Waatea 5th Estate – Beneficiaries and poverty


Joining us to discuss why beneficiaries are used as political scapegoats…

Sue Bradford – human rights activist and former Parliamentarian

Dr Susan St John – Child Poverty Action Group

Daryl Evans – CEO of Mangere Budgeting Services

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  1. Great show.

    Shocking that WINZ investigators are trolling Facebook to try and prosecute people for having a relationship.
    It is about time single parents were allowed to be in a relationship. The benefit is FOR THE KIDS!.

    As for hearing that to get an unemployment benefit takes 75 pages of form filling. WTF?

    And for refusing to cap credit interest rates under Labour as well as National. Unbelievable! 6000% interest is ok?

    It is clear that National is trying to deprive people of their rights and also force them into never-ending debt. Love how millionaire businesspeople are able to go bankrupt with millions in debt and they can be company directors again in a short time. Apparently that is ok but not if you buy a faulty car on credit or get into a relationship on the DPB.

    Would love to see Sue Bradford back with the Greens. We need people who actually value RESULTS not just a talk fest in parliament!

    A few things could really help people in poverty now, capping interest rates (say no higher than 20% above OCR rate), allowing single parents to be in a relationship (maybe they will then get married and actually the kids will have 2 parents!) and making the WINZ forms no more than 5 pages long and making sure that people get their full entitlement to benefits.

    It’s so simple! Sounds like just doing that, could really help lift poverty in this country. Why are we not doing it?

  2. I’d also really like a weekly story about some of these people in poverty and how they got there. The reality is that the MSM has purged poor people off the radar and then spend huge amounts of time denigrating them on prime time with Hoskings and co.

    That is why Campbell lIve was canned. Too honest about real issues.

    And for those that say, most Kiwis do not care anymore, that is completely untrue in my view.

    MSM has engineered and control the story about poverty and nobody hears about the people’s story apart from by third party MSM who just make stuff up.

  3. Waiting for two and a half year now for the Ombudsman to present a decision on WINZ info asked for, a decision was informally indicated just before Xmas, but now, mid April, an update says, the workload has kept them from preparing and sending the formal response on that OIA request.

    This is just ONE of many people I know are being dealt with in a disgusting manner. We live in a totally dysfunctional system, where even the so called watchdogs can no longer be trusted, certainly not be relied on, as endless complaints lie on their desks for not only months, but years.

    Thanks John Key for your excellent talent to underfund the Ombudsmen and obfuscate so much, while we are now a tax haven for the rich and not so famous, who cherish our trust laws, where you are an expert in too.

    Beneficiaries have n o idea how they get shafted, that is many, it is time to go and occupy the National Party MPs electorate offices all over NZ and tell them, we had enough of your endless BS!

    • The Watchdogs are mostly Natz cronies too!

      They have turned watch dogs into pretending that there is some sort of democratic appeal process, but actually the Natz seem to be turning watchdogs into some sort of Kafka type social-bureaucratic power that goes nowhere apart form wearing the complainant down over long periods of time and writing reports that appear convincing but are often partially made up of half truths from poorly understood or badly investigated information whittled over extended periods of time.

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