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Can Trump win the Presidency? It depends how many white men really hate women

By   /  April 30, 2016  /  21 Comments

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If Trump faces off against Hillary for the Presidency, the issue that seals it for him could have little to do with a fence along Mexico or intolerance of Muslims, it could well be a pent up misogyny the likes of which we have never seen before.

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I saw a stat on an American news network that Donald Trump would need to win 7 out of every 10 male white voters to win the presidency. They compared this with other Presidents and noted how very difficult a task that would be seeing as no other President had ever done that before.

But I think something may have changed in the broken battlefield of the war between the sexes and a backlash against women could propel Trump into the White House.

The new found power of social media has given women a voice and power never before heard. This has opened up a whole new angry world where toxic masculinity is challenged and exhibited in equal measure online. The result is a backlash against women that borders on the obscenely psychotic. I’m pretty sure the only reason so many people hate the new Ghostbusters movie trailer is because it’s an all female cast and so fragile is toxic masculinity, it can’t cope with the imagined exclusion. The gamergate madness, the multiple examples of weird and offensive behaviour against women online, the constant rape threats – they are all symptoms of male ego that recoils in shock and fury at being challenged.

When you are so used to privilege, equality feels like discrimination.

But I think it goes deeper. Recently, Richie Hardcore, a chap most people consider incredibly enlightened and a strong advocate for men to treat women with respect, was ripped to pieces in an online feeding frenzy by NZ feminists who considered his retweet of a comment about Kim Kardashian was evidence that he was the worst human being alive.

Now Richie, being a drug and alcohol counsellor and a none violent mental health advocate was left reeling from the social media pile on and the experience left him emotionally bruised and hurt and wanting to not ever be voice for tolerance again. If that’s the impact on someone with the EQ Hardcore has, how does this new social media battlefield impact those Nascar voters that Trump appeals to? How does it impact young men who feel confronted and angered by the claims they are all mansplaining rapists? How does it secretly grind against male privilege and toxic masculinity when those issues are already so ingrained and damaged?

Trump wins those white male voters who feel left out. Trump knows what it is to have his peer group look down on him, sometimes disdain and contempt by peers are more powerful than outright dislike and he has captured that momentum with such force it’s terrified the entire Republican establishment to do everything in their power to stop him.

If Trump faces off against Hillary for the Presidency, the issue that seals it for him could have little to do with a fence along Mexico or intolerance of Muslims, it could well be a pent up misogyny the likes of which we have never seen before.

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  1. Jollo says:

    Bomber if you want to find something even more shocking,

    Google ted cruz + seven mountains dominion.

    He believes in a hard core bult that believes in Christians taking over all facets of american life public and private and distriburting weakth to teh church

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    It really doesn’t matter how many men vote one way or another I’m afraid Martyn as the whole Election process is now totally manipulated now, even in NZ because our manual voting ballot paper vote is given a final “electronic” Tabulation counting format now, as we enquired during the Flag referendum that was confirmed.

    The final result is electronically counted!!!

    Remember that Bernie Sanders has strangely all of a sudden lost all 5 of the last primaries that we saw last week, as it was not expected by the pundits?

    NZ Electoral voting system currently. (subject to change beware)

    Here in NZ we may still carry on (as in the flag vote did) with paper ballots that are counted but afterwards the results are put into the “Electronic Counting process/tabulation” (usually a private Corporation managed) and they are recounted with a (source codes) (algorithm process) and that is where the manipulation occurs,


    Martyn; We have to have universal, hand-counted paper ballots. And Bernie Sanders has endorsed that. We have to have automatic voter registration, where people can monitor the registration rolls

    From Wasserman interview below;

    (quote) “can be negated by an electronic vote flip late at night on election night, and there is no way to verify what’s happened.” (unquote)
    Read where Wasserman tells Amy Goodman that any IT officials can come into a room late at night after the electronic counting was done and enter a change in algorithms using the “source code” THAT COURT’S HAVE RULED ARE PRIORITORY.

    “At midnight or whenever it is on election night, those two guys can go in there with an IT person and flip the outcome of an electronically counted vote within about 60 seconds.”

    So all this millions and millions of dollars, people out campaigning and so on, can be negated by an electronic vote flip late at night on election night, and there is no way to verify what’s happened.” (UNQUOTE)

    MARTYN, If we are blocked by “corporate commercial sensitivity” rules here in NZ from obtaining the “source code”/s used in the final “electronic counting” process after an election then according to this expert here confirms without a “source code” there is no way to carry out a full independent recount that could “Verify” every voter status accurately that may not be available to anyone to count the election results to verify it’s accuracy.

