Taking a Poll on Māori – National Urban Māori Authority (NUMA)



The National Urban Māori Authority (NUMA) is conducting an online poll to gauge if Māori living in cities consider themselves urban, Iwi or both.

And whānau have been quick to jump on the poll, with nearly two thousand website hits and hundreds clicking on the survey within 48 hours of the launch.

The Māori Identity Poll went live on Wednesday on the Radio Waatea 603 news website platform.

NUMA CEO Lance Norman says there appears to be a new generation of Māori emerging – so it’s time to capture accurate data about the group.

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With 24% of Maori living in Auckland, the ‘Māori – meter survey’ would help give a greater understanding of Māori attitudes and shape NUMA’s strategic planning

It could also help justify adding a question targeting urban Māori specifically in the next Census.

“There are now fourth generation Māori who still see themselves as Iwi but have been living as urban Māori away from their rohe,” Lance said.

“The data we get back from the survey will give us a view of where they’re living and how we might advocate on their behalf with regard to policy and service delivery across the country.

“We are hoping to capture where whānau live and whether they see themselves as Iwi, urban Māori or both.”

The survey is available on the Waateanews.com website or through the Facebook channels for the various urban Māori authorities.

Waipareira is a member of the National Urban Māori Authority, along with ANT in Kaitaia, He Puna Marama, Whangarei, the Manukau Urban Māori Authority (MUMA), south Auckland, Te Kohao Health, Waikato and Te Roopu Awhina ki Porirua in Wellington.