain groomed image and a compliant media.

    And even that’s turning to shit. Who the hell in their right minds wants a shower pissing , pony tail hair pulling , cat walk mincing wanker for a PM anyway?

    Surely the business community is more than slightly embarrassed over these clowns representing us in the foreign markets…

    Man , … they must grind their teeth in apprehension every time one of these National party hacks open their mouths these days … I think we will be seeing a major swing from that sector towards the Labour / Green MOU . The way this govt is heading … its more an embarrassment on an international scale particularly when viewed in the context of the U.N rights of the child…

    It just isn’t adding up anymore and that’s bad for business .

    And while this govt has increased the corruption perception globally… with its tax haven endorsements… we have the homeless, the housing crisis ..and a Minister for ‘whatever’ shitting all over the Salvation Army… and Te Puea Marae.

    And a Minister for ‘ Police’ ?… undermining Police traffic protocols … or do we have to mention ‘ Orivida’ all over again ..?

    Ask yourselves… can you really see either of these two idiots being anything but a global embarrassment for New Zealand?….

  16. mpledger says:

    What’s the bet that Key has told everyone secretly that he will make them prime minister when he leaves office after the next election. They’ve all been sitting pretty because they think they’ve had it in the bag … but now they don’t know if Key will get them through the next election after all, they don’t know who he actually supports for PM and they are now in an incredibly weak position. I think things are going to get very nasty.

  17. Quicksilver says:

    Much will depend on the timing of the upcoming financial crisis (GFC 2) and just who wants to be caught “holding the reins” when that hits. Created of course, by the failed policies of Neoliberalism, but you can guess how the MSM will paint it. Especially if any ideologically non- aligned govt. happens to be in power at the time. The next election is a hospital pass, and FJK knows it.

  18. Mike the Lefty says:

    I immediately think of the old expression spoken with a certain amount of glee: “Fight – you bastards!”

  19. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    I so hope that Collin’s ousts The John Key in a coup. It would be glorious. Collin’s is as close to 100% unelectable as it gets.

  20. […] It’s not just the Standard that need better sources, the mainstream media are focused on so many different fires now burning National’s credibility that they aren’t reading the signs that there is panic inside National at the sudden rate of decline from these internal polls. […]

  21. Andrea says:

    More to the point – how’s the infighting in Labour with those jolly old neo-libs?

    Anyone remember ABC?

    Now would some brave soul please remove the spud guns from the cold dead hands of Labour, PDQ?

    They’re great for shooting themselves in the foot, or hijacking defeat from the jaws of victory.

  22. Rumpole says:

    Goodness gracious what a load of garbage
    There is no Collins/Slater faction. There’s a fat hopeless blogger desperately clinging to Mummy Judith’s coat tails and Judith even more desperately trying to get rid of him.
    The Nats hate Slater and wish him gone.

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