    Many Election expert’s “watchdogs” are calling for deep radical changes in all Election process’s. – and an immediate return to manual paper ballot voting to avoid the corruption now widespread in “electronic voting” due to; (Quote) “the courts have ruled that the source code on these electronic voting machines is proprietary. So, even the governments that buy or lease these machines have no access to a final verification process”


    “Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with Help from Electronic Voting Machines?”

    February 23, 2016

    Democracy now.
    Amy Goodman. – US Election 2016.
    Interview with Election Expert watchdog investigator Harvey Wasserman.


    This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

    AMY GOODMAN: We’re in Westerville, Ohio, just outside Columbus. We’re at Otterbein University, where I’ll be teaching some classes today, or, let’s say, talking with students. We’re at OTV, which is Otterbein Television. And, Harvey Wasserman, I wanted to talk to you now about voting machines—


    AMY GOODMAN: —and your concern over the years that electronic voting could be used to steal elections. Are you still concerned about this?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Well, electronic voting was used to steal the presidential election right here in Ohio in 2004. John Kerry was the rightful winner in 2004 over George W. Bush. The secretary of state at the time, J. Kenneth Blackwell, and the governor, Robert Taft, used their power of electronic vote count to flip the vote to George W. Bush from John Kerry.

    AMY GOODMAN: How do you know this?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: We watched it—I grew up here, Amy. We watched it, totally, right up close and personal. We did the accounting. I work with a political scientist named Bob Fitrakis. We’re about to come out with another book, The Strip & Flip of the 2016 Selection. They are stripping the voter rolls—and Greg Palast, the great investigative reporter, is doing great on this—removing African Americans, Hispanics, people who might incline to vote progressive, and they—so that—in 2004, they stripped 300,000 people from the voter rolls here in the urban areas. Bush only won by less than 120 [thousand].

    And this year, about 80 percent of the vote nationally will be cast on electronic voting machines. There is no verifiability. In six key swing states—Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Arizona—you have Republican governors and Republican secretaries of state, and no method of verifying the electronic vote count.

    At midnight or whenever it is on election night, those two guys can go in there with an IT person and flip the outcome of an electronically counted vote within about 60 seconds. So all this millions and millions of dollars, people out campaigning and so on, can be negated by an electronic vote flip late at night on election night, and there is no way to verify what’s happened.

    AMY GOODMAN: They didn’t do this with President Obama in 2008.

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: They did. He had too many votes; he was too far out. They couldn’t—it would have taken them too many, to flip too many states. [inaudible] believe Obama won by well over 10 million votes. The last—the final vote count was in—official, was in 7 or 8 million.

    AMY GOODMAN: But what gives you this idea?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Because we’ve seen it happen. When you compare exit polls, which are generally accurate to within 1 percent, with the electronic outcome, there are huge variations. And we have documented many dozens of different things that they have done over the years to flip electronic votes.

    AMY GOODMAN: How does e-voting, electronic voting, work? And who controls the controls on it?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Well, that’s the key. The electronic voting machines are owned by private corporations, which are Republican in orientation, generally. And the courts have ruled that the source code on these electronic voting machines is proprietary. So, even the governments that buy or lease these machines have no access to a final verification process. Even Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” And we know that the vote count was flipped in 2004. We know it was flipped in Volusia County in 2000.

    AMY GOODMAN: Where is Volusia County?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: In Florida, when Al Gore basically was the rightful winner, and George W. Bush won the election. I mean, the only great—

    AMY GOODMAN: And they were electronic voting machines?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: In Volusia County, they were, yes. In the southern part of Florida, they used butterfly ballots, as you’ll recall. The only good thing we can say about George W. Bush is the American people never actually elected him president. And we’re looking now at 2016, at an election that will be very easily flipped, in those six key swing states and elsewhere.

    AMY GOODMAN: What do you think is the answer?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: We have to have universal, hand-counted paper ballots. And Bernie Sanders has endorsed that. We have to have automatic voter registration, where people can monitor the registration rolls, because people are being stripped from the registration rolls, mostly, of course, African-American and Hispanic. But this year, we’re not going to get that. And this year, it’s going to be very, very difficult, in a close election, to monitor exactly what happens, because these are black boxes. We have a wonderful actress named Bev Harris, who’s been working with Greg Palast and others, who has shown, in black box voting, that the public has no real access, no verification process for the electronic votes. And so we’re going through this huge charade here of a national campaign, primaries and then a general election, where hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent, and on election night, in 60 seconds, the actual outcome can be flipped electronically in key swing states with no verification whatsoever.

