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  1. Dear all opposition Parties.

    URGENT – TO ALL OPPOSTION PARTIES – The answer to our declining faith in our political system NZ is facing in a new study just released. 6th April 2016. legal seizure of half of RNZ for forthcoming election political broadcasting of new inclusive policies.

    NZ is facing a ‘crisis of distrust’ with faith in MPs plummeting – new study – 6th April 2016.

    The right political parties in US are also attacking each other, and studies now show that infighting causes voter turnoff, in which the left which are often less fortunate, do seem to be turned off and loose interest in politics and this does advantaging right wing parties.

    The answer to our declining faith in our political system NZ is facing of a ‘crisis of distrust’ with faith in MPs recent new study, is that we need the left political Parties to band together and place a legal challenge inn court now to seize half of RNZ for TV/radio transmission of uplifting programs that they are promoting to for the next election that include real change removing the National Government and their corruption and nastiness, and have all opposition parties promote a caring gentler, inclusive future Government they will bring next year. Remember Helen Clark won the 1999 historic election on this very same platform of promising a gentler, kinder, caring Government.

    The voter desperately needs to hear this now!

    This will turn the tide and rid the Carpetbaggers and Key & Co selling off all our assets, closing our iconic manufacturers such as our loss of our historic woollen Carpet mills and Fisher & Pykel which is now closing today.

    The NATIONAL GOVERNMENT are sending us all to the dust bin!!!!!

    Help Opposition now, place a court order to take half of RNZ for equal broadcasting time for the opposition Parties for the upcoming election

  2. This is press-abuse thing is going on in the UK. I’ve never had anything to do with “the press” other than writing the odd Letter to Ed and comments on press websites, but even at that wide distance I’ve felt “sniffed”, shall we say. These days, with the internet and MSM owning or part owning different platforms, one of which I won’t name because I don’t want to get tailed online, but which I see as NZers signing up to basically voluntarily spy on their neighbours, it’s very sticky out there…The right to privacy is becoming a big problem.

    • That’s supposed to say, “There’s this press-abuse thing going on in the UK” rather than, “this is press abuse thing going on…”, which is rather ironic.

  3. And is it some TDB joke to run Mike Hosking promo on this site? It’s bad enough with the huge amount of JK’s mug in every blog, let alone Hosking….arrrrrh.

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