Political Caption Competition

By   /   March 30, 2016  /   29 Comments


  1. Bennett seeks to ensure that ultra hostile gun geeks with a history of threatening violence are kept away from her public appearances. Unless…

  2. Margaret says:

    Bib & Bub – Bullies of the ruling class. There are rewards and there are risks.

  3. Wensleydale says:

    “Gothic cathedral reports the gargoyles mysteriously missing from its bell-tower have at last been found…”

  4. Blake says:

    Twins at birth ? smiling idiots as adults.
    Great examples of true Bullies with beafy arms and massive double chins.

  5. Simonm says:

    “I think the two of us doing a social media campaign blaming poor people for being obese might be pushing it Cam…”

  6. TopHats says:

    The father of Paula’s illegitimate child.

  7. J S Bark says:

    Who will be New Zealand’s Biggest Loser?

  8. TopHat says:

    Dumb and Dumber.

  9. Towanda! says:

    Zip it, sweetie….

  10. elle says:

    Two sad losers who dont mind punishing others but big crybabies when they are the brunts of disfavour, no sympathy at all for two Key bottom lickers.

  11. Andrew says:

    This is what winners look like

  12. TopHat says:

    Wale oil with beef

  13. TopHat says:

    Beasty Benny bashing besties

  14. TopHat says:

    beef and whale oil.

  15. TopHat says:

    Braised beef and Whale Oil.

  16. donna says:

    I don’t have a witty bone in my body but this is obviously too easy for some of you. LOL!! (PS Ghastly picture, BTW)

  17. AB says:

    scum & bag

  18. Quicksilver says:

    Long lost siblings rediscover each other at Hate Rally.

  19. mary_a says:

    Who’s minding who?

  20. mary_a says:

    In the name of humanity, don’t allow them breed, please!

  21. Robert Atack says:

    Mum mum look what The Daily Blog has about ya !!!

  22. Stuart Munro says:

    Superficially friendly, Gnats must not get wet, feed after midnight, or be left alone with children.

  23. bernard says:

    captainess Ahab and moby dickless

  24. doc says:

    beauty and the beast, not sure whom is which.

  25. “”We’ll get back to sea when a rising tide floats us off Sweetbelly.””

  26. “”I guess these grins are the most muscle our bloated selves have moved in years!””

  27. “”He says he had to change to super-panorama to get all of us in””.

  28. Finally using Super- Panorama the camera man got their bloated bodies in.

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