    AMY GOODMAN: If there are electronic voting machines everywhere, which there are now, right?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Pretty much, yes.

    AMY GOODMAN: How do you think they can be protected, people can be sure that their vote is counted, that they cast, even using electronic voting machines?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: They can’t be. You cannot verify an electronic voting machine. They are privately owned by private corporations, and the proprietary software prevents the public from getting access to the actual vote count. We’re going into a national election, and not just the presidency, but Senate seats, House seats. We believe three Senate seats in 2014 were stolen—in North Carolina, Colorado and Alaska—that the Republicans do not have a legitimate 54-seat, or whatever it is, majority in the Senate. And this will happen again. It’s not just the presidency. And we’ve been—we have written seven books about this, Bob Fitrakis and I, from our experience here in Ohio in 2004. And again, we have a Republican governor, Republican secretary of state, no verifiability on the electronic vote count. It will be arbitrary, when push comes to shove, on—midnight, 1:00 on election night—what the outcome will be.

    AMY GOODMAN: Why do you think just Republicans would do it?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Oh, no, Democrats definitely do it. I have—we have strong questions about Rahm Emanuel being re-elected in Chicago, for example. We have no doubt that Scott Walker stole his re-election in Wisconsin.

    AMY GOODMAN: Based on what?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Based on the miraculous discovery of several thousand votes in a so-called glitched computer voting machine that gave him a victory where it was clearly a defeat. You know, this is stuff that’s been going on a long time. These methods were perfected more or less overseas by the CIA and other covert and overt operations. They came back. It started in 1988 with George H.W. Bush using electronic voting machines in New Hampshire to beat Bob Dole in the 1988 primary. And we have seen since then the use of electronic voting machines all across the country to flip elections after they have stripped the voter rolls. And, you know—

    AMY GOODMAN: When you say “stripping the voter rolls,” you mean?

    HARVEY WASSERMAN: Yes, well, Greg Palast has reported on this. In Florida 2000, 90,000 mostly black and Hispanic voters were stripped out of the voter rolls before the election, in a vote count that was won by 600 votes. And in Ohio 2004, 300,000 voters in primarily urban areas were stripped off the voter rolls. People showed up to vote in the same precinct—as did I, by the way—they were—I was denied my absentee ballot, and we had a federal lawsuit on this, which we won and went nowhere after that.

    But the reality is that we are voting in black boxes and that the governors and secretaries of state of these key swing states—but wherever you have a governor and secretary of state from the same party, be they Democrat or Republican, they have the power, under the electronic voting system, to flip the outcome of an election, with no verifiability, because the courts have ruled that these privately owned voting machines have proprietary software. It’s a nightmare. And it’s not democracy. I mean, Bernie Sanders has shown that the election—that the campaign finance is rigged, that the economy is rigged. Why wouldn’t they take the very small next step to rig the electronic voting machines?

    AMY GOODMAN: Well, we’re going to leave it there for right now, Harvey Wasserman, independent journalist, longtime anti-nuclear activist. His recent article for the WorldBeyondWar.org is “Why the Deafening Silence on Cutting the Military Budget?” His upcoming book is called The Strip & Flip Selection of 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft.

    This is Democracy Now! We’re broadcasting from Ohio. When we come back, we’re going to look at private prisons here. Stay with us.


  3. Z says:

    I watched yesterday that showed Trump getting out of his car after being blocked by protesters. This type of behavior if not reigned in will lead to him being assassinated. I hope I’m wrong.

    Hillary will be indicted, and Biden will become the next US president. Quite possibly the worse result of all.

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    Read how easy it can be rigged anywhere Martyn using algorithms coupled with using the secret “source code”.


  5. Lois Griffiths says:

    The whole American political system is rotten. Chris Hedges calls for a non-violent grassroots democracy movement to overhaul and democratize the whole system.
    Have a read about Hillary..her Goldman Sachs connections, her support by military corporations. In praising the book Queen of Chaos by Diana Johnstone, Ralph Nader said, “Hillary the Hawk, as US Senator and Secretary of State, never saw a weapons system she did not support nor a US war practice she did not endorse.”

    • elle says:

      Hillary Clinton goes on about womens rights but her husband had affairs with other women. These other women she called all sorts of nasty names and denigrated them in obscene ways.She defended her husband by blaming the women,some were quite young, so claiming she stands up for women is a lie.its just political, she dosnt want to help the country, she and her husband just want the power and position to make more money.

  6. Chooky says:

    a bit more complex than that Martyn…some Blacks prefer Trump “trash” to Clinton real racism and some feminists prefer Trump to warmongering Clinton

    ‘Trump goes against foreign policy consensus since Soviet Union – Russian scholar’


    “Pundits, opponents & even President Barack Obama have criticized Donald Trump’s recent comments on foreign affairs, but is his rhetoric really that far off base? Scholar Stephen F. Cohen tells Larry why Trump just may provide what’s missing in U.S. foreign policy, raises questions about the point of NATO existence and whether Russia and the U.S. should lay aside their differences and end the new cold war.”

    ‘Stop Trump Crusade’


    Take your pick – an act of political genius or chaotic desperation! The Ted Cruz-John Kay-sick electoral pact to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination is bold but also very risky. Voters may not take the bait. It would seem the GOP establishment will do anything to determine who runs in November, regardless of the base.

    CrossTalking with David Paul Kuhn, Gianno Caldwell, and Ivan Eland.

  7. Win says:

    They’re all sick. Just who is the sickest of them all?


    And here’s another one just in case you still think the Russians are the bad guys;


    Come on. Wakey wakey.

  8. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Trump, imo, gets incredibly unfair treatment by the MSM. Out of context quotes and outright lies are all part and parcel. One of the most egregious examples was when he was asked about the “abortion debate”, where he correctly answered that **IF** (I can’t emphasise the word enough, because apparently no-one noticed “IF” was part of the question) abortion was illegal that the mother should be prosecuted. That is what “illegal” means: breaking the law. If the mother WASN’T prosecuted then abortion wouldn’t functionally be unlawful, i.e. what is the point of a law if it is not prosecuted when broken? Obviously it was a pure gotcha question, and to the media’s glee Trump walked straight into it by answering it (and correctly imo).
    For the record I am pro-abortion because there are already far too many people on this planet to run it sustainably. An unwanted child is something no one should have to go through (on both sides).

  9. Kire says:

    Will Clinton win? It depends on whether people really like corrupt politicians.

  10. cagey says:

    Trumps biggest problem will be the stats regarding those who DON’T like him (blacks, hispanics, majority women including Republican women). It’s quite probable that he will try to change his rhetoric once the presidential campaign proper starts as he’s pretty fluid already. Then again wait for the probable soft Republican shift from Hilary Clinton come the general.
    Re: the Ghostbuster’s remake trailer – look I don’t know what other people’s reason’s would be but I don’t like it. Because it doesn’t seem very funny and hasn’t added to the original franchise. I’m not sure how come it’s been the most disliked but I suspect it’s cos the original film is a classic and more people have watched it so more got pissed off about it enough to vote.
    Re: Richie Hardcore I’d say it’s the nature of social media: just so easy to comment, lack of deeper thought and people getting a buzz from slagging off. And I don’t mean Richie Hardcore -trolls come in macho and fem.

    • elle says:

      There is talk of Newt Gincrich being Trumps running mate,a good match ,Gincrich is calm experienced and a very nice person,perfect match .

  11. Slippery says:

    oh come on Martyn, being a woman’s all she’s got?, shes also a criminal – Trump will make America great again, it might even make country’s like NZ think twice about sharing all our economic & citizen intelligence with the US.

    • elle says:

      Dont think Key will get much encouragement from Trump, Trump dosnt “use” crooked people just pushes them aside ,so Keys vision of American utopia for himself will be gone after American presidential contest.
      Key looks sick and old now, hes been found out ,lies, lies and crooked dealings.

  12. Helena says:

    Can America survive until the next election. Ben Fulford’s take on the politics. Scary stuff:

  13. elle says:

    Look at the crowds at Trump meetings, big show of women , big show of african americans,cant tell about Latinos because they are not much different in colour to the rest of us.
    One african american was asked why he voted for hillary clinton , his reply “because she looks after us” , reporter asked if he had a job answer “no”,reporter said look around you at run down neighborhood do you call that looking after you, “i dont know” says the african american , do you not see others on tv speaking about Clinton ,”i dont have tv”, so how do you know Clinton will look after you , “because she said she would”.As Trump says “crooked Hillary”.

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